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...The worn and faded gray jacket, glorified by valor and stained with the life blood of its wearer, becomes, in its immortality of association, a more splendid vestment than mail of medieval knight or the rarest robe of royalty. That old, weather-beaten slouched hat, seen as the ages will see it, with its halo of fire, through the smoke of battle, is a kinglier covering than a crown. Half clad, half armed, often half fed, without money and without price, the Confederate soldier fought against the resources of the world.

When at last his flag was furled and his arms were grounded in defeat, the cause for which he had struggled was lost, but he had won the faceless victory of soldiership.

From an article in The Confederate Veteran, Vol.1, No. 12, December 1893


John Chapman -  - died at the Battle of Shiloh. 

William Roberts Nevels - Charley Clark Rifles -  On 27 July 1862, Richmond, Virginia, age 20, he died from wounds received at Battle of Beavers Dam.

Horace W. Bullen, 1st Lt. - Darden's Battery (Jefferson Flying Artillery) -  wounded at Battle of Nashville on 12-15-1864 - died on 1-6-1865 in Nashville, TN

Pvt. Thomas Jefferson Cogan - Jefferson Flying Artillery -  killed at the Battle of Chickamauga

Hugh B. Humphries - Co. D, 19th Regiment - killed at Battle of Manassas -

29 Dec 1861

Thomas Quincy Geoghegan - Co. D, 19th Regiment - Killed at Battle of Gettysburg  - July 2, 1863, only 18 years old!

William Nusch - killed in action Atlanta Campaign - 7-21-1864

Pvt. Edmond Randolph Duncan - Co. E, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery, killed on the Walls of Vicksburg May 19, 1863




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