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Possible Confederate Veterans Buried

 In Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson Co., MS


These men, in one way or another fit the profile of a Confederate Veteran. I used the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System @ to locate the rank and unit(s) . This system is known to contain flaws and errors. The men who were already identified as veterans are in bold type. . I am sure that I may have missed someone, or may have listed some who may not have served, for the listed reasons I do not make any claim to accuracy. Corrections and updates welcome.


ENNIS, Henry; Co. F, 3MS Inf. CSA (PVT)


DENNIS, James S.; 10/21/1847--1/22/1918; CSA ( unable to determine unit or rank)


SMITH, James; Co. D., 9 LA Inf. CSA (PVT )


GIBSON, W. T. C.; Pvt 36 MS Inf CSA/ 2/21/1903


GIBSON, W. P.; 12/22/1843--2/20/1903 (A W. P Gibson is listed as a Pvt. , Co. B, 7th Regt Miss. Inf.  And as a Corp/Pvt in Co. A, 7th Miss. Cav. )


ERWIN, Thomas J., Sr.; 6/10/1844--1/8/1925; CSA ( Pvt. Co. D, 33rd Miss. Inf.)


FARIS, John G.; 1/25/1818--12/15/1897 ( Pvt., Co. F, 2 Mississippi Infantry Battalion State Troops)


CURRIE, N. D.; 3/4/1841--6/12/1915 (Possibly  Pvt. Neil D. Currie of Co. E, 7th Miss. Inf. Regt)


WATSON, N. R. C.; 1/12/1843--4/28/1901 ( Nathaniel R. C. Watson, Pvt. Co. A, 1st Miss. Lt. Artillery, Pvt. Co. H, 12th Miss. Inf.


WINTERS, W. W.; 5/7/1847--1/22/1917; CSA ( Pvt. Co. F, 24th  Miss. Cav. Batt., Moorman’s)


PRITCHARD, R. A.; Co. K 1st MS Arty CSA; 12/1/1834--1/19/1980 (PVT note death date 1980??)


RIGGS, James Marshall; 10/4/1843--4/4/1915   ( J. M. Riggs is found in  the 9th Miss. Inf. Regt as a Musician. There is also a James M. Riggs listed in the 10th Miss. As F&S as a Musician)


McCORMICK, Daniel W.; 1/13/1833--10/19/1896; Mason ( Pvt./Sgt. Co. H, 12th Miss. Inf.)


SMITH, Archie; born in North Carolina; 6/22/1832--9/11/1896  (Archy Smith Pvt. Co, F, 1 Batt'n.-State Troops, Miss. Inf. (12 Months, 1862-3) This is strictly a guess!!!


NEWMAN, Wm. H.; 3/2/1831-4/30/1897 (Capt. Hoskins' Batt'y, Mississippi L. Art'y. (Brookhaven Light Artillery).


HALFORD, John E.; Co. I 14 Cav. CSA (no listing)


McLAURIN, L. B; 11/10/1828-7/11/1890; Mason ( 2nd Lt., Co F, 4th Miss. Cav., and 1st Lt., Co. E, Hughes' Batt'n. Mississippi Cavalry. Thereis also a L. Mclaurin listed as a Pvt in Hughe’s Cav. maybe the same man.)


BUIE, Daniel G.; 5/20/1821-10/27/1881 ( A Pvt. Daniel Buie is listed in Co E, 1st Regiment, Mississippi Light Artillery)


BUIE, Wm. E., M.D.; d. 1/14/1878, aged 60 years. ( 7th Miss. Inf. Regt, F&S, Surgeon)


BUIE, Robet M.; 1/29/1833-10/5/1888 ( A  Pvt. R. M. Buie is listed in Co. K, 1st Mississippi LT. Art'y).


Isaac G. CLARK; 9/7/1834-1/31/1876 (Corp., Capt. Assistant Surgeon, Co. H, 12th Miss. Inf)


McMILLAN, Archibald D. S.; 6/23/1833-Killed in the Battle of Baker's Creek; 5/15/1863 ( A Pvt/ Corp A.D. L. McMillian is listed in Co. A, 1st Miss. Lt Art’y. Transcription error?)


McMILLAN, Henry Clay; son of Dougald & Sarah McMILLAN; 5/13/1847-9/1/1865 (Pvt. Listed in Co. K, 33rd Miss and Co. G, 1st Miss.)


FAIRLY, Hugh J.; 8-1-1829-1/23/1903  (Co. K, 1st Miss. Lt. Art’y)


                CATO, J. A.; son of Lewis & Mary CATO; b. 2/6/1836; Fell in the Battle of Harrisburg, 7/14/1864; Mason; By Affectionate Wife ( 3rd/2nd Jr. Lt. Co E, 7th Miss. Inf. Sgt. Co. C, 4th Miss. Cav. )


GARRETT, Josiah; 8/14/1840-4/20/1928; CSA (Pvt. Co. H, 12 Miss., several possibilities but this is the only Josiah listed)


MILLER, F. C.; 6/23/1836-2/17/1872 ( Pvt Co. F, 1st Miss. Lt. Art’y)


SCOTT, John L.; 1829-1875  (several possibilities but only one John L. Scott listed Pvt. Co. E, 4th Miss. Cav)


CLARK, James N.; 10/12/1829-7/17/1872; Mason  (Pvt.Co H, 12th Miss.)


CLARK, John H.; 8/7/1806-12/18/1890

CLARK, Wm. H.; 3/27/1812-1/12/1883 (several listing with the same names; I believe age    being a factor, these two    did not serve.)


WILKINSON, John c.; 9/7.1824-4/29/1900 (several listings,could be Pvt. Co. K, 33rd Miss.)


METEER, E. H.; 10/6/1835-12/28/1915; CSA


OSBORN, S. I.; 8/13/1822-9/9/1887 (An S. L. Osborn is listed as a Pvt. Co. C,  3 (State Troops) Mississippi Cavalry)


DAVIS, Alexander; b. in Richmond County, NC; 7/23/1839-8/27/1898; "He was innocently murdered."

(Pvt Co. H, 12th Miss.)


DAVIS, Dougal D.; b. in Richmond County, NC; 2/1/1836-4/5/1894 (Pvt. Co. K, 1st Miss. Lt. Art’y)


GALBREATH, M. A.; 10/19/1818-12/4/1890 ( Pvt. Co E, Powers' Reg't., Mississippi Cav., Pvt. Co. F, 2 Battalion (State Troops), Mississippi Infantry)


CATO, Henry; 4/1/1808-1/19/1896 ( A Henry B. Cato is listed, same man? Corp. Capt. Roberts' Co., Mississippi Artillery (Seven Stars Artillery)


GALBREATH, John A.; 1/19/1813-8/28/1884  (Pvt./ Commissary, Co. H, 12th Miss.)


McLEAN, Dr. J. J.; born in Robeson County, NC; 4/25/1828; died in Union Church, Mississippi; 8/21/1905; Capt.Co. A, 12th MS Regiment, CSA


SMITH, Angus W.; 3/31/1843-1/18/1928 (Pvt. Co. A, 39th Miss.)


McCALLUM, Andrew M.; Co. A. 1 MS Light Artillery, CSA; 8/31/1843-11/4/1930

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