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Susan Sillers Darden Diary


Jan 1: Martha, Olivia & Laura went to brother Buckner’s to the party. Mr. Darden went to see Jack. He is to hire Noah and Washington, gives $100.00 a piece for them.

Jan 2: Mr. Darden went to Mr. Jenkin’s, bought 2 mules; gave $150 & $160 for them.

Jan. 3: There  was a horse trader called; he said that Justice King, a son of Justice King that formerly lived in this neighborhood was in company with him.

Jan. 4: Mr. Darden subscribed $100 for the Preacher this year.

Jan 5: Mr. Darden saw Coz John Darden, he said Put & Joe had got home. They got in the quicksand coming from Rodney, broke the carriage,  had to get a carriage from George Hunt to come home. Coz John says he will have to sell the Sam Lee place as Ned Miller will not pay him.  Martha sent a letter to the office for Aunt Mary Scott.

Jan 8: The Miss Girault’s were married Tuesday evening. Cordelia was married to Mr. James Davenport;  Betty was married to Mr. Shaifer.  Got a letter from Buckner, They made 19 & half bales. Blount came this evening at 4 oc. on his way to Natchez. He has been in the swamp this week, bargained for a tract of land of 1800 acres for himself & Leonly Briscoe;  is to give $15 an acre cash or its equal. There is great rise in land. Jeff Briscoe bought George Hunt’s place of 500 acres. Gave $80 an acre for it.

Jan 11:  Mr. Calvin preached in Fayette today.  Martha & Olivia came home this evening, brought Lenah to stay her Ma comes back from New Orleans.

Jan. 13: Mr. Darden went to Fayette, saw Mr. Montgomery & Sister Maria. Pros & Ruth came down yesterday; went to see Mary Jane Darden today.  Mr. Darden saw the new preacher, Mr. Calvin; he is at Mr. Torrey’s.

Jan 13: Olivia, Laura, Clara & Virginia came at 10 oc.  from Mr. Montgomery’s. They left Pros & Ruth there; they will go home this evening

Jan 15: Martha met Anne & Blount in Fayette. They went to Mrs. Collier’s. Mr. Montgomery, Sister Maria & Ellen went to Mr. Broughton’s.   Brother Buckner was at Rodney.  Mr. Darden got back from Natchez, paid up his accounts. Sold his cotton that was in Natchez; he got 10 cts for some, 11 cts for some & 13 cts for 4 bales that is good cotton.  Saw Mary Bondurant & Mrs. Anderson in Natchez.

Jan 15: We started to the wedding after 4 oc. There was a good many there. Alexander Compton & Miss Mary  Jane Jones were married by Mr. Stewart, Clerk of the Court in Meadville. The attendants; Samuel S. Montgomery &  Miss Sarah Valentine, Robert F. McGinty, Miss Virginia Hubbard,  Mr. Scott  McCallum,& Miss Ella McGinty.  They all looked very well; had a nice supper.  Judge Whitney got a dispatch from Holly Springs that his daughter, Mary had been given out by the Dr.’s. Catty & Pros Whitney went to see her.

Jan, 17: Miss Martha Chambliss & Mr. Corbin were married Thursday 15th. They did not have a wedding.

Jan. 18: Rev. Mr. Calvin was to preach at Ebenezer today, but it was so cold & cloudy we did not go.

Jan. 19: Olivia want to see Mary Jane Darden this morning. She had not been gone long when Leonly Briscoe sent a note wishing her to spend the day with her tomorrow, Miss Bradford of Tennessee was to dine with her.  Mr. Mathews died in Fayette this morning with smallpox.  Wash Burch is moving to Jack Burch’s place.

Jan. 20: Irene fell in the fire yesterday, burnt the back of her right hand as large as a dollar, It is very sore this evening.

Jan. 21: Brother Buckner’s & Mr. Montgomery’s horses went to Rodney for them today.

Jan. 22: Olivia came home from her Uncle Buckner’s; Annette  came  with her. They met Brother Buckner on his way from New Orleans.

Jan. 23: Sam S. Montgomery came to the gate; sent in tickets to Martha, Olivia & Buckner to a party at Mr. Valentine’s  next Friday, Sam was on his way home from New Orleans.  Mr. Darden saw Jack Burch; he says Zenobia left Fayette yesterday, she was afraid to stay on account of the disease they have there.

Jan 25: Mr. Montgomery sent a dispatch down this morning, Tip took it out of the office yesterday. It is from Martha to send the horses to Rodney.

They got a dispatch that Mary Whitney was dead, It will be such a trial to her parents.  She is the youngest, and to die so far away from home & none of her friends with her.  Mr. Calvin is to preach in Fayette.  We did not go on account of the small pox being there.

Jan. 26: Vol Stampley came at 2 oc., stayed till 5.  Martha got home half after 4 oc. They got to Rodney at 9 oc. last night; they came on the Eclipse; stayed at Sharps Tavern in Rodney. Charley, Duncan & Blount came in our carriage.  And Martha came with Anne to Fayette in her carriage.  They met Judge Mrs. Whitney & Frank Whitney nearly to Rodney with the hearse going to meet the corpse of Mary at Rodney. What a sad meeting it will be, just 5 months since she left home to go to school at Holly Springs. It was scarlet fever she died with.  Blount & Anne are so uneasy about Julia. Mr. Hammet is very anxious about his daughter. I heard that there was 20 girls left the school last week that lived at Milligen Bend.  It must be a great trial to have a child die off at school.  Dr. Duncan has given up that is small pox in Fayette.  Mrs. Torrey came out from Rodney; she has been on a visit to Lake Providence to an Aunt. Miss Jane Scott came home with her.

Jan. 27: Mr. Darden went to Mr. Montgomery’s with Annette. Sister Maria was in bed broken out with something like mad—itch.  Bob McGinty came to summons Mr. Darden as a Commissioner to sett apart the widow’s dower at Henry Middleton’s. Madison Darden came for Annette while we were at dinner.  Robert Sillers came at half after 1 oclock.  Robert met the hearse coming home with Mary Whitney’s corpse. She will be buried at 3 oclock.  Mr. Darden went to Fayette; he saw a good many come from the burial.  Martha got a letter from Aunt Mary Scott; she had been to Agnes Scott’s wedding.  She married Dick Donoho.  Matilda Sillers is in Natchez. Joseph went on to New Orleans.

Jan 29: Putnam Darden came this evening to offer his services to go with the girls to Mr. Valentine’s party.  He says that Villines negro man died with small pox. That Nelson Fleming, Frank the Mail Rider, Tom Harper’s brother’s & his men at the printing office all have small pox.. He heard that it was at Mr. Hammet’s and William Harper’s.

Jan, 31:  Martha & Olivia went to their Aunt Anne’s.   Henry Darden came after some squirrel shot.  Mr. Darden went with Mr. W. Stewart, he told him that Mr. McCallum thought Mr. Walker had smallpox.  Blount did not go for Julia. Ha11 went for her & Amanda Hammett.  Anne says she never saw a family so distressed as Mr. Whitney’s were.

Feb. 1: There is no church nearer than Greenwood.

Feb. 4: Mr. Darden got back from Natchez at sundown. He met with Mr. Sibley,  Mary Hornsby, Frank Hornsby, Dr. Sam Hornsby & Martha & Mr. Skinner in Natchez. They were all well.  The small pox is at Mr. Stowers. He has 2 servants with it. There is 26 cases in Fayette.  Blount has got the Swampland.

Feb. 8: Coz John Darden came this evening, stayed till 5 oclock. John Collier called at the gate. John said Charley West little Lotty was buried in Fayette yesterday.  She fell down stairs & broke her skull. It was a sad accident.  Mr.  Montgomery sent a note that his teacher had come.

Feb. 10: We spent the day at Mr. Montgomery’s. Coz John Chambliss and Mr. Calhoun stayed there last night.   Naomi Chambliss met them there to give a Bond of $3000 that she would sign the title to the property she sold John Chambliss when she is 21 years old.  Phil Dougherty,& Cicero Stampley went on the Bond with her. They signed it before Judge Duncan. Mr. Chambliss  gives Naomi $16,000,  one half down, the balance next January.  Mr. Brassier lost another child yesterday. It is scarlet fever, They took it from Bill Piercefield.   Mrs. Isabella Piercefield has it.  She went there to wait on them; was taken with it; has been very sick.  Tully went to Rodney for Julia yesterday.

Feb. 13: Miss Theresa Montgomery married Mr. Mock last night. Mr. Montgomery’s family was invited, none went but Tip.  Martha got a letter from Dr. Young, He was very well pleased. Olivia got a letter from Hiram Chambliss.

Feb. 14: Jo Davenport came over with the Methodist preacher, Rev. Mr. Thompson. He wants to buy corn. Mr. Darden let him have a load at 5 bits a barrel.  Cate heard Mr. Hall that went to Holly Springs for Julia Stuart & Manda Hammet, took the smallpox in Memphis; had to stay there. The girls got home Tuesday.

Feb. 13: Olivia went to see Mrs. Stampley. She says Vicy’s baby’s name is Delia. It is not healthy.   Minerva Stampley Truly & Miss Stokes went while Olivia was there.  Mr. Scriber died in Fayette yesterday. Mr. Guilminot lost 2 negroes today with smallpox, There is 20 cases at Villines’.  Jim Dixon called with our papers. He heard in Fayette that John Stampley was down with it at Mrs. Liddell’s.

Feb. 18: Coz Sam Montgomery spent the day, paid Mr. Darden the money he borrowed last year.  Brother Buckner called on his way to Natchez.   He says they sent for a Dr. to see Mrs. Piercefield.

Feb. 19: Annie Stuart came at 9 oc, She says Mr. Hall took smallpox at Memphis & stayed there. Julia, Amanda Hammet & Lavenia West came from Memphis to Lake Providence with Mr. Houstadter, from there they were under the care of the Captain. They got to Rodney at daylight; had to come off the boat by themselves. Julia lost her trunk with all her summer clothes. Julia says  Mary Whitney was very sick from the time she was taken; there was no one to wait on her but Julia & Manda Hammet. She was so very large that they couldn’t’ lift her about. Mr. Allen did not see her until the day before she died. Julia says she wanted to get up. They took her up; she fainted before they could get assistance to put her back in bed. She took a congestive chill; had three & sunk from that. Her great wish was to be at home to die with her mother or to live till her friends could get there to see her. Julia says she cannot realize that Mary is dead. She says there was no one to sit up with her but Julia & Manda until the night before he died. She says Mr. Allen wanted the girls to go in the parlor & practice on the piano when she was a corpse, but his daughter said No!, Father, it will not be right. One of the teachers said it could leave a melancholy that the girls would never get over.  Mr. Stuart, one of the teachers came to Memphis & had the corpse put in the cemetery, Julia said she & Manda put up her clothes. She cut out a lock of her hair, wrote her name on it; put her rings in a box, put them in her trunk. They were all ready when Pros & Catty got there, Pros got there 9 oc. at night, told Mr. Allen who he was. Mr. Allen told him he was too late, Alas! it was too late. Pros cried aloud. Julia & Manda went in to see him. They said he was very much distressed, could not tell them Catty wanted to see them for an hour. Julia had scarlet fever, was well, but Mr. Allen did not think it prudent to let her go out at night. They went early next morning, Julia says Catty screamed when she met her. Julia says Mary was laid out in a white merino dress made open before the sleeves fasten round the wrist; rouche round her neck; looked very natural. Anna says Blount went to Providence last week, met Mr. Allen on the boat. He told him Judge Whitney was very much hurt about the way he was treated. His excuse for not telegraphing was they deceived in Mary’s case, And whoever said Mary was neglected told an untruth. Blount told him he was bound to believe it for Julia said so. He said his wife & Mrs. Johnson had worn themselves out waiting on her. He wrote a letter to Judge Whitney, sent it by Blount.

Leonly Briscoe went to Adaline Gibson’s with Blount;  Claudy Gibson came with them to spend the summer.  Joseph Sillers bought a woman & 2 large children when he was in New Orleans.

Feb. 20: Oscar McGinty called to summon Mr. Darden as a commissioner to set apart the widow’s dower at Henry Middleton’s next Thursday.  Mr. Darden, Olivia & Brother Buckner got back from Natchez at 8 oc. Olivia had 4 teeth pulled & 4 plugged, She went to see her Aunt Matilda Sillers. She is with her sister, Mrs. Baldwin. She has all the children with her. They saw Williams Sillers of Port Gibson. He said him & Caroline were going to New Orleans the last of the month. If Olivia would go he would send down for her.

Feb. 21: Mr. Darden bought 2 boys; their ages are 13 & 14 years. He gave $1150 & $1160. Brother Buckner bought 2 women the yellow girl he gave $1350. She can wash & iron. The black girl he gave $1150.

Fob. 23: Villines has lost another negro. Mr. Tubb’s has a child very sick with small pox. That makes 6 death’s that has been in Fayette with small pox.  Mrs. William Harper is very low. She has been sick for 3 weeks. Mr. Darden got a letter from Mr. Calvin. He has declined coming to preach in Fayette & Ebenezer He says he cannot stay longer than a year, and it would not be right to come unless the Presbytery were willing; I suppose they are not.

Feb. 25: Martha & Olivia went to their Aunt Anne’s; they sent word that Blount had gone to the Swamp, They said Mrs. Harper was no better. They had sent for Dr. Abbey of Port Gibson.

Feb. 27: Sister Maria & Ellen went to visit Pros & Ruth. Mr. Montgomery got his new carriage home Monday; it cost $375 in New Orleans.

Feb. 28:  Coz John Darden, Jack, Stephen Stampley & Mr. McGee came hers to sign the commission to sett apart the Widow’s Dower at Henry Middleton’s, Joe Darden came with her Pa.  Miss Stokes came to see if we would not send Irene to school.  She is teaching at Henry Stampley’s.  Joe says there is 3 new cases of small pox at Mr. Stowers.

Mch. 1: Samuel & Anna Darden called late this evening. They were going to Jack’s to stay all night on their way to Natchez. They heard Mrs. Piercefield’s little girl was very low — scarlet fever.

Mch. 2: Sister Maria got back from Pro’s Saturday evening. The girls came at sundown. Julia came with them. They went to Mrs. Briscoe’s with Claudy Gibson yesterday.  Mr. Harper wrote to Mr. Briscoe that Mrs. Harper was sinking.  Mr. Tubb’s youngest child died with small pox. Dr Allen of Red Lick is very low with it.  Irene went to school to Mr. Stampley’s.  Clara went with her.

Mch. 3: Martha got a letter from Buckner; his Grandma has gone back to Mary Scott’s.

Mch. 5: Mr. Darden took the little double—barrel shotgun to Natchez to make Jimmy Sillers a present of it. But Joseph & Matilda started home to Bolivar Monday.  Buckner wrote that Daniel Cameron was married to Miss Bridges. They both live in Bolivar.

March 6: Mr. Darden went to Coz John Darden’s; he took a letter he wrote to Buckner for him to put in the office. Coz John has been quite sick this week.  Anne Stuart came after 12; she brought our papers; a letter to Martha from Mary Scott. They were all well. Amelia was still at Holly Springs. She says the measles are at the Bend.  Mrs. Harper was better this morning; her babe was born Wednesday. It died the next day. They thought she was dying that night; think she will get well. Her babe was a boy.

Mch. 7: Tully & Jimmie Stuart came at 1 oc. They said Claudy Gibson came to their house this morning.

Mch. 8: Mr. Darden, Martha & Olivia went to church at Ebenezer.  Mr. McCallam preached. He will preach at Ebenezer & Brick church all the year. The girls went by to dinner with Sister Maria. They had a letter from Frank, he had been quite sick.

Mch. 10: Mr. Darden took Irene to school; went to Jack’s. Mr. William Stewart took Luly to Cate’s to go to school with Henry to Miss Stokes.

Mch 17: Martha sent for Joe & Put Darden to come over this morning. Joe sent word she would come this evening.  Put & Joe came at 4 oc.. Joe stayed all night.

Rev Mr. Finney & Rev. Mr. Hall came at 6 oc. on their way to Presbytery at Ben Sa1em.

Mch. 18:  Martha went back to Mr. Briscoe’s at 9 oc, with C1audy. They expect to go to the Swamp to visit Isaac Harrison’s family tomorrow.  Irene says Zenobia Burch went to Mr. Stampley’s this evening; stayed all night.

Mch. 20: Vol. Stampley came, stayed an hour, Olivia went to Cate’s. Cicero Stampley came, stayed awhile.  Olivia, Laura, Irene, Jesse & myself went to Anne Stuart’s. We went by Sister Maria’s.  Blount & Jimmy had been to Port Gibson.

Mch 21: We all spent the day at Bell Sillers.

Mch 22: Blount got a paper from Holly Springs. There was another of the girls died on 9th March with typhoid fever.

Mch. 23: Rev. Mr. Hall, Rev. Mr. Finney & Rev. Mr. Weeks came today after 1 oc. I had to get dinner for them.  Cate, Jack & Cicero Stampley came just as they were done dinner. The preacher’s stayed till after 4 oc; went on to Mr. Archer’s.

Mch. 24: Olivia went to Mrs. Briscoe’s this morning for Martha. Martha stayed with Anne Briscoe from Thursday till Saturday evening. William Scott & family are there on a visit.  Mrs. Briscoe is going to Virginia with Mr. Isaac Harrison & family in June. Minerva Collier came home with Mrs. Briscoe.

Mch. 27: Claudy Gibson & Minerva Collier came before 10 oc., stayed till 5 o clock.  Mrs. M. Truly sent for a $1.00 worth butter.

March 28: Mr. Darden went to church at Spring Hill; Dr Brown was the preacher.  Rev. Mr. Oglesby died last night at the Rev. Mr. Thompson’s at the Parsonage in Fayette of bilious colic.

Mch. 29: We all went to Spring Hill to church; Mr. Thompson preached. There was a good congregation there.

Mr. Montgomery sent a note to Mr. Darden. They wish to give Mr. McDonald a call to preach at Fayette & Ebenezer.

Mch. 30: Cate came up with Jesse this evening. He has been staying with her.

April 3: Mr. Darden went to Fayette the first time since last Jan. He bought a book from Dr. Fox. Coz. John Darden was here. He was at Lavenia West’s burying yesterday. She died with consumption. She came home from Holly Springs with it. Her mother lives in Texas; she came for her; she started back home, got to Rodney with her, She died suddenly.  Mr. Darden sent word to Cicero Stampley to work the road.

April 4; Mr. Darden having road worked.  He went to dinner at Mr. Montgomery’s. Mr. Cameron & Mr. Trimble met him there to decide about giving Mr. McDonald a call to preach at Fayette & Ebenezer.  Anne Darden & Mary Jane Darden dined at Mr. Montgomery’s.

April 6: The ground frozen; the garden all killed, corn & cotton killed. It is hard on farmers.  John Whitney moved his family to Illinois on Friday. He did not sell his place.  Mrs. Newcomb that lives near St Catherine’s bridge called to get directions to Judge Whitney’s.

April 8; Naomi Chambliss called at the gate this evening. Zenobia Burch’s daughters were with her. They had been to Cicero Stampley’s. Zenobia Burch, Mabella Stampley & Vic Jenkins all dined at Cicero’s today.

April. 9: The girls went to spend the day with Naomi Chambliss. She is very pleasantly situated. Nanny Campbell & Ella McGinty went to Omi’s after dinner.  Jim Dixon brought the papers. Olivia got a book from Hi Chambliss.

April 12: It began to snow in the night; snowing hard this morning. The trees are bent double in the yard from the weight of the snow.  I am in my 41st year, I never have seen snow the 12th April before.

April 13: Mr. Darden went to Fayette, took a letter to Julia Stuart & Angela Adams. Got a letter from Buckner; they were all well.

Mr. & Mrs. Hicks had taken their babe that was buried at home in November to the grave yard at Aunt Betsy Darden’s & buried it there. They sent word that were coming to see us soon.  There is a letter in Watch Tower from Dr. Allen, President of the Franklin College, Holly Springs, justifying his course relative to Mary Whitney’s death. It does not make the case any clearer than it was before.

April 14: Mr. Darden is plowing up his cotton; planting over.

April 16: Martha & Olivia went to visit the Miss Bu1len’s. They will go to Ben Bullen’s tonight.  Cate brought Luly Stewart in the buggy as far as the road that goes to Mr. Stampley’s. When she got here Luly came running & crying, wanting to go with her.

Apri1 17: Martha, Olivia & Cate got back after 6 oc. They had a pleasant visit to old Mr. Bullen’s & to Ben Bullen’s.

April 20: Bowman was here, going to see Coz John Darden.  He says Martha Stampley & Wash Manifold are to be married this week.

April 21: Brother Buckner, Sarah, Annette & their babe came at 6 oclock, stayed all night on their way to Natchez.

Apr. 22: Cicero Stampley & Naomi Chambliss came at 11 oc; they did not stay long when they heard the girls were not at home.

April 23: Martha & Olivia came from Anne Stuart’s half past 9. Mr. Montgomery & Sister Maria spent the day there.

Coz Allen Darden came after 2 oc., stayed till late in the evening; went to Coz John Darden’s, He says Cunningham Whitney’s horses ran away with the carriage. Joe Darden was in it with Cunningham; they jumped out;  the horses ran some distance, broke the wheel of the carriage.  Mrs. Thom Scott died Saturday very sudden with apoplexy.  She was Laura & Cate Scott’s mother.

April 24: Allen Darden called going to Jack’s. Martha & Olivia spent the day there.

April 25: Martha & Olivia went to Sister Maria’s to spend the day; went from there to stay all night with Mary Jane. Coz Allen Darden stayed hare last night; wont with the girls this naming. Cat., Jack & Henry went to Hr l4ontgomery today. Olivia had fever last night.

April 26: We went to church at Ebenezer. Martha & Olivia took dinner at Mr. Montgomery’s.  Blount & Anne were at church. Mary Harrison & Mabella Smith were at Anne’s Friday.

April 27: Laura went to school. Coz Allen started for home at 7 oc. Bill Thompson the saddler of Rodney, killed Mr. Mattingly on Saturday. Mattingly struck him with a chair and Thompson shot him with a pistol. Their wives are first cousins.

April 28:  Rev. Mr. McCallum came at dark, stayed all night.

April 29: Martha got a letter from Julia Stuart. She is very much pleased with the school. She heard that Amelia Scott was very ill with measles; that her Ma had gone to see her.

April 30: Martha sent a letter to her Aunt Mary Scott.

May, 2: The girls went to visit Mary Montgomery today. Sam S. Montgomery & Robert Weatherly were there.  Mr. Darden went to Fayette, heard that Jim Davenport died with the measles; be married Miss Cordelia Girault in January.  Mr. Montgomery & Sister Maria spent the day at Jack’s.  There is a quarterly meeting at Spring Hill today & tomorrow.

May 4: Put Darden came, stayed all evening. He came to offer his company with the girls to Oakland.

May 5: Mr. Roundtree & Hardie of Natchez eat dinner here. They had been to Brookhaven; a new town in the eastern part of county near the railroad. They had entered some land at bit an acre near the road.

May 6: Martha & Olivia went, to Oakland at ten minutes of 8 oc. They were to meet Blount & Anne Stuart at Leonly Briscoe’s.

May 8: Martha & Olivia came home at 5 oc. They dined at Mrs. Briscoe’s. They vent to Mr. Harrison’s Wednesday; stayed at the Steward’s Hall Wednesday night. There were ten juniors spoke, Will Trimble & Prosper Whitney were juniors. There was ten Seniors. Mr. Archer’s & Turpin’s sons were graduates.   Rev. Mr. Markham made a speech. Thursday after the graduates were done. Anne & Blount went back with Martha & Olivia to Mr. Harrison’s house. They attended a party at Dr. Jones, a mile from Mr. Harrison’s.

May 9:  Mr. Darden went to Jacks. Him & Cate went to Henry Mayberry’s. Laura & Irene went to Mrs. Stampley’s. She is better. Miss Stokes thinks she will be able to teach Monday.  Mr. Darden gave in his tax list; 62 servants under 60years & 9 servants that belong to Ma.

May 10: Mr. Darden went to church at Ebenezer. They decided to get Mr. McDonald to preach.

May 11; Mr. Darden went to Fayette, wrote to Buckner about some land in Tensas Pariah that is for sale.  They met in Fayette to make some arrangements about a house for Mr. McDonald. They concluded to try to get John Whitney’s house.

May 13: Mr. Darden took Buckner a letter to Jack. They sent for Dr. Campbell to see Mrs. Stampley; she is worse, Minerva (Stampley) Truly (Mrs. Daniel Bradford Truly) Mrs. Carpenter & Miss Stokes sister spent the day there.

May 14: Sister Maria & Mr. Montgomery got here half after 11 oc.; did not get out.  Old Mrs. Bondurant was buried Sunday evening. She was very old, 70 years of age.

May 15: Miss Wakele, Mary Jane & Madison called at the gate on their way to Natchez  Martha & Olivia went to see Joe Darden, Cunningham Whitney was there. Omi Chamb1iss sent Olivia an invitation to go to Brown Wells with her. Olivia is going.

May 16: Tip Montgomery started to see Jeff his brother in company with. S. D.? Montgomery on Thursday morning.

May 18: Mrs. Stampley is worse. They sent for Dr. Campbell in the night, Cate came to the gate; she had been to see Mrs. Stampley.  Martha has been getting ready all day to go with Cate & Fanny Mayberry to a fish fry in the Swamp.

May 19: 1 went to see Mrs. Stampley, she is very sick, They sent for Dr. Fox to see her.  He thinks she has dropsy.

May 20: Irene, Henry & Luly went to school but Mrs. Stampley is so sick that Miss Stokes sent the children home  Olivia got a letter from Hi Chambliss. Laura got a letter from Matilda Sillers. They are on their new place. Their house is in a cane break.

May 21: Mrs. Dangerfield & Zenobia Burch went to see Mrs. Stampley. I went to sit up with her.

May 22: Cate went to Fayette with Miss Stokes. Cate went to sit up with Mrs. Stampley.  Mr. Finn came at sundown going to attend the meeting at Ebenezer. Mr. Darden went to Fayette, he heard Mrs. Dick Truly had a baby ( Richard Harrison Truly, Jr., “Uncle Dick”)  Adaline Dangerfield went to sit up with Mrs. Stampley.

May 23:  We all went to Ebenezer to church. Mr. Finney preached two excellent sermons Mr. Finney vent on home, he had to preach at Greenwood tomorrow.

May 24: Had a large congregation.  Mr. McCallam preached his last sermon. Mr. McDonald will preach this day two weeks. Martha & Olivia went to Sister Maria’s to dinner.

May 25: Joe & Torn Darden came to get Martha to go to the picnic in Claiborne near Wes Whitney’s on Saturday.  I sent Irene to see Mrs. Stampley. She is a good deal better. Bernice Rowland got there this morning. Dr Rowland did not come. Job Bass that married India Stampley is dead. Killed himself drinking.

May 27: Mr. Darden went with Olivia to Fayette, She will stay at Coz Jack Burch’s tonight, start from there in the morning to Brown Wells.  Mr. Darden sent Mrs. John Whitney a dismission from Ebenezer church to join the church in Decatur, Illinois. Tip Montgomery got back. He did not get to hunt & fish it rained so much while he was at Jeff’s.

May 28: Martha went to Coz John’s to go with Joe in the morning to Wes Whitney’s to the picnic.

May 29: Mr. Darden saw Cicero Stampley. He traded his ponies & buggy to Bob McGinty; got a tine riding horse in the trade. He traded the horse today to Charley Duncan for a buggy & horse.  Mr. Montgomery sent a note to Mr. Darden. He said Mr. McDonald had just left the Institute at Clinton, had been burned down. Hi. children lost all their clothing.  He wants the congregation to decide positive about his remaining. But it is uncertain, they do not seem to be in the humor of getting a Parsonage.

June 1: Laura went to school.  Mr. Montgomery sent word that Mary Bondurant’s baby, Samuel was dead; died with something like cholera.

June 2: Martha got home at 5 oc. She came from Wes Whitney’s today. They had a fine picnic. They went to George Darden’s to dance., George had just got home from Mary Jane Scott’s.  He says Ma looks badly. Tommy had measles.  Tennessee Davenport called to get me to go with her to Mrs. Stampley’s.

June 3: Mr. Darden went for Olivia to Fayette; saw Sister Maria & Mr. Montgomery going to see Mary Bondurant. Her baby died with cholera; was sick only six hours.  Olivia spent the time pleasantly at Brown Wells.  There was some company there; danced some. Stayed five days at $1.50 a day.

June 5: Mr. Hicks & Liz spent the day. They came halt after 9 oc.; stayed till half after 4. They are going on a visit to Bolivar. Coz Jack Burch called today.  Mr. Darden went to Fayette, got a letter from Buckner; all well. His grandma & Mary were staying with him. His crop looked well.

June 6: Mr. Darden to Fayette to see Dr. Walker about Swamp land. His terms are too high; he asks $20,000 for 1200  acres.  Blount was in town; he said the Miles property could be bought for $1500 on 4 years credit, paying 6% interest.  Mr. McDonald lost about $1000. by the burning of the Silliman Institute.

June 7: We went to church at Ebenezer; had a good congregation. Had subscribed for the parsonage: $1230. The girls went by with Sister Maria. They got back from the Swamp yesterday

June 10: Mr. Darden went to Fayette; they got a deed to the Miles property for the parsonage, Mr. Prosper Montgomery, Blount Stuart & Jesse H. Darden became responsible to Drake for the debt.  Martha got a letter from Julia Stuart; one from Hi Chambliss. Old David Hunt made Mr. McDonald a present of $500. It is so liberal in him.

June 11: We went to the picnic at Mr. Hill’s pond. There was not many there; had dancing; had no table, eat on the ground. We called at Coz John Darden’s a short time. Coz Margaret was in her new carriage. It looks very well; cost $450.

June 12: Mr. Purvis of Black River, La. called on Joe Darden this evening. Willy Stampley has quit overseeing for Naomi Chambliss.

June 13: Miss Mary Wakele & M Jane came at 11 oc. Anna Darden, Rosa & Annette came after U. Cate & Henry came at half after 11. She had been to see Mrs. Stampley. She is sitting up. Jack came to dinner.  Pros & Ruth came to Mr. Montgomery’s yesterday evening.  Jack got a letter from Sister Betsy. They are all well. Frank’s wife has another son; call him Buchanan. That is 3 chi1dren they have.

June 14: We went to church in Fayette, Mr. McDonald preached.

June 15: Laura went to school; she & Clara got a letter from Little Mary Scott. They were all well, Her Ma & grandma would go to Tennessee in a week. She was going to leave Charley with Buckner & Mary & Tommy at Robert Scott’s.

June16: Martha & Olivia started to the picnic near Isaac Burch’s at 20 after 7 oc.. Joe Darden went with them in the carriage.

June 17: The girls got home at 9 cc. They got to Co?. Margaret’s to breakfast. Had a large picnic; had to leave the ground at 2 oc.; rained very hard there. They went to Isaac Butch’s, danced. all night.

June 18:  Martha & Olivia spent the day at Mr. Montgomery’s. They went to see Pros & Ruth. Frank Montgomery got back from school in Tennessee last night.  Been gone since Oct. Dr Shield’s died this week. They brought him from St. Joseph. He was so anxious to come before he died.  Poor young man, so young to die from the effects of intemperance.

June 19: I sent after Bell Sillers. She got here 15 minutes after 10 oc. She called to see Martha Dixon, She has a fine boy. Robert Sil1ers came at dark.

June 22: Sam Chamberlain & R. Patrick Wade came half after 10 oc., stayed till after 4 oc.

Martha & Olivia took a walk saw Bernice Rowland; she heard that Dr Rowland got hurt. He was in Vicksburg, He was not badly hurt.

June 28: We went to church in Fayette. Mr. McDonald preached; not many there. The roads very heavy.

June 29: Sent Ben & Lum with a cow & calf to Fayette as a present to Mr. McDonald.

June 30: Joe Davenport came to assess Mr. Darden.

July. 1: Hi Chamb1iss & Will Trimble came 15 minutes after 12, stayed till night.

July 2: Martha got a note from her Uncle Blount, Anne wishes her to go with her to Warren to visit Claudia Gibson next week.

July 4:  We all went to the celebration at Adam’s Ford. There was not many there as I expected to see. Robert Weatherly read the Declaration of Independence & Putnam Darden delivered an excellent speech; he was very much applauded.   Danced till after 4 oc.  William Scott, a brother to Thom Scott, died this week of bilious colic.  Mrs. John M. Whitney is very low with typhoid fever.  Martha & Olivia went to Coz. Myra Chamberlain’s to stay all-night.

July 5: Mr. Darden went to Ebenezer to church. Not many there. Mr. Montgomery & Sister Maria went to see Mrs. Whitney. She is very low.  They have a protracted meeting at the Methodist church in Fayette.

July 6: Jack called, he had been to Fayette. Mrs. Whitney was no better. He said Robert Sillers got a letter from Bolivar, that Mary Adelia Clark was married last Thursday evening at 8 oc. to Mr. Eugene Montgomery, a lawyer. He is son of Pinkney Montgomery. She has done well.

July 7: Tully brought Lenah behind him to stay till her Ma came back from Mrs. Gibson.  Got a letter for Olivia from Hi Chambliss. He said him & Eugenia Calhoun would come down on Thursday.  The girls were all ready to go to see Claudy Gibson. They did not stay.  Mr. Darden called at Coz John’s, heard Mrs. Whitney was a good deal better.

July 8: Martha & Olivia started at 5 oc. went to Rodney to take a boat.

July 10: Mr. Darden went to Fayette, got a letter from Buckner to Martha & his Pa. He has the blues about his cotton. His corn is fine. He has lost another fine mule.  He has lost 3 that cost $460.  Says he ís very lonely.  The Methodist meeting is still going on, Joe Davenport joined. Dr. Pat Wade is very sick, Dr. Fox is tending on him. He has several patients in Red Lick. They have flux.  Charlotte Reed got up to Coz John’s today. She is married to a Mr. Welsh. He is not l8 years yet. His father knows nothing of it; he is poor; going to teach school on. Red River.

July 11:  Mr. Darden took 2 cakes to Cate, He went seining with Jack, Sam Montgomery, Tip, Frank, Bob Weatherly & Will Trimble. Did not catch any while he was with them.  Sam Montgomery & Jane Piercefield came at 9 oc., stayed till 5 oc., went to Jack’s to a surprise party.  Cate sent & got my ice cream freezer, cake stand & 1 doz. tea spoons. We all went to the party, Cate had a nice supper. Mary Jane Darden, Miss Wakele, Sam Montgomery & wife, Anna & Amelia Green,  Betty Hester, Mrs. Stewart, Robert McGinty, Cicero Stampley, Mr. Ducie & those that went seining were at the party. Danced till after 11, We came home. The rest of the ladies except Mary Montgomery, Betty Hester & Jane Piercefield stayed all night.

July 14: Dr Fox told Mr. Darden old Mr. Killingworth was dead. Pi Killingworth had the flux; one of his children was dying. His brother died a month ago.  Dr. Wade is still very sick with flux.  Mrs. Bullen went by going to Cate’s. Frank Montgomery went there this evening. Him & Jack are going to visit Sister Betsy & family.

July 17: There is a dispatch to Blount that the school at Mrs. Harry’s is out.  The dispatch to send for the girls was sent to Blount’s. Mr. Couldy sent Jimmy Stuart with it.

July 18: Fed started after 1 oc., got to Rodney half past 6. The girls had just got to the hotel when he drove up. They left Rodney after 7 oc., got home half after 2. They had a very pleasant visit to Miss Claudia Gibson. They got on the Powell at Warrenton. Blount & Anne came home in Mrs. Briscoe’s carriage. Their carriage is so badly broken that it could not he mended. Tully came with John to go an our old carriage after Julia in the morning.  Olivia got a letter from Hi Chambliss; Naomi Chambliss lost a negro woman today. She has been sick sometime.

July 19: Olivia, Laura, Irene, Jesse & myself went to Springhill to church. There was not any church. Mr. Darden & Martha went to Ebenezer to church; went by Sister Maria’s to dinner.

July 20: Laura went to school. Mr. Darden went to Fayette; had hard rain from Joe Davenport’s to Fayette; rain at Mr. Montgomery’s.  Mr. Darden got a letter from Buckner; he had been sick. Guilford (Torrey) is gone for Ginny Torrey, Mary wrote a note in the letter that Buckner had chill & fever. She had sent the carriage for him & be was at her house.  I shall be uneasy till I hear from him. Martha & Olivia went to Coz. John’s to call on Charlotte Welch.   Her husband is very young & boyish.  Coz. Margaret has gone to visit Cunningham Whitney.

July 21:  Henry Stampley’s cattle in our corn field.  Cate & Fanny came & spent the day.

July 22:  Got a letter from Dr. Young; he is doing fine business; booked $400. in June.  Jack got back from Sister Betsy’s today. He left there yesterday.  They are all well but Frank Hornsby’s wife. She is in very bad health. Mary was not at home. She is at New Tonia, the school where she graduated. Him & Frank Montgomery stayed at Mrs. Ashford’s last night.

July 24, Martha sent a letter to Virginia Green. She got a letter from Angella Adams.  There was a party at Mrs. Dangerfield’s last night. Mr. Darden saw the boy they sent to Natchez for ice, He got in the (quick) sand in the creek yesterday, like to have got Eliza Jane Miller’s horses drowned.

July 25: Sam Montgomery gave Mr. .Darden an invitation to a party to be given at his father’s on Tuesday.  He sent word to Cicero Stampley to go.

July 26 We all went to church in Fayette. Rev. Mr. Price preached an excellent sermon.  Wes Whitney & family came down today. Mrs. Whitney is sick again.

July 27: Judge Whitney sent & got a load of corn--43 barrels.  Henry brought Fanny Mayberry’s Album for Olivia to write in. I got a letter from brother Joseph Sillers. They were all well; had pretty good crops. Sarah Darden has been quite sick with flux.

July 28:  William Fowler came from Madison Parish last Tuesday. Ho said Buckner was getting well.

July 30: Anne sent for Julia. Martha & Olivia went with her.

July 31: We all went to the examination at Bethel.   Rob. Weatherly & the boys stood a good examination. The little boys spoke. Harrison Montgomery, Osborn Johnson, Jeff Chamberlain, John Chamberlain & Ira Robertson all had original speeches. Everything went off well. We went to Blount’s. Sam Chamberlain, Rob. Weatherly, Sam Montgomery went there also; stayed to supper.  Coz. Ann E1iza Clark & Emily Miles is down from Bolivar.

Aug 1:  Martha & Olivia vent to spend the day at Anna Darden’s.  Anne & me & the children went & spent the day with Bell & Robert. Sarah Darden has met with an accident.

Aug 2: Martha Dixon is very sick. Mr. Darden went to church at Ebenezer.  Rev. Mr. Hall preached en excellent sermon. He came home with Mr. Darden, stayed till after 6 oc.  Henry Stampley’s bull been in corn field; broken down corn.  Jesse was taken with vomiting this morning; had fever all day.

Aug 3: Sam Chamberlain & Dr. Wade called on their way to Wild Wood Springs.

Aug 4: Ross Wade, Jim Jeffreys, Battle Dunbar & Tom Rowan all in a spree. Tom Rowan made Mr. McDonald a present of $50.00.   Mr. McDonald attended the funeral of his child when it died.

Aug. 6: They sent for Dr. Campbell to see Mrs. Stampley

Aug. 7:  Mr. Darden went to Fayette.  Mr. Hicks told him Anne E. Clark went to  Robert Sillers today.

George Torrey wrote home that Guilford Torrey & Mrs. Walker was married in New York City on the 25th July. Mr. Torrey telegraphed that they were in Louisville, Kentucky.

Aug. 8: Jack & Henry came, stayed an hour.

Aug. 11Mrs. Stowers, her boy Lewis, Anne Eliza Clark, her daughter, Ann Eliza & Frederick, Bell Sillers, Coz Margaret Darden & Emily Miles spent very pleasant day. Cate & Jack came up late this evening.  Buckner came this morning at 3 oc. He left Mary Scott’s Sunday evening; left them all pretty well;  had been very sick himself.  Anne Eliza will leave for Bolivar Saturday.  Rev. Mr. Finney came at sundown.

Aug. 12: Buckner spent the day at a Jack’s.  Bernice Rowland went by going home. Expect Dr. Rowland sold his place in Bolivar for $50 an acre; gives possession in September.

Aug. 13: Cicero Stampley came at 9 oc., stayed till 11. He invited Buckner to go to the party Dick Truly’s.

Aug 14: Buckner went to Mr. Montgomery to dinner. He would go to Sam Montgomery’s tonight. Mr. Darden, Martha & Olivia went to Fayette. The girls saw Mag Mayberry; she had dined at Dr. Fox’s with Mrs. Clarke & a large company of others. She told the girls that most of the gentlemen at Dick Truly’s party were drunk.  Mrs. Stampley was at the party. She sent for the Dr.; he took Dr. Walker out with him.

Aug. 15: I went to see Mrs. Stampley. She is great deal worse, Mrs. Dangerfield and  Tennessee Davenport was there. I met Dr Walker going there.

Aug 16:  Mr. Darden, Martha, Olivia & Laura went to Ebenezer to church. Dined at Mr. Montgomery’s, Buckner came home from Mr. Montgomery’s. Blount & Julia was at church.  Miss Wakele has had fever. She will not commence teaching tomorrow. Anna has taken Amelia Green to Monticello.   Cate & Jack went to Mr. Bullen’s today.

Aug. 17: Vic Jenkins & Stephen Stampley’s family passed going to Brown Wells. Wash Shackelford called. n is a candidate for District Attorney. Cate & Jack called at dark. They had been to Mr. Bullen’s to see Miss Fanny Mayberry married to Rev. Mr. Millsaps. She has been engaged to him sometime.

Her relations were very much opposed to it. Jack said it was more like a funeral than a wedding. They married at 9 oc., left for Natchez soon after in a Hack. His circuit is in Washington County. Post Office, Greenville,

Aug 18: They sent for me to go to see Mrs. Stampley. The girls started half after 8 oc.  I met Tennessee Davenport coming from there. She was dying when I got there. She was taken speechless at 10 oc. last night. She died 10 minutes of 12 oc. The family all very much distressed. They did not say whether she was willing to die or not. She wished Minerva Truly to take Mr. Evan’s little boys. And Bernice Rowland to take Clara & Mr. Evan’s baby. She told Clara yesterday if she died she wanted some money she had to be given to her children: $75 to Samuel; $20 to Minerva; $100 to Herman for the piano. She owed that much on it.  The Baptist preacher, Mr. Clarke was there when she died. I left Mrs. Fox & Miss Ford at Mr. Stampley’s.

Aug 19: We all went to see Mrs. Stampley buried. Martha & Olivia came from their Aunt Anne’s. There was a good many at the burying.

Aug. 20: Sam Montgomery, Robert Weatherly, Mary Jane Darden & Clara Montgomery spent the day here. Miss Wakele was to come, but Virginia Montgomery had fever. Sister Maria & Mr. Montgomery went to Brown Wells yesterday. Expect to come back on Monday.

Aug 21: Mr. Darden went with Buckner to Natchez to take the McRae. They started half after 4 oc. this morning. Martha went to Mr. Montgomery’s since dinner to see Virginia. She has no fever today. Mary Jane Darden is there.  Spafford Miles gave a party at Wild Wood Springs last night to Emily Miles.  Mr. Stampley passed moving some things to Fayette. I suppose Minerva will keep the children. It was her mother’s request.

Aug. 22: Cate & Jack went to Bell Grove to church today.

August 23:  We all went to church.  Mr. Finney preached an excellent sermon. There was a very good congregation. Belle Sillers played the melodeon. George Torrey & family got back Friday. They were gone two month’s lacking four days.

Aug 24: Laura went to school to Mr. Montgomery’s after a vacation of 3 week.

Aug 25: Blount wrote me a note Julia had fever; was very sick at stomach.

Aug. 26: Cate sent Henry to tell us the Miss Bullen’s would spend the day with us tomorrow.  Martha & Olivia were ready to go to a picnic near Mr. Trimble’s. They will go to Brother Buckner’s tonight.

Aug 27:  (The) Miss Bul1ens & Horace Bullen called; they went on to Cate’s.

Aug 2 Martha, Olivia, the Miss Bullen’s, Horace Bullen & Cate & Jack came after 10 oclock. Laura came home; she says they danced all night at her Uncle Buckner’s. Mary Jane went home with the Miss Herrington’s.

Aug 29: Cicero came to buy a load of corn.  Put Darden & Mr. Nelson,  the candidate for District Attorney stayed half hour.

Aug. 30: We went to the Methodist church. Had an excellent sermon by Rev. Mr. Price & another by Rev. Mr. Thompson.  Mrs. Baldwin was there with Bell. The girls came from Blount’s to church; went back there. Julia has been very sick, indeed. Mary (Fleming) Dixon told me that Mrs. (Henrietta Burch) Stamps, Coz Jack (John David Burch) Burch’s sister was dead. Had fever 12 days; died 15 Aug.

Aug. 31: Martha & Olivia came home from Blount’s this evening. Julia is better. She has been very sick, indeed. Her Pa thought she was going to die Friday, her pulse sunk; she got cold & was so very sick. Tully very sick this morning with cholera morbus; then took fever.

September 1: Mr. Darden is sick with pain in his head this evening. Mr. Darden went to Fayette, saw Sarah & Buckner Darden, also Anna Darden. Got a letter from Buckner. He got home to Mary Scott’s Sunday evening.

Sept. 2: Martha & Olivia spent the day with Lizzy Hicks, Mr. Stowers & wife, Sarah Fox, Joe Darden & Sue went this evening. Coz John Darden came this morning, stayed till half after 11.  Wat Burch is hauling corn from Omi Chambliss’ place.

Sept, 3: Robert Sillers had his kitchen burnt down. It caught from the chimney.

Sept. 5: We all went to church at Ebenezer. Mr. Finney preached. I went to Samuel Darden’s.  Martha & Olivia went to their Uncle Buck’s.

Sept. 6: We all went to church. There was a large congregation. Willie McDonald joined the church by certificate. Anne & Blount was there. Julia was better.

Martha & Olivia got a letter from Minerva Col1ier (dau. of James J. & Mary Jane) inviting them to her wedding on the 10th, next Thursday. She is to marry Mr. Phi11ips, (Wm, B. Philips m. 9-9-1857)  He is clerking in Rodney. We all went to dinner to Mr. Montgomery’s. Mary Jane Darden came, stayed all night.

She starts to Monticel1o to teach in Dr. Smith’s school. Rosa & Annette are going to school.  She says she will stay until next June.

Sept. 7: Dr. Patrick Wade came at 5 oc., stayed all night.

Sept. 8: Oscar McGinty came to summons Mr. Darden as a Juror to hold inquest over the negro. Mr. Darden, Put Darden & Sam Montgomery dined at Jack’s. Cate & Martha spent the day with Martha Dixon. Miss Octavia West was there. Martha & Mr. Dixon are very pleasant.

Sept. 10: Joe Darden sent tickets to Martha & Olivia to a party to he given in Port Gibson by the young men at Moody’s Hall. Mr. Darden went to Jack’s; took his papers, Cate spent yesterday with Mrs. McGee; she told her Jacob Stampley & his wife had been separated. She has gone back.

Sept. 11:  Anne Stuart, Julia & Lenah came at quarter after 8 oc. Blount says there was a company gathering muscadines near John Whitney’s place.

Sept. 12: Mr. Darden went to Mr. McGee’s; Cate & Jack, Dr White & family & Wat Burch (Samuel Washington Burch) & family were there. They all eat supper.

Sept. 15: Martha, Olivia, Julia & yae1!, Anne Stuart & Claud Pintard spent the day at Mrs. Torrey’s. Had a hard rain from Fayette to the Robertson road.

Sept. 17: Dr Buie the candidate for the Legislature came half after 8 oclock last night. Mr. Montgomery & Jeff Briscoe came, at 1 oc., stayed till 6 oc.  Jeff & family came down yesterday. Rev. Mr. McCallam came, stayed all night on his way to assist Mr. Finney at Greenwood.

Sept 18:  Martha & Olivia spent the day at Dr. Fox’s. Joe & Put Darden, Mr. Baker & Rob. McGinty; & Anne Stuart was there also. Mr. Darden went for Laura. Anne Briscoe came with them. She has a sweet little boy Jeffy. She has a new carriage & horses; the carriage cost $1050., the horses $800.

Sept. 19: Sister Maria, Miss Wake1e, Mr. Montgomery, the little girls, Sam Montgomery & Scott McCallam spent the day. Cicero Stampley called to ask the girls to a party to be given at Mr. Jenkins.

Sept. 20: Jack & Cate went to Mount Carmel; there is a 4 days meeting there.

Sept. 21: Sent Dick for Dr. Chandler, He plugged 5 teeth, filled her front teeth for Laura; pulled 2 snags for Mr. Darden. His bill was $20.00 He took my false teeth that he made me eleven years ago back. They would not stay in my mouth, The teeth have broken off that the band went round. They cost me $50., he took them for $5.00.

Sept. 22: Anne Briscoe & Sister Maria went to see Anna & Samuel Darden.

Sept. 23: Mr. Darden took the carriage horse, Billy, to Jim Dixon to look at his eyes.

Sept 24: Martha & Olivia started to the picnic near Mr. Harper’s at 9 00. They went by Coz John’s, heard there would be none; they went on to Mr. Montgomery’s. Mr. Montgomery got returns for his cotton at l6 ½ cts.

Sept 25: Jeff  Briscoe & family came at 10 oclock. They came from Mr. Montgomery’s. Jeff heard that Buckner had gone to La Grange with Amelia Scott to school. Cate & Jack came up this evening.

Sept. 26 Joseph Sillers wan in Fayette. He said he started to come to see us. He has been sick. Will go back tomorrow. Blount went to New Orleans yesterday.

Sept. 27: We all went to church; had a large congregation. Mr. McDonald did not have any person to help him preach.

Sept. 28: Olivia, Jesse & myself started to Blount’s at 7 oc. Sister Maria & Anne Briscoe spent the day there. Laura went to school. Dr. Wade came here at sundown.

Sept, 29: Joseph Sillers came to Anne’s this morning. He will start to Bolivar in the morning. Bell Sillers will go with him. Mrs. Leonly Briscoe has got home. Jeff & Anne Briscoe left for home this morning from Mr. Montgomery’s.

Sept. 30: Mabella Smith, Miss Harrison that was, lost one of her children. It was taken with bad cold.

October 1: Coz. John Darden & Joe spent the evening.  Miss Paine & Mr. Rodney Shields will marry tonight. Put Darden will go to the wedding.

Oct. 3: Martha & Olivia got home half after 11. They saw Jimmy Truly going after Henry Stampley. Mr. Evans baby thought would die.

John Fleming’s baby is very low with chronic diarrhea.

Jack has bought a new buggy—horse, is to pay $350 for him.

Oct 4: Martha & Mr. Darden went to church at Ebenezer; dined at Sister Maria’s.  John Fleming’s child was buried this evening. It is nearly 2 years old. It has been nearly a year since they lost their oldest child. Dick Truly’s baby is very sick, Mat Dixon is very sick, and Mr. Evans babe is no better.

Oct. 5: Mr. Darden took Laura to school; went on to Fayette to vote. Mr. Darden got a letter from Buckner, He had just got back from Tennessee; his Grandma came back with him.

Oct. 7: Julia Stuart came at 5 oc, on her way back to school.

Oct. 8: Mr. Montgomery passed taking Tip to school at Washington. Tommy Darden came after bale linsey.

Oct. 9: We started to Natchez half after 3 oc, We got to big creek at daybreak;

got to Natchez at 9 oclock.

Martha had her Daguerreotype taken. We started from Natchez half after 11 oc.; got home at 5 oc, Dr. Wade was here. The children cams from Cate’s at sundown.

Oct. 11:  We all went to church, Sidney Briscoe had his other arm broken. He was in a persimmon tree and fell from it.

Oct, 12: Mrs. Elizabeth Harper, wife of Billy Harper in Natchez was married to a Dr. Grier last week. She had got a divorce from her husband. Olivia got, a letter from Virginia Torrey yesterday. They are well; she is anxious for the girls to visit her.

Oct. 13: Houston Buckles that lives near Buckner Darden, died on Sunday, He has been sick long time with chronic diarrhea.

Oct. 14: Mr. Darden paid Dr Fox’s bill; it was $10; his store bill $9.30. Got a letter from Mr. Watt; he says that cotton will not sell at this time on account of money being so scarce.

Oat. 15: Mr. McDonald came to breakfast. Mr. Darden went with Mr. McDonald to attend the Presbytery at Pine Ridge church.

Oct. 17: We got a ticket to James Collier’s funeral. We went; Anne Stuart went with us. He was buried in Fayette. He has drank very hard for long time; he died suddenly. Marshall & William were at the burying. Minerva & Mr. Phillips have gone to Bolivar. Mrs. Collier was not well enough to come. We got a letter from Buckner; he writes that little Mary Scott was very sick with inflammation of the brain; was unconscious when he left there last Sunday evening, The Dr.’s thought her chance of recovery was bad. She was taken with bad cold & toothache; from that she took fever, Mrs. Torrey & Harper had written Martha a note that her & Mrs. Harper would spend the day here.

Oct. 18: Martha & Olivia vent to Greenwood to church, Rev. Mr. Smylie preached. Mr. Darden stayed at Mr. Archer’s last night. He came home with the girls. He stayed with James McCaleb both nights while he was attending Presbytery.

Oct. 19: Rev. Mr. Smylie called & Rev. Mr. French called, Dr. Wade came at 12 oc. Mr. McCallam, Dr Grafton & Mr. Buie came at dark on their way home from Presbytery. Dr. Grafton is a son of Thomas Grafton that lived formerly in this neighborhood.

Oct, 20:  Mr. Darden went to Fayette, got a letter for Laura from her brother. Mary Scott was better, but very sick still.  Saw Coz John Darden; he had been to Mr. Frisby’s in the Swamp. They were all sick there.

Oct. 23: Packed 12 bales today, that makes 89 packed. Mr. Montgomery has been very sick all the week with fever & vomiting. Dr Fox has been to see him. Sister Maria sent word he was better this evening.

Sarah & Buckner Darden was there on Wednesday. The Fair was held in Rodney Wednesday & Thursday.

Oct. 24: Got breakfast on my new stove. It does not bake well under the bottom. Packed today 12 bales; that makes 102 bales packed.

Oct. 25: We went to church in Fayette, Anne & Blount were there. They were at the Fair in Rodney. It was fine affair. Robert Sillers took the premium for horses; a silver cup. Captain Johnson took 13 cups; Edgar Wood took ____, L. Hoggart took 5; Henry Middleton took 3. Jack is very sick with fever today. Coz John Darden was here this evening. Anne Frisby daughter of John Chambliss is not expected to live.

Oct. 27: Dr Wade came at 5 oc., he brought Martha the top of the stack cake from the party at Rodney.

Oct. 28: Mr. Darden went to see Jack, He was very sick yesterday. Mr. Darden went to Fayette; he saw Blount; Anne has given out going to Natchez, Jimmy & Tully are sick.

Oct. 30: I sent the carriage for Laura & Miss Mary Wakele. Her school was out this evening. She has been teaching 8 months.

Oct. 31: Martha, Olivia, Laura, Irene & Miss Mary Wakele went to Cate’s at 10 oc., spent the day. Jack is better.

November 1: Mr. Darden, Martha, Olivia, Laura & Miss Mary Wakele went to church at Ebenezer, They went to dinner to Mr. Montgomery’s.

Nov. 2: Mr. Darden went to Mr. Montgomery’s to pay for Laura’s schooling. Her

boarding, music & tuition was $128 for eight months. Buckner was there payed Miss Mary Wakele $21 for Mary Jane’s music. Mr. Boll’s paid for Christina’s music & tuition. Miss Mary went to see Anna Darden today. Anna came back with her to Mr. Montgomery’s this evening, Miss Mary will leave in the morning for Mobile. We will never see her again.

Nov 5: Martha & Olivia went to Mrs. Briscoe’s at half after 3 oc. David Harrison & children & Miss Yates his teacher was there. Lizzy Gibson is to be married on the 3rd December to Mr. Higgins of Lexington, Kentucky.  He is wealthy; a widower with 2 children. Her relations are very much pleased.

Nov. 6: Martha & Olivia spent the day at Coz. John Darden’s, He is sick with fever. Mrs. Hetty Bullen that was, Mrs. McCay now, has a daughter. Mrs. Tompson the wife of the Circuit Rider, will take charge of the Academy this month for l0 months.

Nov. 7: I made up 32 eggs, 3 cups sugar, 4 cups butter, 9 cups flour. It made a stack cake & one over. It is ca1led silver cake. Made up 5 eggs, 2 cups sugar, 1 butter & 4 cups flour for jelly cake.  Martha marked her clothes, had them pressed. It is the last Saturday she will spend with us single.

Nov. 8: We went to Fayette to church.

Nov 10: Father Robertson came for Mr. Darden to give something to Mr. French for preaching to the servants. They have concluded to have a party at Dr. Wade’s Thursday night.

Nov. 11: Got a letter from Buckner, he is sick with chill & fever. he says that poor little Vary Scott was buried in the garden by her father. He did not write the particulars of her death. I do sincerely feel for her mother. She was a sweet child; they will all miss her so much. Clout & Jimmy came this evening. Jack came up, stayed little time. Mrs. Stewart, Miss Abby Bullen & Miss Dubbs spent the day.

Nov. 12: Had to get up early. Had pig, turkey, gooses beef & ham for dinner. Had a very pretty table. Dr. Wade & Martha was married at 12 oc. Dr Walter Wade, his 2 daughters, Jack, Cate & Henry, Anne Stuart, Tully, Jimmy& Lenah was all that were here. Rev. Mr. Price married them. They left 10 minutes after 2 00. Olivia & Laura went with them to attend the party to be given to Dr. Wade at Dr. Walter Wade’s. I sent Miss Lotty Wade a piece of cake. Gave Mr. Price a large piece; gave Cate some, Anne Stuart some, Sent Sister Maria some. We feel quite lonely after parting with Martha. Sister Maria sent word that Mary Bondurant had come over; that I must go & see her.

Nov. 13: William went for Tip Montgomery, He is at school at Washington.

Nov. 17: We went to Mr. Montgomery’s, spent the day with Anne Stuart, Mrs. Hugh Montgomery, Sam Montgomery & wife.

Nov. 18: Martha & the Dr. were at Mrs. Richardson’s. She had given them a dining yesterday. Martha is very much pleased with her home. The relations have been very kind.  Martha says Jeff Whitney dined with them yesterday. He says him & Joe are to be married next week.

Nov. 19: Mary Bondurant Clara & Ellen came half after 9 oc. Mary did not bring Claud; left him with her Ma, She sent the carriage to Rodney for Mr. Bondurant. He has been to New Orleans.

Nov. 22: We went to church in Fayette. Mr. McDonald had a larger congregation than I have ever seen since he has been preaching this year.

Now. 23: Martha & Dr Wade came half after 11. oc, Martha is very much pleased with her new acquaintances at Red Lick. She says Dr Wa1ter Wade is very kind indeed.  She brought a ticket for Olivia, Cate & Jack to a party to be given at Dr. W. Wade’s to Miss Margaret Young. She is a niece of Dr. W. Wade’s.

Nov. 25: Poor old Lucy died last night at 12 oc. She has been sick 3 months & 18 days.

Nov. 26: Cate, Jack & Henry came to dinner at 12 00. Fanny Millsaps was with them. Olivia went with Cate & Jack to Dr. W. Wade’s.  Mr. Darden got home at 4 oc. He bought Martha a girl; she is yellow, with a boy babe 5 months old. Gave $1300.. She is warranted a good washer & ironer; can cook some.

Nov. 27:  Cate, Jack, Henry & Olivia got back from the party at Dr. Wade’s half after 1 oc. Martha heard that they had sent for Mr. Briscoe’s children to see him die.  Olivia got a letter from Virginia Torrey. She is very much pleased with her mother, as she calls her.  I hope she will continue to be pleased. I see Martha’s marriage announced in the True Witness, printed in New Orleans.

Nov 29: Mr. Darden went to church to Ebenezer.  He went to dinner to Buckner’s. They got a letter from Mary Jane. She is very much pleased with the school.  Sam Darden lost a negro boy 10 years old last week.

December 1: Mr. Darden went to Fayette, saw Robert Sillers; him & Bell got back from Bolivar yesterday. Mr. Darden heard that old Mr. Briscoe died Saturday night.  Robert McGinty said he had been after Hamberlin; he started to run off with his wife’s negroes last night. He overtook him in Claiborne County. Him & his wife are separated; Robert said he would put him in jail.  Mr. Darden wrote to Mr. Watt for 6 barrels of molasses & 6 sacks salt.  Dick brought a letter to Laura from Rosa Darden & Ellen Montgomery.

Dec. 2: Jack & Cate went to Fayette. Henry stayed here. Brought a letter to me from Buckner; he is still sick. Thought he would make 80 or 90 bales, his Grandma was not satisfied about her hands; did not want them to stay with him another year. I wish ma had kept her hands on the old place.  Amelia Scott is at home. She came when she heard her sister Mary was sick. Did not know she was dead till she got to the Bend.

Dec. 3: Blount, Tully & Jimmy went to the Swamp yesterday.  Liz Gibson will be married next Tuesday. Leanly did not go to Warren. She went to see old Billy Briscoe buried. Robert Sillers says that Joseph Sillers is not making any crop. The crop in Bolivar very poor.

Dec. 4: I sent 36 lb butter to Natchez. The wagons went to Natchez took 14 bales. That makes 139 bales sent off.

Dec. 7: Martha came at 12 oc., sent the carriage back for the Dr. He bought the Grafton place for $3,000 payable in 12 mo’s.  Mr. W. Stewart bought Mrs. Dangerfield’s 3 negroes for $1950; Man, woman & child.  Mr. Darden went to Fayette, he telegraphed to Natchez to Fleming & Baldwin to know if they would engage Pork at $l5 a barrel.  Mr. Montgomery says Ma is at his house. She has been there two or three days. Anne Briscoe sent her from old Mrs. Briscoe’s. The old lady is better.

Dec. 8: Mrs. Miller & James B. Wiggington will be married tonight; giving a large wedding. Mr. McDonald said he was invited to the wedding, but he does not intend to go.

Dec. 10: Mr. Darden went to Mr. Montgomery’s to see Ma. He says she has broken very much. She has an idea of moving back to the home place. Sister Maria got a letter from Prosper saying they had a fine daughter. That is three grandchildren.

Dec. 11: Martha & Olivia went to Mr. Montgomery’s. Sam & Robert Weatherly dined there. Robert has given up his school; going to study law.

Mr. Darden went to Fayette, got a letter from Mr. Watt, a bill of sugar at 9 cts, a pound, 6 barrels molasses at 2l ½  cts. gallon, 6 sacks salt, 4 at 75 cts & 2 at 90 cts. a sack.

There was not many at Eliza Jones Miller’s wedding on account of the rainy evening. Virginia Green lost her cook with pneumonia.  Sister Maria had been to Dr Dunbar’s to see Mrs. Ashford.

Dec. 12: Mr. Darden bought 4 mules for $l62 dollars each. He is to give them to Martha. Dr. Wade says he will have to have his house covered before they can go home; it leaks very badly. Jesse is not well today; sick at his stomach.

Dec. 13: We went to church in Fayette. Mr. Hall. from Pine Ridge preached. Dr. Wade & Martha went on from church home. Miss McCaleb was at church with Mrs. Bradford.  We saw Put Darden; he stood up, with Jim Wiggington with Ella McGinty; Robert McGinty with Naomi Chambliss. They had to move the supper out of the yard into the house. The icing got wet, Mr. Price performed the ceremony.

Dec. 14: Tom & Maj went to Natchez took 13 bales. That is 152 bales sent off, Sent 13 lbs brine butter to Natchez. We sent for Ma to Mr. Montgomery’s. She got a letter from Anne Briscoe. She says that old Mrs. Briscoe still very low; have to sit up with her.  Olivia got a letter from Mary Jane Darden. She is pleased with her situation. She has a class at Monticello. Jack Burch moved his hands to the Swamp today. Mr. Darden got a letter from Daniel Huey that used to live in this County. He is living in Jacksonville, Illinois. He wants the records of Harmony Church & so on.

Dec. 16: Joe Davenport’s gin burned down last night half past 8 oclock. They were ginning, the lantern turned over & set fire to the cotton. Burned about 15 bales. It is a great loss to him to lose his gin & cotton. I do feel so sorry for him.

Mr. Crosly came this morning looking for situation as overseer. Mr. Darden employed him.

Mrs. Torrey, Harper & Mrs. Briscoe came at 11 oc; stayed till 4 oc. Emma Harrison was with Mrs. Briscoe. Mrs. went to call on Joe Darden this evening.  Mrs. Briscoe was at Lizzy Gibson’s wedding, Lizzy was very nice. There was about 25 persons there, Lizzy was very sick the day she was married with cholera morbus. They had two attendants: Claudy Gibson & Sallie Gibson. Tully Gibson & Albert Gibson was his attendant. Old Mrs. William Briscoe died Sunday night. She had been sick 3 weeks, The old man had been dead 2 weeks when she died. She was 76 years old. They were not separated long, The family have been so afflicted this year.

Dec. 17: Finished packing, They packed altogether 166 bales, 6 less than last year.

Dec. 19: Mr. Darden got a letter for Ma from Anne Briscoe. Got a letter from Miss Wakele to Laura. Also one from Bittie Ashford to Laura.

Dec. 23: Mr. Darden went hog hunting, killed 11. They are not very large. Cut up 69 lbs sausage meat. Sam Montgomery went by with Jane Piercefield. She came here from school in Natchez.

Dec. 25: Olivia went to Aunt Anne Stuart’s. Her Pa went as far as Fayette with her. Mr. Darden met Jeff & Pros Whitney, Oscar McGinty, Baker & Put Darden this evening.

Dec. 26: Put Darden came after 3. oclock, stayed an hour. He came to invite Olivia to a party at Isaac Burch’s Tuesday night. He was at a party at Tom Bradford’s last night. Coz Margaret is staying with Cunningham Whitney. Mrs. Briscoe & Meg Torrey spent the day at Blount’s.

Dec. 27: We went to church in Fayette. There was a good congregation. Martha & Dr Wade came at 4 oc.

Dec. 28: I had dinner cooked to carry to the Masonic celebration. We all went. Rev. Mr. French delivered an address. There was a large collection there. Had the Rodney Brass Band. Will Trimble & John Stowers came at sundown, stayed till 8 oc.

Dec. 29: Mr. Darden took Olivia to Coz. John Darden’s to go with Joe in the carriage to a party at Isaac Burch’s to be given to Miss McCaleb’s, Miss Richester & Miss Bisland.

Dec, 30: Mr. John Stowers called at half after 2 oc., stayed a short time; went back to Mr. Hicks. Mr. James Stowers & wife went to Natchez on their way to New Orleans. Frank Whitney sold his place to Dr. Harden for $17. an acre. Bought a place near Grand Gulf.

Dec. 31: Sent Dick to Coz John Darden’s for Olivia. They had to go to Coz. Myra Chamberlain’s & stay till the creek went down. Mr. Darden went to Jack’s; Fanny Millsaps is there; she is going to loan P.. K. Montgomery $6,000. Mr. Crosby the overseer came this evening.

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