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1820 Census Index
Transcribed from the 1820 Jefferson County Census
images by  Janice Rice Stevens and Proofread by Ann Allen Geoghegan
Head of Household
Isaac Adams    
Spencer Adams   
William Armstrong   
Willis Arnold       
Young L Abbott   
William Andrews 
Robert Andrews           
John Ailsworth   
Charles Atkins   
John Aldridge 
***** Bowie, Senr. 
John J. Bolls    
William Bolls   
Thomas Baker   
John Batchelor   
David Bullen   
Abraham Best   
Elisha Brazeal   
Hiram Baldwin   
Levi Breck    
James Bolls    
Samuel Boggs   
Nape? Burkshire   
William W. Blanton  
John Buren    
Jim Bolls    
John Newbaker   
Benj'n M. Bullen 
John ?  Builes  ?
John Buie    
John Bankston   
William Brent   
Sarah Blanton   
Matthew Bolls   
George Barns   
James Bitsell   
Culbert Bowie   
John Bowie    
Daniel Baldridge   
John Bowie    
Andrew Bolls   
Bernard Bowlin   
Neil Bowie    
John Bowie Senr.      
Archibald Brown     
Andrew Barlin       
Evansley Burns      
Washington Burch    
James Bolls         
Francis Baldridge   
John Baldridge      
John Bolls          
Miles Barefield     
Madison Bruce      
M Berkshire         
John Brent          
John Bolls          
Daniel Baker        
John Bowie        
John Boggs          
John Brooks         
Samuel Bullen       
James Calvit        
Charles Cissna      
John Con            
John Collins        
Robert Cole         
George Cook         
Samuel Clear        
Mrs Chrstn Clear    
Mrs M Cook          
John Cisson         
James Cisson        
Eldridge Cisson     
William Cisson      
Henry W. Cheek      
John Crossman        
Samuel Chambliss    
Abraham Clawson     
Thomas Clawson      
James Cato          
Henry Craig        
William Coleman     
Nathaniel Coleman   
Israel Coleman      
Stephen Compton     
Peter Chambliss     
Peter C Chambliss   
Samuel Calvit       
Thomas Calvit       
Mrs Carrol      
William Curtis      
John Conger         
Clark Crow          
Archibal Currie     
Adam Cloud          
Richard Caradine    
Parker Caradine     
Mrs Jane Cisson     
Thomas Collins      
Abijah Clark        
William Cole        
Mrs Annie Chesley   
Margaret Cook       
Abel Cook           
John Currie         
Parker Collins      
Israel Comeley      
Josh Cocks          
Robert Cocks       
Lewis Cable         
James Crow          
William Curtis Jnr
George Clear        
Charles Crommellin  
Richard Coleman     
John Calvit         
Mrs Sidney Calvit   
Jonathan Curtis     
James Cowden        
Malcomb Currie      
Krisman Devine
Walter Davis
Robert Dunbar
Washington Darden
Buckner Darden
Richard Darden
Edward Duggan
George R Dent
Benjamin Dent
John Dohertey
John Delany
Joseph Dunbar
James Dunbar
Isaac Dunbar
Samuel Dunbar
James Donahoo
William L Dent
Roger Dixon
Philip Dixon
John A Davidson
Mrs Darden
James Dennis
Abner Daniels
William L Davis
Mrs Jane Drimgoole
John Dobbs
John Hamberlin
Peter Emrick
Andrew Ellis
Mrs J Ellis
James Ervin
Thomas Harmon
Henry Folkes
James Folkes
John Foster
Abraham Frisby
Daniel Frisby
Robert Ferguson
William Frisby
George Foreman
Thomas Frisby
Andrew B Ferguson
Robert B Farley
William Ferguson
Pleasant Elam
John Ferguson
Thomas Fletcher
Edward Foreman
Mrs P Ferguson
John Folkes
L Galbreath
Malcomb Gilchrist
David Guice
Randall Gibson Jun.
John C Neel (overseer)
James Grafton
Thomas Goodrum
William Gillespie
Randall Gibson Sr.
Rueben Goodrum
Ashael Gardner
John Goodrum
Samuel Goodale
Stephen Griffing
Thomas Grafton
Claudia Gibson
David Gibson
Amos Garkins
William Grayham
William Galbreath
William Gardner
Mrs Elizabeth Green
Elisha Greenlee
Brian Gardner
Nathan Green
Z B Ginnings
William Giles
Burrel Garkins
Thomas M Green
William M Green
C Getzendennar
John Garkins
M Gay
Christian Heckler
Mrs Martha Harper
Stephen Herring
Thomas Heath
Samuel Heckler
David Holt
Thomas Hinds
William Harper
John H Hammers
Richard Harrison
H B Harrison
P B Harrison
John Hill
William Hicks
David Horton
John Hughston
William Herron
Benj Hawkins 
James G Harrison
Felix Hughes
William Hill
H Hamilton
Margaret Hynum
Mrs Hamilton
Charles Hopkins
Peter Headrick
L D Hamberlin
Jacob Hill
Young Hill
Jacob Herlong
Jesse Harper
Daniel Huge
Alin? Hufman
Asa Hubbard
Moses Higgins
Edwan Hopkins
William Hawthorn
John Hopkins
Isaa Hamberlin
Peter Hamberlin
John Hawkins
David Hunt
David Hall
Joseph Hawk
Mrs Hammon
Mrs January
William Jordan
John L Irwin
James Jones
Absolam Johnson
Mrs Jeffries
Reason W Irwin
William Ivy
John Isaacs
John Jones
Z B Jones
John C Jonson
Joseph Jones
Thomas Jones 
James Kelly
Richard Kelly
William  H King
N Killingsworth
James McKay
William Kelly
James Kelly
Archibald Kirkland
Prosper King
Mrs Mary Kelly
William Kelly
William Kension
William Kenton
William W Lloyd
Lawson Lewis
John Kennon
Thomas Lea
Michael Laughman
James Lucket
David G Hall
James McCaa
Willis McDonald
D McDougal
Nathaniel Mimms
Stephen Marble
Earl Marble
Daniel McKey
Thomas A McKey
James L Montgomery
B W McMinter
Robert McRay
A Montgomery
William G*Middleton
G M McDonald
Walter McKey
Isaac McLutche
James McLellen
Davis Montgomery
John G McIntyre
David Mabin
S K Montgomery
Abner Marble
Thomas F McKay
William May
Hugh McRay
Jonathan McDonald
John McPherson
Niel McCacharn
William McAlpine
Daniel McDougal
Daniel McLain
Arel McPherson
Daniel McIntyre
Cowles Mead
William Montgomery
Josiah Montgomery
John Montgomery
Hugh Montgomery
John Mitchel
Herphilius Marble
Daniel Mcalib
James T McGruder
Christopher Metcalf
Hugh Matthews
Thomas Marble
Robert Mcgrue
William Moore
Jeriamah Miller
Thomas Marble
Hugh Mable
Wesley Neilly
Samuel Newman
Martin Nevels 
James Norris
Jon Newman Sr
Jon Newman 
Ruth Nutt
James Nevels
George Nicholls
Simon  Newman
Thomas Noble
King Nicholls
Walker Nash
David Need
Thomas Nevels
Mrs B Newman
John Nell
John C Nell (over)
John Obrian
William Owens
Daniel Overton
Thomas Osteen
Gabriel Osteen
William Osteen
Robert Oliver
Mrs Odom
Parker Odom
Moses Odom
Russel Pucket
James Perry
Henry Porter
Isaac Perkins
John Pickins
Abner Pipes
C M Pennington
William B Prince
William Penrice
John Potter
Baker Philips
James W Philips
Mrs Ruth Platner
John q T Prince
Mrs Jane Prince
Baylis E Prince
Joseph Parmelle
Angus Patterson
Daniel Patterson
Neil Patterson
Mark Philips
Mrs Margaret Pig
Truman Roberts
George Robinson
Jones Robinson
Francis Rozelle
Joseph Ramey
J A B Ross
William Roberts
Isaac Roberts
William Rife
Stephen Riche
Charles Riley
Evan Roblin
Stephen Rowlin
Aaron Roark
Samuel Rainey
Samuel Robb
Isaac Ross 
John J W Ross
William Robb
Adam Rum
William Reed
John Rouse
Caleb Reed
Jeremiah Rust
Jacob Shillings
John Shorter
Sexton Shaw
William Scott
David Stampley
Gasper Sinclear
Thompson B Shaw
James Stewart
Thomas Scott
Mrs Margaret Shaw
William Stokes
William Selman
James Shannon
****** Standley
Horace* Sibby???
King Sibby
Jarvis Smith
Isaac Scott
John Stell
Richard Scott
Joel Selman
Simon Scarborough
Richard Spain
John Snodgrass qrt.
Jacob Segrist sr
John Stuart
Jonathan Slye
John H Shanks
Samuel K Sorsby
John J Stampley
Jacob Stampley
Jacob Stampley
Mrs Elizabeth Sims
John Shillings
John Smith
Stephen Senbar
Richard Skinner
Jonath Scarborough
Archi Smith
Daniel Sellers
Watter Sellers
Hugh Slater
Mathew Smiley
John Stampley jun
George Selser jun
George Selser   
Josiah Selser
E Shackleford
Mrs Sulivan
William Stampley
William B Shields
John H Folkes
Abraham Shankle
William Scott
T Shelly
Gabriel Scott
Jona Stephenson
John Silcox
Mrs M Texada
Stephen Terry
John Terry
John Tatum
John Taylor
Slater Travillion
John Turnbull
Mrs S Terry
Joel Tucker
Joseph Tucker
Archie Terry
Dougal Terry
David Terry
Charles Trefoe
Francis Tidwell
Mrs Mary Trimble
John Trimble
Mrs Twilly
A ****ble
John Smith
William Usher
David G Torrey
Thomas C Vaughn
D W Vaughn
William G Vause
Mrs M Valentine
Adnew Smiley
John Weatherly
William Whitney
A G Walton
Asa Watkins
Charles Watts
Iona Wert
Abraham Whitaker
John Warsaw
Henry Walthers 
David Willis
Soloman Whitty
Charles Wert
Henry Wise
James Watson
Thomas Wiley
Jerimiah Watson
John White
James G  Wood
John Wech
Mrs Wright
James Whitehead
John Wells
Francis Zugeswerdt
Alexander Young
Mrs Jane Wade
William Robinette
Alen Willis
Nathan Kings qtr
Adolph Heath 
John Fade
William Stout
Thomas Heath
Samuel Heath
Mrs Davis
Thomas McFate
Christopher Hufman
A White
Mathew Kelly
C Metcalf
Free People of Colour
Malaki Hagen
John Gregory
Mrs. Rodes

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