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Bible Records
If you have any Bible Records you would like to contribute to this page, please email me!



Robert Griffing, born Sept.30th A. D. 1776
Elizabeth Shaw, born April 28th A. D. 1786
Sidney G. W. Griffing born Decr.30th A. D. 1807
Benjamin F. Griffing born May 12th A. D.  1809
Elvina Griffing born Mar. 13th A. D. 1811
Harriet M. Griffin born February 23rd A. D. 1814 (no "g" on Griffin)
Zadok Griffing born March  26th A. D. 1816
Amanda S. Griffing born February 3rd A. D. 1818
Daniel Griffing born Sept.11 A. D. 1820
Thompson S. Griffing born February 5th A. D. 1823
Susannah H. Griffing born July 9th A. D. 1826
John F. Brown born Sept. 15th A. D. 1815

Part of the pages are missing, and the only marriage that is recorded is
Susanah Griffing to John F. Brown on Oct. 24, 1843.  This occurred in
Jefferson Co. MS. Susanah married (2) Hiram McCanlies in
Hempstead Co. AR. She died in Callahan, TX on March 10, 1899.

Daniel Griffing Departed this Life Augt. 1st A. D. 1823
Elvina Griffing Departed this Life Augt. 29th A. D. 1824
Zadok Griffing Departed ths Life June 22nd A. D. 1825
Thompson S. Griffing Departed this Life March 1st A. D. 1844
Robert Griffing Departed this Life July 2nd A. D. 1846 Aged 70
John F. Brown Departed this Life March 7th A. D. 1844
Sidney W. Griffing Departed this Life July 2nd A. D. 1848 Aged 41

From a photocopy of the Bible pages in possesion of Linda Sykes, a descendant of the McCanlies family, copied  by Sue Burns Moore,, a descendant of the family through Harriet M. Griffing who married George W. Jones, Jr. in Jefferson Co. MS on Oct. 11, 1835.   The first pages of the Bible are missing, but it is the Ninth Edition of the King James Version.  In 1935, the Bible was in the possession of  Madison H. McCanlies, pioneer citizen of Cisco, TX.  His mother was Susanah H. Griffing, born in Jefferson County, MS on July 5, 1825.

Contributed by:
 Sue Burns Moore



Neil Ray Wilkinson was born Nov. 23, 1809
Hulda Trevillion was born May 20, 1816
Elizbeth E. Wilkinson was born July 10, 1838
Mary M. Wilkinson was born Oct. 23, 1840
John M. Wilkinson was born March 26, 1848
Phillip D. Wilkinson was born Dec. 17, 1844
Sarah A. Wilkinson was born Jan. 9, 1849
Peter C. Wilkinson was born Dec. 19, 1854
Mary R. Faris was born May 25, 1887
Elizabeth A. Wilkinson was born Feb. 6, 1878
Ellen B. Wilkinson was born Apr. 19, 1880
Lillie A. Wilkinson was born Dec. 11, 1881
Betsy Jane Wilkinson was born Aug. 31, 1884
Mary Wilkinson was born oct. 26, 1886
John Neil Wilkinson was born March 4, 1889


Phillip M. Wilkinson was born July 28, 1891
Daniel C. Wilkinson was born Aug. 24, 1893
L.G. and C.E. Wilkinson was born Nov. 1893
John Neil Wilkinson was born March 4, 1889
Amber Hunting was born Oct. 27, 1889
Mary Althia born July 25, 1917
Christina E. born Nov. 5, 1918
Nell Orva born June 24, 1920
Hazel Lillian born July 14, 1923
Posalie Ruth born April 22, 1925
Frank Calvin born Dec. 6, 1926
Glenda Belle born Aug. 29, 1928
John Donald born Dec. 8, 1930
Wilma Bernice born Dec. 22, 1934
Rowena Phyllis born Marach 28, 1937


N. R. Wilkinson died March 21, 1892
John M. Wilkinson Oct. 11, 1843
Elizabeth Meteer Dec. 17, 1903
Phillip was killed at Baker Creek 1863
Mary M. Price Nov. 16, 1892
Eva Buckles Faris Penson died Portland, Ore. Feb. 8, 1941
Elizabeth Farris June 22, 1907
Sarah A. Miller Feb. 7, 1915
Mary Faris Wilkinson March 22, 1935
P. C. Wilkinson July 7, 1938
Neil Orville Wilkinson March 22, 1938
Private Phillip Mac Wilkinson, A-47 inf. Killed in Battle, died Sept. 27, 1908
Charles R. Price, Phoenix Ariz, died May 31, 1941
Eva Buckles Faris died Portland, Ore.
Genia Price Embry died Shreveport,La.
Mary Lou Ella (or Minnie) Buckles died Union Church
Elizabeth Wilkinson Gibson July 17, 1947


Peter Wilkinson Sr. died in his 96 year
John Wilkinson died Sept. 27, 1814 age 18
Angus Wilkinson died 1835  38
Malcolm Wilkinson died 1865  66
Daniel Wilkinson died 1887, 85
Peter Wilkinson died Oct. 17, 1808, 5 months
Neil Wilkinson died March 21, 1892, 83 years.
Catherine Wilkinson died Feb. 26, 1844, 38
Mary  July  1862, 47
John   Nov.  1891,  73

From Wilkinson Family Bible in possession of Catherine Wilkinson Harrington.
Longview, Tx. Nov. 1978
Transcribed and submitted by Jane Combs,  Waco, TX.
Sent to me by Andy Miller of Colorado Springs, CO.

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