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Susan Sillers Darden Diary


Jan. 16: Mrs. Darden came up, I am still sick. Cate came up in the evening. I got worse, sent for Dr. Fox. My babe was born before he got here. It was born about 4 o’clock. Mrs. Darden & Cate stayed all night, Martha & Laura (Darden) went to Frank’s Tuesday morning, to Bell Clark’s & Robert Sillers’ wedding, The wedding is to be tonight.

Jan. 22: Joseph & Matilda Sillers, Anne Stuart came, stayed all night; went away Monday morning. Joseph & Matilda came to tell me goodbye. They are moving to Bolivar County Tuesday.

Jan. 27: Martha & her Pa went to church in Fayette. Martha went home with Kate Whitney, stayed all night. Ma, Jack & Kate went to church and came back to dinner Sunday.

Feb. 4: Anne Stuart came down, stayed till Sun. She went to Rodney with Joseph & Matilda; they got on the boat at 11:00 o’clock, Fri. Morn, 27th. Anne went out, to Oakland, stayed all night with Mrs. Collier, (Mary Jane, wife of James J. Collier).. Mr. Darden, Martha, Cate, & Jack went to church.

Feb. 5: Dined at Mr. F. K. Montgomery’s.

Feb 8: Cate spent the day, Cousin Margaret was to come but did not.

Feb. 9: Mr. Darden went to Hamburg to pay Dr. Campbell, Buckner & Samuel called a while Friday,

Feb. 10: Mr. Darden vent to Natchez with Mr. P. K Montgomery in the buggy.  Buckner, Samuel & Jack went also.  Buckner bought a boy, gave $1300.50 for him.

Feb. 11: Sister Maria, Ma, Cate, Zenobia Burch & Mabella Stampley spent the day.

Feb. 13: Setting out 10 peach & 2 Bartlett pear, came from Afflick Nursery, Washington. Cate & Martha went to the concert; the brass band performed. Martha received 3 valentines today, 14th Feb.

Feb. 20: Coz. & Margaret Darden and Cunningham Whitney, spent the day.

Feb. 21: Wes Whitney was here hunting his horse.

Feb. 23: The remains of Rodney King & his sister Mrs. Ogle were raised from their graves in Tensas Parish, La., & brought to Old Salem & buried in the Family grave yard with the father, mother & brother, and there they all rest together.

Feb. 24: Rev. Mr. Wi11iams from Pine Ridge spent the night with us on his way to Ebenezer to assist Mr. McDonald at a Communion meeting Sat. morning.

Feb. 25: It is raining hard, Mr. Williams cannot go on to church. Mr. Williams went to Mr. Montgomery’s  to stay all night.

Feb. 26:  Mr. Williams preached at Ebenezer.

Mch. 2: Brother Buckner stayed all night on his way from Natchez.

Mch. 5: Mr. Darden gone to Ebenezer to church.

Mch. 6: Mr. Darden went to Fayette, got a letter from Buckner dated 27 Feb. We are digging a cistern at the gin; have three hands at it.

Mch 12: Martha & her Pa have gone to Ebenezer to church; dined at Mr. Montgomery’s .   Ma went up to George’s  Saturday.   Sarah Darden started to Natchez Thursday to take a boat to visit James  Torrey in Holmes County.  She left her children at home.

Mch 13:  Martha & her Pa went to Fayette, saw Blot in town, he got back from New Orleans Thursday. Mr. Darden got a letter from Buckner. Mary was not well.  Complaining with something like liver complaint. Coz. Jack Burch is hauling corn today.

Mch. 18: Martha & Cate spent the day with Coz Margaret Darden.

Mch. 20: Major went to Rodney after pork today; We have brought home 22 barrels;  left 3 barrels in Fayette for Mr. Montgomery.

Mch 21:  Ma got back from George Darden’s. Anne sent Tully down to know when we would send for Olivia.  Blount had gone to Warren County.

Mch. 25: Martha, Laura, Irene & their Pa spent the day at Jackson’s.

Mar 30: Mr. Darden went to Fayette to the Examination. There were 3 young ladies graduated,  Miss Naomi Stampley,  Mary Ross & Maria Curtis. Buckner came home.

April 3: Martha & Cate went to Natchez. Virginia & Dr. Green called today; just got down from Tennessee.

Apr. 4:  Martha came back from Natchez;  Anne Stuart & Julia came back with her. Robert Sillers and Belle came down Thursday; left Friday morning. George Darden came Friday Apr. 7, left his family at Mr. Montgomery’s.   Mr. Darden & George went to Jackson’s after dinner.

April 8:  The girls & Buckner went to Mr. Montgomery’s to stay all night to go to church at Ebenezer.

April 10:  Mr. Darden gone to Fayette to make his report as overseer of the road.

April 13: Ma, Cate, Jackson, Dr Green, Virginia & her 3 children, Ambrose, Mary & William spent the day.   Alex Compton & Cicero Stampley were here same day.

April 15: Buckner, Martha & Olivia went to Natchez , Olivia went back to school,  and Buckner & Martha went to take a boat to go to Mary Jane Scott’s.

April 16 Buckner & Martha left this morning on the Frank Lyon.

Apr. 17: Dr Green & Virginia started to Natchez to take a boat to go home.

Apr. 19; Ma went by on her way to Anne Briscoe.  Jack & Cate. came to dinner; we went to Fayette in the evening to Dan Rice circus, but the wagons got in the creek. They did not get to Fayette till 5 oc. in the evening.   I came home, left the children at Mr. Stewart’s to see the circus. Kate brought them home with her.

Apr, 23: Mary Bondurant came to her Ma yesterday, brought Clara home with her.

Apr. 30: Mr. Darden & Laura gone to church; dined at Mr. Montgomery’s.

May 1:   Mary Bondurant partly promised to come but did not.

May 2:  Mr. Darden gone to Natchez, waited for Buckner till, half after 8 oc.;  had been gone about ten minutes when he came.

May 3:   Sarah Darden, Mary Jane Darden  & Mr. Warford, (Octavia Torrey that was) spent the day here. There was a severe hail storm 27th Apri1 in the Chambliss neighborhood, beat everything to shatters.  Mr. Darden & Jackson went to Fayette this evening;  it is reported there was a case of yellow fever in Port Gibson. There has been a death in Rodney.

May 4: Received a letter from Martha, they arrived at Mary Scott’s  Monday 17th April. Mary is not very well; taking medicine for liver complaint. Mary’s children have the whooping cough.

May 5:  Mr. Darden got letter from Buckner, he says they have cotton & corn crop. The fish fry was not well attended at Samuel’s on account of the rain.

May 7: Mr. Darden gone to church at Ebenezer; small congregation.

May 13: Mr. Darden gone to church at Ebenezer, took Irene with him. Laura had the mumps so that I could not go.  Cousin John Darden came over late this evening to see if Mr. Darden would go with him to Georgia. Mr. Darden cannot go.

May 14: Mr. Darden gone to Ebenezer; there is Communion there. Jefferson Chamberlain joined the Episcopal church yesterday.   He is very low with consumption; he’s at Dr. Duncan’s his father in law in Fayette.

May 15: Mr. Darden, myself & children spent the day at Coz. John Darden’s. He expects to start to Georgia Wed.

May 17: Blount Stuart came down this morning to see me about some land in Carroll County sold to T. A. Compton.

May l 8: Mr. Darden & myself went to Fayette to sign the Deed to the land in Carroll County. I called to see Mary Miles.

May 19:  Mr. Darden, myself & children spent the day with Jack & Cate.

May 21: Mr. Darden & Laura went to church in Fayette; there was several joined; Dr. Dorsey & Martha West joined.

May 22:  The meeting still continues in Fayette. Mr. Hammett joined.   Mr. Miles came down on the Shotwell in company with Martha & Buckner as far as Mr. Bondurant’s.

May 23:  Mr. Montgomery & Samuel his son called on their way to Natchez.

May 24* Mr. Montgomery called as he came from Natchez, he says there was very heavy downpour nine mile bridge to Natchez.

May 26:  We sent to Robert Sillers to get watermelon seed Saturday.

May 28:  Mr. Darden went to church in Fayette. Edwin McCay funeral was preached by Mr. Booth.

June 3: I received a letter from Martha; she is staying with Mary Bondurant; did not know when I could send for her, wanted to stay a few days with Anne Briscoe.

June 4: We went to church at Ebenezer; had our baby baptized Jesse Blount. Sister Maria had received a letter saying Anne Briscoe had a son; They call him Jeff’ after his Pa. Mary Jane Scott was at Anne’s.   She did not bring any of her children but little Tommy.   Newton Young was very sick at Mr. Montgomery’s.

Sam Montgomery’s babe was buried 29th May. They received a letter same day stating death of J. H. Montgomery’s daughter Martha living in Madison; died child-bed, did not leave any children.

June 7: I started to Anne’s by six oc; did not find her at home; went on to see Robert & Belle. Belle was sick. Anne & Mrs. Yoe was there. We went back to Blount’s in the eve.  Mr. Darden got a letter from Olivia, she has had chill & fever.

 June 11:  Mr. Darden, Laura & Irene gone to church at Ebenezer; dined at Mr. Montgomery’s.  The meeting has closed in Fayette.  Mrs. Harper & Belle Sillers joined.

June 14: It was thought that Jeff Chamberlain was dying.

June 15:  Phil Dixon told them that Jeff Chamberlain died this morning at 2:00 at Mr. Duncan’s. Been confined more than a month with consumption. He has left a wife & three children.  Mrs. Shackelford (Philadelphia Ferguson) received news of the death of her son Edmund this week from Texas.  Her trouble is great losing a child & brother so near.

June 17: Mr. Darden went to hear Dr. Caper’s preach in Fayette. The Methodist have had 45 additions since the meeting commenced.

June l 8:  We went to church in Fayette today. Dr Capers preached; large congregation. Robert Sillers joined the church today, They formed a bible Society.  Made Rev. Mr. Forsythe, Dr Caper’s, Mrs. Ann T. Harper, Miss Martha West & Minor Dixon life members.

June 20: Mr. Darden went to his brother Samuel’s; he is having his house covered.  Cousin John Darden got back from Georgia today. He was gone five weeks.

June 21: Mr. Darden went to Fayette; got a letter from Martha. She wrote for her Pa to meet her in Rodney on Friday 23rd. Newton Young & Franklin Montgomery started north Tuesday. Frank is going to school.

June 24: They celebrated today in Fayette by the Mason’s & Odd Fellows.

June 25: There is no preaching near today. Anne Stuart came home with Martha this eve.

June 26:  Ma came from Jeff Briscoe’s today.

June 30: Cate & Jack spent the day Saturday. Ma went home this morning.  Anna went to Natchez to go to the Bay Biloxi.

July 2: Martha & Laura went to church at Ebenezer.

July 3: Mr. Montgomery & Buckner got heavy rain.

July 4: Martha, Laura, Cate & Jack went to the celebration to Mt Carmel. They had a speech from Rev. Mr. Clinton.  Put Darden went with Martha.

July 7: Buckner is 21 today. Martha & Laura went to spend the night with Coz. Margaret Darden.

July 8: Ma started to see sister Betsy this morning.

July 9: Mr. Darden, Martha, Laura & Irene went to church in Fayette. Mr. McDonald preached in the Campbellite Church.

July 11:  Cate came to go to Ned Millers; Martha was not ready. They went after dinner & spent the evening.

July 12:  The baby is broken out with sores; I am rubbing citrine ointment on them.  Martha went to Fayette this eve, for Miss Euphemia Fox. The remains of Edmund Shackelford was brought to Fayette today & buried in the graveyard at the church.

July 14: Had hard rain from Coz. John Darden’s to Fayette. Martha came back this eve. She heard Mrs. Ned Miller was very sick.

July 16:  Mr. Darden & Martha went to church at Ebenezer today; dined at Mr. Montgomery’s .

July 17: Jackson went to Rodney after his carriage.

July 18: Brother Buckner called on his way to Natchez; he has too much rain.  Mr. Fletcher, Superintendent of the road was here today to set apart our part of the road. Mr. Darden gave in 14 hands and works from Harden gate to Jim Miller’s gate at the Baldridge road.  Jack came with his carriage; it is pretty.

July 19: Buckner came home half after 10 oc.; he has something like the flux. He was taken Tuesday morning after he left his Aunt Mary’s; he landed at Rodney, hired a buggy and paid a boy  $1.50 to drive him home.

July 20: Martha went with Cate & Fanny in the carriage to the examination in Fayette at the academy  Miss Cate Scott, Ella McGinty & Myra Terry graduated. Cate Scott spoke the valedictory. They answered very well. Cate & Fanny came back to supper with Martha. 

  There was an awful murder committed at Killingsworth' s last night. He was murdered by his negroes & the house burned down.  He had 4 children but the house was discovered & the children were taken out.

 July 2l:  Mr. Wiggington & Will Collier (son of James J. & Mary Jane Collier) came out & stayed an hour.

July 22: Mr. Darden, Martha & Laura gone to church at Ebenezer; Martha stayed with Sister Maria all night.

July 23: I went to Ebenezer Communion meeting; dined at Mr. Montgomery’s.

July 25: Anne & Blount, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Armstrong, Martha West, Mr. Pintard, Mr. Will Collier, Mary Bondurant & sister spent the day here. Mary stayed until Thursday evening. Samuel Montgomery was here also.  They have taken the negroes that killed Mr. Killingsworth; there was four concerned. They are in jail.

July 26: Mr. Darden went to Fayette this eve; they were trying those negroes; they were all committed to jail.

July 27: Got a letter from Matilda Sillers; they were all well & corn doing well. Blount came down this eve. to go to Natchez after Julia.

July 28: Mr. Darden, Martha & Blount started this morning half after 3 oc. to Natchez for Olivia & Julia.

July 29: Mr. Darden, Blount & the girls got back from Natchez at 11 oc. this morn; eat breakfast at Selsertown

July 30:  Mr. Darden & Buckner went to church at Ebenezer. Buckner went by with Samuel Montgomery.

July 31: Tully came down this morning after Julia’s shoes.

Aug 2: Buckner, Martha & Fanny Mayberry went to Rodney this morn; started 15 minutes of 5 00. got to Rodney at 10 oc. They will take a boat to Vicksburg tomorrow, go out to Coopers Wells in the eve. on the cars.

Aug 3: I went to see Anne Stuart today with all my family. Mary Bondurant, Belle & Robert Sillers, Mr. Dixon and William Collier spent the day there.

Aug.. 4:  I came home this eve.  Blount paid me $80 on my part of Carroll County land.

Aug 6:  Mr. Darden went to Springhill to church.  Jackson came by to dinner.

Aug. 7:  Olivia went to Cate's to get her to learn to make fig preserves.  Mr. Darden went to Fayette.  He heard Phil Briscoe died very suddenly Sunday eve.

Aug 8: Victoria Stampley ran off with Jenkins a carpenter; they were married at St. Joseph, La. Her friends were very much opposed  to it. She will not be 15 yrs old till Oct.

Aug 10: Got a letter from Buckner saying they will be in Rodney at day light on 16th Aug.  Washington went to Sister Betsy’s after Ma today.

Aug 11: Jackson & Mr. Darden went to the Camp ground this morn, they are finishing off the tents.

Aug. 13: Mr. Darden, Olivia & Laura gone to church at Ebenezer today.

Aug 15: Naomi & Vol. Stampley spent the day here. Sent the carriage to Rodney after Martha & Buckner.

Aug 16: Buckner & Martha got home half after 10 oc. this morn.   Mr. Darden went to Campground to make a shed to eat under.

Aug. 17: Cate & Jack moved to the Campground.

Aug. l8: Buckner & the girls went to Campmeeting today, dined in Cate’s tent.

Aug 19: We a1l went to Campmeeting; we had Coz. Fed & Sallie Chambliss, Eugenia

Calhoun, Routh Chambliss, two Mr. Adam’s, two Mr. Donohue’s, Coz. Myra Chamberlain ( Myra Wilson, wife of Louis Bonaparte Chamberlain)

Aug. 20: We all went to Campmeeting. We had dinner &  large company to dine with us on the ground.  We had Anne Stuart, two children; Sarah Darden, three children; Coz. Peggy McMahan, George Darden & Martha with four children, Mrs. Emily Briscoe & little daughter, Samuel Montgomery & Ma.

Aug 21: Went to Campmeeting. We had good many to dine with us; George & Martha Darden, Robert & Belle Sillers & Ma came home with us tonight

Aug 22:  Went to Campmeeting. Good many to dine with us. Angela Adams & brother, Miss Donohue & brother spent the night, Mr. Wiggington & Mr. Shields took supper.

Aug 23: Went to Campmeeting; had dinner on the ground. Sister  Maria carried dinner every day but Monday and we put it on the same table under a shed made by Mr. Montgomery & Mr. Darden. Anne Stuart carried dinner 3 days. Angela  Adams, Miss 0. Donohue & brother, Robert & Belle Sillers, Jim Wilcox, Milton Kinnison & Ma stayed all night.

Aug’ 24: The company all left this morning for home, The Campmeeting broke up this morning.

Aug 26: Ma & Martha Darden called this morning going to Mr. Montgomery’s. Put Darden came to invite the girls to a party at Mr. Bradford’s next Wed. eve.   Buckner went to Wildwood Springs, there was a large company there.

Aug 27:  Mr. Darden & Buckner went to church at Ebenezer today; dined at Mr. Montgomery’s. George & Martha Darden went to Mr. Stewart this eve. to go home in the morning.

Aug 28: Martha got a letter from Newton Young

Aug 29: Put Darden was here this evening.

Aug 30: Martha & Buckner went to the party at Mr. Bradford’s, danced all night.

Aug. 31: Buckner, Martha & Olivia went as far as Blount’s on their way to visit George Darden.

Sept. 1* Julia & Tully Stuart came this morning. Julia will stay till her Ma comes back from Mary Harrison (Mrs. David Harrison)

Sept 2: There is to be a lecture delivered at the old school house near Dr. White’s tonight. The subject is electricity.

Sept 3: Mr. Darden went to church. Ma called at the gate going home from Mr. Montgomery’s.

Sept 4:  Mr. Darden went as far as brother Buckner’s this eve, on his way to. Brown Wells.  Harrison (“Tip”) Montgomery called awhile this morning. Cicero Stampley came to bring the girls tickets to a Ball to be given, at Wild Woods Springs.

Sept 6: Andy went to Natchez with the first load of cotton. Anne Briscoe, Jeff Briscoe & Virginia Torrey Came today after 2 oc., rested until 6 oc. then went to Jackson’s . Anne has a sweet little baby; he has long black hair.

Sept 7: Buckner, Martha & Olivia got home this morning at 11 oc. They have been gone a week today; they visited George Darden, Mr. Calhoun, Dr. Richardson, Uncle Chambliss, Coz. John Chambliss and stayed all night at Robert Sillers.  Cate Darden went by on her way to Campmeeting near her Aunts in Claiborne County; it is near Rocky Springs.

Sept. 8: We all went down to Jack’s to spend the day with Anne & Jeff Briscoe.

Anne Stuart sent Tully & Jimmy after Julia. Anne Briscoe came home with me from Jack’s & stayed till Monday morning. We found Mr. Darden at home; he came from Brown Wells, 45 miles, a pretty good days ride.

Sept 9: Ma came up this morning & stayed till Monday and went with Anne to Mr. Montgomery’s. Bernice Stampley came late this evening to get Olivia to act as bridesmaid; the wedding will be 3rd Oct.

Sept 10: Martha, Olivia, Jimmy, Buckner, Jeff & Mr. Darden went to Ebenezer to church. They dined at Mr. Montgomery’s.

Sept 12: Mr. Darden & Olivia spent the day at Mr. Montgomery’s  with Anna & Samuel, Mary Jane Darden, & Ella White. Anne Stuart left this evening.

Sept 13: We heard Coz. John McNeal was dead; died 1st Sept. with consumption.

Sept.14: Ma came this morn. from Mr. Montgomery’s. Anne Briscoe left there this morning for old Mr. Briscoe’s.   She will stay there a week, then go back to the Swamp. Prosper Montgomery cane this evening & stayed all night.  We heard that old Mr. Phi1 Harrison was dead; been sick a long time.

Sept 15: The wagon went to Natchez this morning with 12 bales; it took down 12 Monday.

Sept 16: Mr. Darden & the girls and Buckner went to church at Ebenezer.  Rev. Mr. Smylie came late this evening; stayed all night.

Sept 17: We all went to church today Mr. Smylie preached in the morning, Mr. McCallum in the eve.  I went home with Sarah Darden.

Sept 18: Saw Judge Whitney & Miss Catty returning from Brown Wells.

Sept 23: Fed Chambliss is to speak in Fayette this evening on Education.

Sept 26: Sister Maria, Samuel & the children, Jackson & little Henry spent the day.

Sept 30: Ma & Buckner started to Rodney to take  Frank Lyon to go to Mary. Scott’s. They were disappointed about the boat, it did not pass Rodney until 4 00. yesterday.  Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Wat Burch were baptized today by Dr. White, as he calls it in the faith of Abraham. They have all been Campbellites & been baptized before.

0ct 1: Mr. Darden, Martha,  & Olivia went to church at Ebenezer.  Mr. Darden went by with Jeff & Sam Montgomery to dinner, Martha & Olivia went home with Aunt Anne Stuart, stayed all, night, came to Fayette in the morning.

Oct 2: Ma & Buckner left Rodney this morning on the Southern Belle. It is reported the yellow fever is in Vicksburg.  Cunningham Whitney has a daughter.

Oct 5: Martha, Olivia & myself with k Stuart, Belle Sillers, Anne a2dwin, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Briscoe, Mrs. Mabelle Chamberlain (nee Maybelle Duncan, m. (1) Thomas Jefferson Chamberlain m. (2) Dr. Walter Wade) (1809-1855), Mrs. Lee & Miss Armstrong spent the day with Mary Miles. She will move to Bolivar County as soon a frost.

Oct 6: Martha & Olivia went to call on the bride Bernice Rowland,

Oct 7:  Martha & Olivia went to visit Naomi Stampley.  Buckner called on his way to Washington to enter land.  Martha Jane Wade was buried today. She died with consumption.

Oct 9: Alex Compton & Cicero Stampley spent the eve.

Oct 10: Dr. Crafton died today with Typhoid fever; was buried at Harmony church graveyard.

Oct. 11 Martha & Olivia went to see their Uncle Robert today.

Oct 13: Martha Skinner & Mr. Skinner came this eve; both been sick with fever. They had been to Claiborne County to visit Susan Swayze.

Oct 14: Mr. Darden went to Fayette got some cough syrup for the babe from Dr. Fox.

Oct. 15: Cate & Jack called at the gate; had been to visit Buckner.

Oct 18:  Mr. Darden got a letter from Buckner, they got up safe. good deal sickness among negroes on Mary Scott’s place. Had turned off the overseer. Buckner was tending to the business.   Anne Stuart came this eve., with Julia, on her way to Natchez to leave Julia at school.   Rob. McGinty cane here after dark to summons Mr. Darden on the jury.

Oct 19: Anne, Julia, Martha & Olivia vent to Natchez this morn at daylight.

Oct 20: Alex Compton was here today, Mrs. Valentine wishes Martha & Olivia to go with Naomi Stampley to visit her daughters before they return to school to Miss Shedden..

Oat. 21: Mr. Darden went to Fayette to serve on the jury to try the Killingsworth negroes.

Oct 23: Old Jesse & Albert were sentenced to be hung in Nov. For killing their master Mr. Killingsworth. They were trying old Bill & Charles for burning the house down.

Oct 25: Henry Mayberry & Cate Matthews was married today at 2 oc. Cate stayed with them all night. Coz Allen Darden stayed all night with us; he went to Washington to enter land.

Oct 29: Mr. Darden, Martha & Olivia went to church at Ebenezer today; took dinner at Mr. Montgomery’s.

Nov. 2: Cate & Jack went to Natchez this morn; I sent 8 lbs butter & 13 lbs last week, got 40 cents a pound.

Nov. 3: Robert & Belle Sillers came down this morning.

Nov. 5:  Mr. Miles & family, & Mr. Lee & family went to Rodney today moving to Bolivar County.

Nov. 6: Martha & Olivia spent the day with Mrs. Torrey; they went with their Aunt Anne. Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Briscoe, Mr. Dixon & Mr. Duncan spent the day with them at Mrs. Torreys.

Nov. 7: The girls spent the day at their Aunt Anne’s with Sarah Darden’s  Mary Jane Darden,  Mr. & Mrs. McDonald, Willie, Anna, Robert & Belle Sillers.

Nov. 8: Mr.  Stowers & Coz. Sarah, Coz. John & Coz. Margaret Darden spent the day here.

Nov. 9: The cornerstone of the Masonic Hall & Presbyterian church is to be laid today. The brass band will give a concert at 3 oc.  Mr. Darden, Martha, Olivia Laura & Irene went to the concert.

Nov. 13: We got a letter from Buckner he had out 112 bales; about 65 ginned.

Nov.15:   Ned Miller & Eliza Branch came after 11 oc. Mr. Darden has got returns for 89 bales.

Nov. 19: Mr. Darden, Martha & Olivia went to Ebenezer to church.

Nov. 22: Jim is very sick.  Mr. Darden went to Fayette & brought Dr Fox out; he blistered him on his breast & gave a tea of Epicac & salts.

Nov. 2I Our negro man went to Fayette to see Jesse & Albert hung for murdering their master W. Killingsworth, Jesse confessed that he done it all, that no one helped to do it; exhorted his fellow servants to be faithful & do their duty.  Sent the wagons to Mr. Baldwin’s old house to get brick to fix cistern. Mr. Montgomery asks $7 a thousand.

Nov. 26: No preaching at Ebenezer.

Nov. 29: Mr. Darden, Martha & Olivia start to see Sister Betsy; but could not find the mules.  Stuffed sausages this eve. made up 29 pounds of meat.

Nov. 30: Mr. Darden & the girls started to Wilkinson this morn..

Dec. 1: Anne Stuart, Matilda Sillers & her children, & Belle Sillers came today. Matilda came to Frank Montgomery’s  Tuesday night. Joseph & Robert came in the eve.

Dec. 2: Mati1da,  Joseph, Robert & Belle left after breakfast to go to Frank Montgomery’s.

Dec. 4: Robert & Peter came after a cow & a calf & heifer for Joseph to take to Bolivar.

Dec 7: 1 cut up 61 lbs. sausage meat; stuffed sausage this eve. Mr. Darden got back from Wilkinson this eve. after 4 oc.; left Martha & Olivia at Martha Skinner’s.   Mr. Skinner & Martha will come home with them Monday.   They got lost going there, did not get to Mr. Skinner’s till after dark.  The girls stayed with Martha, and their Pa went on to Sister Betsy’s Saturday; stayed Monday night & went on to Mr. Skinner’s Tuesday. Martha gave a dining party on Wednesday, had a large company. Mr. Darden says they are the most sociable people he ever saw in that neighborhood.

Dec. 8:   Joseph Sillers & Walter Devane were to leave Rodney for Bolivar County.  Walter is going to attend to William Sillers business next year; gets $700.00.

Dec. 10: Mr. Darden & Laura went to Ebenezer to church; called at Mr. Montgomery’s to dinner.

Dec. 12: Martha, Olivia, Mr. Skinner & Martha, James Ashford & Frank Swayze got home after 4 oc.

Dec. 13: We all spent the day with Sister Maria. Martha & Mr. Skinner & the young men came back with us. Cate & Jack came & stayed all night.  Martha & Olivia went to Anne Stuart’s this morn.   Mr. Darden went to Read’s saw mill to get lumber for the room he is going to build to the house.   Spafford Miles came home with him; they went on to Fayette; they are trading horses.

Dec. 16: Mr. Darden went to Fayette, made a trade with Mr. Miles. Went on to Wild Wood Springs got back before 7 oc, rode from there in an hour & half.

Dee, 17: Mr. Darden & myself went to Ebenezer to church.   Mr. Bondurant & Mary came over yesterday.  Brother Buckner had a girl, Violet, burnt so badly that she died in two days. He has lost 3 little negroes with whooping cough.  Coz John Darden’s old Clarissa was burned so that she died on Friday night.  All the tents at Spring Hill were burnt but three.  Martha & Olivia went to church in Fayette with their Aunt Anne Stuart; came home to dinner. Blount got back from Bolivar today.

Dec. 18:  Mr. Darden went to see James Miller about the Marble land; he asks $5.00 & acre for it; that is too much.

Dec. 19: Mr. Darden went to Jim Miller’s sale. Mr. Darden agreed to take the Marble land for $1500.00. Robert Campbell bought land in the swamp for $30 an acre, sold his place here for 3300.00 cash to Mr. William Stewart. Jeff Montgomery went over in Louisiana to enter land.  Mrs. Pearcefield (Isabella Montgomery Pearcefield) passed moving back to her father’s this eve.

Dec. 21:  Buckner came at 2 oc. He came for the negroes that his Pa has hired of his grandma.

Dec. 22: Mr. Darden & Buckner went to see Jack; he was not at home.   Mr. Darden brought home apples, oranges, almonds, pecans, strawberries, raisins, cheese, pickles, flour, cement, lime, ball of Lowell & the hat rack.

Dec 23: Buckner started to Natchez in the buggy to take a boat to go home to his Aunt Mary Scott’s.  Mr. Skinner sent his daguertype with his wife to Martha. Sent Olivia a breast pin. Mr. Darden gave Martha Skinner a watch.

Dec. 24: Mr. Darden rode over to Spring Hill this morn. The tents are all burned but Mr. Johnson’s & Booth’s. It is thought the tinners left fire so that it caught.

Dec 25: Cicero Stampley gave his negroes a party; ours were invited, they stayed till 9 oc.

Dec 26: We all went to Blount’s to dinner.  Matilda, Belle & Robert were there. Mr. Ashford, Mr. Fowler & Prosper Montgomery came to our house this evening; went back to Mr. Montgomery’s, stayed all night.

Dec 29: Cate, Jack, Martha & Olivia went to spend the day with Mary Bondurant at Aunt Maria’s.   Mr. Ashford, Lizzy & Catty Whitney were there.

Dec, 31:  Mr. Darden, Martha, Olivia, Laura & Irene went to church in Fayette.   Mr. Forsythe is to preach on dancing.

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