Jefferson County, MS

 in the Civil War

Jefferson Flying Artillery
(aka Capt. Dardenís Company)
Dunbar Rowland's History of this unit

Muster Roll

Darden's Company, Mississippi Light Artillery (Jefferson Flying Artillery) 
First NameLast NameCompanyRank_InRank_Out
Samuel H. Acheson PrivatePrivate
JohnAdams PrivatePrivate
JamesArcher  PrivatePrivate
JohnArnold PrivatePrivate
Wm.Bates  Private 
... ...Bennett PrivatePrivate
ThomasBennett PrivatePrivate
J. C.Booth PrivatePrivate
W.W.C.Booth PrivatePrivate
J.V. Braden PrivatePrivate
J.V.Braden PrivatePrivate
James V.Braidon  PrivatePrivate
... V.Breaden PrivatePrivate
J.W.Breaden  PrivatePrivate
BenjaminBrown PrivatePrivate
C. H.Brown Private Private
CalvinBrown PrivateCorporal
E. F.Brown PrivatePrivate
I.P.Brown PrivatePrivate
Isaac P.Brown PrivatePrivate
James Brown PrivatePrivate
JohnBrumlow PrivatePrivate
CharlesBuffington  PrivatePrivate
H.W.Bullen PrivateFirst Lieutenant
Horace W.Bullen  PrivateFirst Lieutenant
W. J.Burnside PrivatePrivate
John J.Busser Private Private
M. W.Bussy PrivatePrivate
J. C.Calhoun PrivatePrivate
A. J.Cameron LieutenantFirst Lieutenant
LinCaygle PrivatePrivate
Lindsey Caygle PrivatePrivate
C.T.Chamberlain PrivatePrivate
Charles T.Chamberlain  PrivatePrivate
John D.Chamberlain SergeantSecond Lieutenant
H.B.Chambliss  PrivatePrivate
J.W.Childs PrivatePrivate
JesseChurch Private Private
John A.Cobb PrivatePrivate
CharlesCogan PrivatePrivate
Charles S. L.Cogan PrivatePrivate
Thomas J.Cogan PrivatePrivate
Frank Coleman PrivateFirst Lieutenant
T. W.Coleman PrivateFirst Lieutenant
MinkeCollins  PrivatePrivate
W.H.Cox PrivatePrivate
DavidCraig  PrivatePrivate
R.B.Craig PrivatePrivate
D.B.Crawford PrivatePrivate
W.J.Creecy PrivatePrivate
E.W.Crozier PrivateSergeant
Ed Crozier PrivateSergeant
Charles M.Currell PrivatePrivate
M. A.Darden  PrivatePrivate
PatDarden LieutenantCaptain
WilliamDerr  PrivatePrivate
P.Desoto PrivatePrivate
JohnDesouter Private Private
PeterDesouter PrivatePrivate
E.W.Dixon PrivatePrivate
M.C.Dixon PrivatePrivate
J.P.Dowdy PrivatePrivate
Owen Doyle PrivatePrivate
A. FrelandDrake PrivateCorporal
A.F.Drake  PrivateCorporal
A.M.Drake PrivatePrivate
E. SteeleDrake  PrivateSergeant
E.S.Drake PrivateSergeant
James P.Drake Private Private
DavidDreman PrivatePrivate
E.E.Dunbar PrivatePrivate
J.W.Dunbar PrivatePrivate
R.B.Dunbar SergeantPrivate
James E. Edge PrivatePrivate
S. J.Ellis PrivatePrivate
Samuel J.Ellis  PrivatePrivate
SamuelEmanuel PrivatePrivate
Samuel O.Emanuel  PrivatePrivate
James J.Fletcher PrivatePrivate
Ottway P.Fogg Private Private
S. S.Foreman PrivateSergeant
S. S.Forman PrivateSergeant
Stephen S.Forman PrivateSergeant
E.B.Foster PrivatePrivate
F. Foster PrivatePrivate
WilliamFoster PrivatePrivate
J. W.Freeman  PrivatePrivate
W.Freeman PrivatePrivate
K. E.Galtney  PrivatePrivate
N. W.Gandy PrivatePrivate
E.T.Geyer Bugler Bugler
EmilGeyer PrivatePrivate
L.B.Goza PrivatePrivate
W.C.Graham PrivatePrivate
A. M. Green PrivatePrivate
James T.Griffin PrivatePrivate
J. J.Griffing  PrivatePrivate
William C.Griffing PrivatePrivate
J. N.Hair  CorporalCorporal
L. D.Hall PrivatePrivate
W. F.Halley Private Private
John H.Hammerly CorporalCorporal
ThomasHammett SergeantSergeant
C.Hampton PrivatePrivate
W. D.Harper CaptainCaptain
James H. Harris PrivatePrivate
W. L.Harris PrivatePrivate
CalvinHarrison  PrivatePrivate
W. C.Harrison PrivatePrivate
John H.Hart  ArtificerArtificer
H.A.Hendrickson CorporalSergeant
H.C.Hendrickson Corporal Sergeant
H.A.Hendrixson CorporalSergeant
J.D.Hightower PrivatePrivate
J.B.Hill PrivatePrivate
HowellHinds LieutenantLieutenant
William Holly PrivatePrivate
H. HindsHolmes PrivatePrivate
H. HindsHolmes  PrivatePrivate
H.H.Holmes PrivatePrivate
HindsHolmes  PrivatePrivate
JohnHoskins PrivatePrivate
R. B.Howell Private Private
M. M.Hughes PrivatePrivate
Matthew M.Hughes PrivatePrivate
W. B.Huie PrivatePrivate
B.Humphreys PrivatePrivate
L. B. Humphreys PrivatePrivate
CharlesHumphries PrivatePrivate
L. B.Humphries  PrivatePrivate
T.P.James PrivatePrivate
A.W.Johnson  PrivateSergeant
CharlesJohnson PrivatePrivate
Willie N.Johnson Private Private
CharlesJohnston PrivatePrivate
W.J.Jones PrivatePrivate
William J.Kelly PrivatePrivate
ReubenKey PrivatePrivate
E. Milton Keyes PrivatePrivate
E.M.Keyes PrivatePrivate
JamesKile  PrivatePrivate
... S.Killingsworth PrivatePrivate
JamesKyle  PrivatePrivate
NathanLaman PrivatePrivate
John J.LeSassie Private Private
Paul A.LeSassie PrivatePrivate
JohnLeSassier PrivatePrivate
PaulLeSassier PrivatePrivate
George W.Leighton PrivateCorporal
Nat Lemons PrivatePrivate
J.D.Liles PrivatePrivate
John D.Liles  PrivatePrivate
James M.Lowe PrivatePrivate
J.D.Lyles  PrivatePrivate
John D.Lyons PrivatePrivate
JohnManifold Corporal Private
WalterManifold PrivatePrivate
James K.Marble PrivatePrivate
F.Marchalk CorporalCorporal
W.A.Marchalk PrivatePrivate
Frank Marschalk CorporalCorporal
W.A.Marschalk PrivatePrivate
William A.Marschalk  PrivatePrivate
John R.Mason SergeantSergeant
Peyton B.Mason  PrivatePrivate
H.J.Mayberry PrivatePrivate
J.M.McCaleb Private First Sergeant
JonathanMcCaleb PrivatePrivate
J.B.McDaniel PrivatePrivate
M.McDunner PrivatePrivate
BarneyMcGinne ArtificerPrivate
... McGinty PrivatePrivate
BarneyMcGowen ArtificerPrivate
AlexanderMcGregor  PrivatePrivate
J.McGregor PrivatePrivate
BarneyMcGrun  ArtificerPrivate
John S.McKey PrivatePrivate
E.O.McLean Private Private
W.McMurchey PrivatePrivate
JohnMcQuinde Sergeant MajorSergeant Major
I.O.Meads PrivatePrivate
WilliamMiller PrivatePrivate
William Mitchell PrivatePrivate
GilbertMoulder PrivatePrivate
WilliamMullins  PrivatePrivate
W. F.Mynatte PrivatePrivate
W. F.Mynett  PrivatePrivate
W. F.Mynett PrivatePrivate
WilliamNeuch Private Private
NelsonNewman PrivatePrivate
G.Newson Private 
William M.Nobles PrivatePrivate
WilliamNusch PrivatePrivate
Daniel O'Connell PrivatePrivate
PatrickO'Connell PrivatePrivate
C. E.Oden  PrivatePrivate
J. B.Owen PrivatePrivate
LewisPage  PrivatePrivate
Lewis WaldonPage PrivatePrivate
John D.Parvin PrivatePrivate
LewisPayne PrivatePrivate
LintonPayne PrivatePrivate
P. M. Pearcefield PrivatePrivate
John L.Perdue PrivatePrivate
Frank A.Peters  PrivatePrivate
William L.Pool PrivatePrivate
JoshuaPoole  PrivatePrivate
William N.Pope PrivatePrivate
Z.M.Purcell Private Private
WilliamRabb PrivatePrivate
R.F.Rabjohn PrivatePrivate
F.C.Rawlinson PrivatePrivate
WilliamRay PrivatePrivate
Thomas M. Rea Private 
WilliamRea PrivatePrivate
RobertReabold  PrivatePrivate
G.R.Reausaux PrivatePrivate
S.R.Reausaux Private Private
ThomasReed PrivatePrivate
J.B.Reynolds PrivatePrivate
C.B.Richardson PrivateSecond Lieutenant
James F.Riviere PrivatePrivate
Richard Riviere PrivatePrivate
William C.Riviere PrivatePrivate
O.Rodgers  PrivatePrivate
William T.Rodgers PrivatePrivate
EliasRogillio  PrivatePrivate
Elias J.Rogillio PrivatePrivate
MichaelRyan Private Private
M. W.Saxon PrivatePrivate
W. W.Saxon PrivatePrivate
JohnSchally PrivatePrivate
ThomasSchally PrivatePrivate
Charles Schwartz PrivatePrivate
Charles B.Scott PrivatePrivate
George C.Scott  PrivatePrivate
RichardScott CorporalPrivate
T. W.Scott  PrivatePrivate
ThomasScott PrivatePrivate
R. B.Shields Corporal Private
MikeShuster PrivatePrivate
RobertSillers PrivatePrivate
B.F.Simpson PrivatePrivate
S.S.Sims PrivatePrivate
Alexander J. Sledge PrivatePrivate
PatSloan PrivatePrivate
AndrewSmith  PrivatePrivate
CharlesSmith PrivatePrivate
Eustis M.Smith  PrivatePrivate
W.M.Smith PrivatePrivate
StanleySnodgrass Private Private
SamuelSpear SergeantSergeant
Simon F.Spear PrivateSergeant
Simeon F.Speir PrivateSergeant
John I.Stampley PrivatePrivate
Noah Stoner PrivatePrivate
T.B.Stuart PrivatePrivate
GeorgeSulcer  PrivatePrivate
J.B.Talberry PrivatePrivate
MarkThomas  PrivatePrivate
J.E.Thompson PrivatePrivate
JamesThompson Corporal Private
T.J.Thompson PrivatePrivate
WilliamThompson PrivatePrivate
J.D.Tracey PrivatePrivate
J.M.Trice PrivatePrivate
John P. Trimble PrivatePrivate
W.A.Trimble PrivatePrivate
ArcherTurpin  PrivatePrivate
J.A.Turpin PrivatePrivate
S.W.Turpin  PrivatePrivate
WhiteTurpin PrivatePrivate
D.C.Vaughan Private Private
J.S.Vaughan PrivateFirst Sergeant
A.R.Wade PrivateCorporal
D.B.Wade PrivatePrivate
DunbarWade SergeantPrivate
Dunbar B. Wade SergeantPrivate
LawrenceWade PrivatePrivate
W.W.Wade  Quartermaster SergeantPrivate
J.R.Wade, Jr. PrivatePrivate
RichardWalpole  SergeantSergeant
HenryWard PrivatePrivate
Stephen K.Warren Sergeant Sergeant
J.T.F.Waters PrivatePrivate
L.W.Watson PrivatePrivate
LewisWatson PrivatePrivate
Louis J.Watson PrivatePrivate
B.F. Weaver PrivatePrivate
G.A.Weaver PrivatePrivate
George A.Weaver  PrivatePrivate
M.Weirtheimer PrivatePrivate
M.Wertheimer  PrivatePrivate
Benjamin F.West PrivatePrivate
IraWhaley Private Private
C.W.Whitney PrivatePrivate
P.K.Whitney PrivatePrivate
G.M.Wilcat PrivatePrivate
Charles A.Wilcox PrivatePrivate
D.B. Wilcox PrivateSergeant
Gus M.Wilcox PrivatePrivate
S.M.Wilcox  PrivatePrivate
C.H.Wilkinson PrivatePrivate
Cary H.Wilkinson  PrivatePrivate
Jesse B.Williams PrivatePrivate
William M.Winkler Private Private
GillamWood PrivatePrivate
ClarkWoods PrivatePrivate
ThomasWoods PrivatePrivate

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