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1860 Jefferson County Census - Free People of Color

HH#/Family# Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real Estate Personal Birthplace   Transcriber Notes
27/27 Gill Amy 80 F B Washerwoman 500 300 Mississippi can't read  
  Gill Bettie 35 F B Washerwoman     Mississippi    
  Gill Edie 34 F B       Mississippi    
  Wiggington Eliza 10 F M       Mississippi    
  Wiggington Thomas 5 M M       Mississippi    
29/29 Jacobs William 82 M B Day Laborer     South Carolina    
  Jacobs Sevent 72 M B       South Carolina Idiot  
44/44 Wallace Count 39 M B Barber   2000 Kentucky    
  Jacobs Eliza 26 F M Washerwoman     Mississippi can't read  
  Jacobs B. F. 10 F M       Mississippi    
66/66 Williams Mary 38 F M Seamstress     Mississippi   in the home of Alexander Young
142/138 Savage Henry 60 M M Boatman 700 1600 Mississippi Can't read  
145/141 Taylor Mary 41 F M Dressmaker 3500 1000 Ohio    
148/144 Gascian Nelly 27 F M Washerwoman   500 Mississippi    
  Gascian William 7 M M       Mississippi    
  Gascian Samuel 5 M M       Mississippi    
  Gascian Andrew 5mo M M       Mississippi    
161/156 Fulward Oliver 65 M B Wood Chopper 300 150 Virginia can't read  
  Fulward Malinda 50 F M Washerwoman   250 Mississippi can't read  
168/163 Watts Daisy 87 M B Day Laborer 200 700 S. Carolina can't read  
  Watts Amy 78 F B Washerwoman   200 Virginia    
  Watts Emaly 28 F B Washerwoman   400 Mississippi    
  Watts John 8 M B       Mississippi    
  Watts Sarah 3 F B       Mississippi    
  Watts Amy 6 F B       Mississippi    
174/169 Fitzgerald George 55 M M Carpenter   300 Mississippi can't read in the home of A. C. Gilham
225/220 Jones Hinton 40 M M Hostler   100 Tennessee can't read in the home of Howel Hines
311/298 Stampley Henrietta 18 F M       Mississippi can't read in the home of Stephen C. Stampley
  Stampley Minerva 16 F M       Mississippi   in the home of Stephen C. Stampley
  Stampley Nola 8 F M       Mississippi   in the home of Stephen C. Stampley
  Stampley Phillip 12 M M       Mississippi   in the home of Stephen C. Stampley
  Stampley Solomon 10 M M       Mississippi   in the home of Stephen C. Stampley
478/457 Seymore Malinda 42 F M Seamstress 400 340 Mississippi can't read  
  Seymore James 14 M M Day Laborer     Mississippi    
  Seymore Washington 11 M M       Mississippi    


35 Total Free Persons of Color in Jefferson County, MS - 1860

compiled by Ann Allen Geoghegan, Jefferson County CC - October, 2003

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