This Special Edition of the Fayette Chronicle was contributed by Pat Taylor of Humble, TX!  What a treasure trove of information about our wonderful county 100 years ago!  I will be placing articles, photos, biographies and ads from the paper in this section in the weeks to come.  You may access the complete pages by going to the EXPO folder.  The pages had to be copied in two sections so each page is labeled expopage01a.jpg and expopage01b.jpg, etc.

Warning the files in the folder are VERY  LARGE  (most over 3.0MB) so unless you have Broadband access (DSL), you will be tying up your dial-up connection for hours!  If you would like to have a copy  of the complete paper on a CD, please contact me and we will work something out!

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

Transcribed Portions of these pages are listed below!