Jefferson Families

of Jefferson County, Mississippi
   ISAAC GARRETT was born January 12, 1808, in South Carolina.  He married ABBA ANN WARREN on December 20, 1839, in Jefferson County.  Abba Ann was born December 16, 1812, in Montgomery County, Georgia.  Abba Ann's family moved to Union Church in about 1820.  Isaac and Abba Ann were married in Jefferson County, Mississippi on December 20, 1839.  
   Isaac built a home near the Scottish settlement of Union Church in Jefferson County.  This home served as the first Post Office in Union Church, called the Scotland Post Office.  The postal riders stopped there to change horses and stay overnight in the attic, which had been converted into a room for that purpose.   
   Isaac Garrett died August 24, 1856, at the age of 48; Abba Ann died December 1, 1899, at the age of 87, in the home she had come to as a bride.  She and Isaac are both buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, Mississippi.

   Abba Ann's family:  
   Benjamin Warren, b. October 25, 1782, d. January 4, 1835 in Jefferson County,
     Mississippi; buried in Warren Cemetery, Jefferson County
   Ferriba Stringer Warren, b. May 7, 1791, in Georgia, d. August 16, 1866 in Jefferson
     County; buried in Warren Cemetery, Jefferson County.  Benjamin (spelled 'Benajah' on his
     tombstone) and Ferriba were married in Montgomery County, Georgia on May 6, 1810.  
     In addition to Abba Ann, they had the following known children:
    Josiah Warren, b. February 7, 1811, Georgia, d. December 1, 1890, in Jefferson
     County; buried in Warren Cemetery, Jefferson County.  Josiah never married.

    Daniel Warren, b. 1817, Georgia; m. Elizabeth ____ on September 29, 1842.  Elizabeth,
     b. June 23, 1825, d. November 16, 1872; they are both buried in Union Church Cemetery.
    They had the following known children:
  Abba Ann Warren, b. 1845
  Nancy Warren Erwin, b. February, 1846, d. September, 1918.  Nancy married
   Thomas J. Erwin on August 6, 1866.  Thomas, b. June 10, 1844, d. January 8,
    1925; they are both buried in Union Church Cemetery.
  Mary E. Warren, b. 1849
  Eleonora Warren, b. 1851
  Lenora Warren, b. April 15, 1852, d. August 13, 1915
  Isodora Warren, b. 1855, d. June 6, 1863; buried in Union Church Cemetery.

   Nancy Warren, b. August 24, 1830, Jefferson County, d. May 8, 1840, Jefferson County;
     buried in Warren Cemetery, Jefferson County

     It is believed, based on the 1830 Federal Census records, that Benjamin and Ferriba had seven children.

   At the beginning of the Civil War, two of Isaac and Abba Ann's sons, Josiah and Jacob, volunteered for service in the Confederate Army, both with Charlie Clark's Rifles, a company made up mostly of men from the area around Union Church.  They went to Brookhaven and mustered into the 12th Mississippi Regiment and Charlie Clark's Rifles became Company H.
  On the day of their departure a special service and barbeque dinner was held on the grounds of the Union Presbyterian Church.  It was remembered by the minister in his notes that no one ate the meal, so sad was everyone to say goodbye to the young men.  The ladies of the community made a company flag and eleven young ladies, representing the eleven Confederate states, presented it that day.  One of the young ladies was Flora Carmichael, who would become Josiah's wife.  This flag is now displayed in the Old Capitol Building in Jackson, Mississippi.
  Josiah and Jacob were with Robert E. Lee in Virginia, Second Bull Run or Manassas, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, Chancelorsville, Fredericksburg, Richmond (seven days' flight) and others.  Josiah was wounded, captured and transported to a hospital on Staten Island, New York.  He was there for many months.  It was thought that his leg would have to be amputated, but that was avoided and he gradually recovered use of it.  He was brought to a hospital in Richmond, VA, April 9, 1865, after being exchanged for a Federal prisoner.  He was sent home in June, 1865.  He walked from Natchez to within a few miles of his home in Jefferson County, until his mother's cousin, Minerva Jane Corban, picked him up and took him the rest of the way home in her buggy.  Abba Ann was thrilled to see him.  Having not heard from him since his injury many months before, she feared him dead.
  Isaac and Abba Ann had the following sons, all born near Union Church in Jefferson County:


     JOSIAH GARRETT, was born on December 14, 1840, in Jefferson County. Josiah married
  Flora Carmichael on January 17, 1867 at the Union Presbyterian Church in Union Church.

   Flora's family:
     Flora Carmichael was the daughter of Daniel and Nancy McCormick Carmichael,
      January 17, 1867.  Daniel Carmichael was the son of Duncan Carmichael, b. Isle of
      Lismore, Argylleshire, Scotland, d. Richmond County, North Carolina.  Nancy McCormick
      was the daughter of Duncan and Katherine Carmichael McCormick.  It is believd that
      Duncan and Katherine were both born on the Isle of Lismore, Argylleshire, Scotland;
      Duncan, b. December 18, 1758; Katherine, b. in 1769.   She was the daughter of
      Archibald and Mary Carmichael.  Duncan and Katherine were married in a Presbyterian
      Church in Glasgow, Scotland, on May 17, 1789.  
   Duncan, Katherine and their firstborn, Katherine, sailed to North Carolina in 1791,
      probably on the ship The Gen. George Washington.  They were in the company of Duncan's
      brother, John, and their cousin, Rev. John McIntyre.  They settled in Richmond County,
      North Carolina, (later re-named Scotland County) where they lived out their lives.  They are
      buried in Stewartsville Cemetery, Laurinburg, North Carolina, with many family members
      and neighbors......mostly proud Scottish highlanders who had immigrated from the same
      area of Scotland to avoid the severe political oppression and retribution of the English
      government, brought about by their participation in the uprising for Scotland's freedom   
      in 1745.  Most of these, certainly the McCormicks and Carmichaels, fought in the Stewart
      of Appin Regiment, heroically and with great loss of life.  According to some accounts,
      the Stewart of Appin Regiment sustained more casualties than any other.

   Flora Carmichael was born on September 30, 1839, in Alabama, where her parents
      moved shortly after their marriage.  Daniel and Nancy Carmichael first show up in the
      Jefferson County Federal Census in 1860.  Josiah and Flora made their home in the Garrett
      family homestead of Isaac and Abba Ann, where they lived out their lives.  Josiah died on
      April 20, 1928 and Flora died on December 6, 1906.   They are buried in Union Church
   To this union, eight children were born.
     Lola Garrett Gibson, b. November 17, 1868, Jefferson County; d. 1966
      Lola married W. H. (Will) Gibson on January 26, 1899.  Will was born in 1871  
      in North Carolina, died in December, 1940.   Lola and Will made their home with
      Josiah in the old Garrett homestead. They had no children.  They are both buried in
      Union Church Cemetery.

     Infant Daugheter, b. and d. August 10, 1870, Jefferson County; buried
  in Union Church Cemetery

     Annie Garrett, b. August 5, 1872, Jefferson County, d. August 4, 1876;
  buried in Union Church Cemetery

     Edgar Garrett, b. June 4, 1874, Jefferson County, d. February 19, 1966,
      Natchez, Mississippi    Edgar married Ada Mae Dawkins, daughter of Steven Walter
      and Ella Osborne Dawkins on December 28, 1897.  Ada was born August 23, 1878, in
      Caseyville, Mississippi.  Edgar and Ada Mae moved to neighboring Franklin County
      in 1912.  Ada Mae died there in Meadville, Mississippi, on January 25, 1937.   
      They are both buried in Union Church Cemetery. To this union, ten children were born.
    Leta Mae Garrett, b. January 18, 1899, Jefferson County, MS, d. July 30, 1918;
     Franklin County, Mississippi;  buried in Union Church Cemetery
     Leta Mae was 18 years old and home for the summer from the Teacher's College
     she'd attended for a year, when she became ill and died within a few days.  It is
     believed that she died of appendicitis.
    Virgil Dowing Garrett, b. June 5, 1901, Jefferson County, MS, d. November 20,
     1980, Collins, Mississippi.  Virgil married Opal Ruth Smith, of Franklin County,
     Mississippi, on July 30, 1927, in Meadville, Mississippi.  They lived for some time in
     New Orleans, Louisiana and, also, Vicksburg, Mississippi, but most of their married
     years were spent in Collins, Mississippi.  To this union, four children were born.
    Virgil Dowing Garrett, Jr., b. July 6, 1928
    Joyce Garrett Masengale, b. October 29, 1930, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Roma Mae Garrett Arnaud, b. February 19, 1934, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Elsie Ruth Garrett Anglin, b. September 16, 1944, Vicksburg, Mississippi
    Carroll Dewitt Garrett, b. February 18, 1903, Jefferson County, MS, d. April 16,
     1904, Jefferson County; buried in Union Church Cemetery
    William Daniel Garrett, b. October 25, 1904, Jefferson County, MS, d. August 22,
     1916; Franklin County, Mississippi;  buried in Union Church Cemetery.
      William Daniel, known as Daniel, was crippled from birth and died after a lengthy
      illness at the age of 11 years.  Despite his handicap and continuing frail health,
      Daniel was to be remembered as a joy and inspiration to all who knew him.  It is
      now believed that the illness from which he suffered was probably spina bifida.   
    Nancy Florelle Garrett Jackson, b. September 7, 1907, Jefferson County, MS
     Nancy Florelle married Archie Lee Jackson, son of Allen Edward and Louvenia
     Elizabeth Cain Jackson, on December 22, 1930, in New Orleans, LA.  Archie Lee,
     known as Lee, was born on June 2, 1909, in Dallas, Texas.  They spent most of
     their lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He died in Pearl River County, Mississippi
     on January 18, 1991.  He is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Pearl River
     County. To this union, one child was born.
      Nancy Lee Jackson Brister was born on June 21, 1946, in New Orleans,
  Louisiana.  She married James Michael Brister, son of James Howard and Lola
  Whittington Brister, on July 9, 1966.  James Michael, known as Mike, was born on
  February 15, 1946, in Tylertown, Mississippi.  Mike and Nancy lived in New Orleans    
  for several years, before moving to Pearl River County, Mississippi, where they now
  live.  To this union, one child was born.
     James Michael Brister, Jr., known as Jim, was born on March 25, 1969, in
  New Orleans, Louisiana.   He married  Pamela Paulette Young on April 30,
  2000, in Poplarville, Mississippi.
    Edgar Josiah Garrett, b. June 15, 1910, Jefferson County, Mississippi
     Edgar married Elizabeth _____ in 1958, in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Their married lives
     have been spent in Vicksburg, where they live currently.  They have no children.    
    Marcus Benton Garrett, b. May 11, 1913, Franklin County, Mississippi, d. May 25,
     1979, Pascagoula, Mississippi.  Marcus Benton, known as Benton, married Mary Lou     
     ____ of Mize, Mississippi.  Benton and Mary Lou both taught in schools in Meadville,
     Franklin County and in Pascagoula, where Mary Lou still lives today. To this union,
     four children were born.
  Marcus Garrett, Jr., b. July 24, 1945
  Elizabeth Ann Garrett Moseley, b. April 3, 1943
  Daniel Garrett, b. February 7, 1947
  Rebecca Garrett Pearson, August 11, 1953
    Mary Ernestine Garrett Godbold, b. October 19, 1916, Franklin County, Mississippi,  
     Mary Ernestine, known as Ernestine, married Willard Godbold, of Lincoln County,
     Mississippi, on June 2, 1951.  Most of their married years were spent in Brookhaven,
     Mississippi, where Ernestine spent many years as a much loved and well respected
     nurse at King's Daughters Hospital.  Ernestine died in July 15, 1993, in Brookhaven    
     and Willard died in November, 1994.  They are both buried in Brookhaven.
     To this union, one child was born.
  Mary Katherine Godbold Lyons was born on September 21, 1952 in Brookhaven,
  Mississippi.  She married Daniel Lyons in Knoxville, Tennessee, where they now
  live.  Daniel is the father of two daughters.
    Bessie Marie Garrett Murray, b. May 10, 1918, Franklin County, Mississippi
     Bessie Marie married Leslie Murray. They made their home in Natchez, Mississippi,
     where Bessie lives today.  Leslie died in 2001, in Natchez.  He is buried in ____     
     To this union, two children were born.
  Barbara Ann Murray Goss was born on April 5, 1938 in Franklin County,
   Mississippi.  She married Leroy Goss in Natchez, Mississippi.  To this union, one
   child was born.
      Benjamin Goss, January 17, 1972, in Natchez, Mississippi    
  Hilda Rae Murray Bonin was born on October 16, 1943 in Natchez, Mississippi.
    She first married Wayne Holloway in Natchez.  To this union, four children were
    born.  She married Buddy Bonin in Natchez.  They currently live in Pascagoula
      Leslie Marie Holloway, b. November, 1962, Natchez, Mississippi
      Lee Ann Holloway, b. March 7, 1964, Natchez, Mississippi
      Murray Holloway, b. August, 1967, Natchez, Mississippi
      Mitchell Holloway, b. April, 1972, Natchez, Mississippi
   Jessie Lee Garrett, b. May 10, 1918, Franklin County, Mississippi, d. July 9, 1919,
     Franklin County, Mississippi; buried in Union Church Cemetery

     Arie Lee Garrett King, b. February 27, 1877, d. August 27, 1933.   Arie Lee
  married Ira Arthur King on May 8, 1901.  Ira, b. September 15, 1872, d. July 10,
  1943; they are both buried in Union Church Cemetery.  To this union, seven children
   were born, all in Jefferson County.
     Lola Winifred King, b. May 24, 1902, d. May 22, 1903
     Flora Marie King, b. March 15, 1904, d. July 1, 1976; buried Union Church
     Willie Valentine King, b. February 14, 1906, d. February 11, 1943; buried in
  Union Church Cemetery
     Nannie Elizabeth King Northcutt, b. April 1, 1908, d. June 14, 1983
  Nannie married Alonzo Northcutt, b. September 19, 1908, d. November 30,
  1992.  They are both buried in Union Church Cemetery.
     Robert Lee King, b. April 10, 1910, d. April 8, 1989; buried in Union Church
     Ira A. King, Jr., b. 1913  
     Rebekah King, b. 1915
     Nannie Garrett McCormick, b. October 10, 1878, d. July 30, 1907
  Nannie married Archie McCormick (a cousin of Flora Garrett's mother, Nancy
  McCormick Carmichael) in 1906.  She died in childbirth in 1907 and the
  baby died, as well.  They are buried together in Union Church Cemetery.

     Jodie Garrett, b. July 27, 1880, d. November, 1965.  Joseph married
  Rose Dulaney (or Delaney) on April 15, 1909.  They lived most of their
  married lives in Philadelphia, Mississippi. To this union, five children were born.
   Herbert Johnson Garrett, b. 1910
    Catherine Carmichael Garrett, b. 1912
    Rose Elizabeth Garrett, b. 1916
    Jo Garrett, b. 1918
    Bobby Jean Garrett, b. 1926

     Flora Garrett Dawkins, b. August 10, 1883, Jefferson County, d. May 23, 1967
  Flora married Ernest Eugene Dawkins in 1903.  Ernest was born on November 7,
  1883 and died December 16, 1913.  He died tragically when the gun he was carrying
  accidently went off as he unloaded produce from a wagon onto the porch of
  the 'Old Country Store' which is still in operation today, across the street from the
  Union Church Cemetery.  He was the brother of Edgar Garrett's wife, Ada Mae.  Flora
  never remarried and went back to live at the Garrett homestead after her
  husband's death.  They had no children.
  JACOB GARRETT, b. January 21, 1844, Jefferson County, d. May 12, 1907,
    West Virginia.  On July 18, 1865, Jacob married Betty Taylor, who was born March 17,
    1847 in Virginia.  They lived out their lives in West Virginia.  To this union, eleven children
    were born.
   Annie M. Garrett Boyer, b. May 29, 1866, d. May 21, 1896  
   Margie E. Garrett Shumaker, b. January 1, 1868, d. November 14, 1922
   Alonzo E. Garrett, b. February 27, 1870, d. May 5, 1933  
   Eva May Garrett Bingham, b. April 6, 1872, d. May 27, 1948
   Correllia D. Garrett, b. December 22, 1873
   Warren D. Garrett, b. January 23, 1876, d. August 21, 1898
   Charles W. Garrett, b. May 10, 1878, d. January 23, 1960
   Willie B. Garrett, b. October 30, 1880, d. February 24, 1923
   Frank H. Garrett, b. December 12, 1882, d. January 31, 1928
   Bessie R. Garrett Lavinder, b. March 8, 1885, d. January 21, 1948
   Rufus Leroy Garrett, b. July 28, 1890
  ISAAC GARRETT, b. abt. 1847

  THOMAS W. GARRETT, b. abt. 1848

  S. A. GARRETT, b. September 6, 1851, d. December 24, 1851; buried in
    Union Church Cemetery

  W. B. GARRETT, b. September 28, 1853, d. July 13, 1854; buried in
    Union Church Cemetery

  BENJAMIN GARRETT, b. abt. 1855

Compiled by Nancy Brister, 2001
Contibuted August, 2002


Geoghegans in Jefferson County
Ambrose Denton (A.D.) Geoghegan and Thomas Quincy Geoghegan served with  Company "D", the Thomas Hinds Guards of Jefferson County.  Quincy was killed in July, 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg.  A.D. enlisted as a private but was quickly promoted to Lieutenant.
A.D. was never sick a day, never missed a battle that his command was in, was slightly wounded three or four times, and on one occasion, during the fighting around Richmond, he had three bullet holes through his hat and coat collar. The last eight months of the war his company was cut down to a mere handful of men, with three officers.  The companies F and G (19th Mississippi) had no officers and petitioned that Geoghegan be put over them.  He took Company F, and happened to be one of the unfortunates who had to help defend Fort Baldwin and Fort Gregg at Petersburg and was captured on the second day of April. The prisoners were sent to Johnson's Island, and not being the kind that would take the oath,  A.D. spent the summer on the island.
A.D. returned from the war and on January 6, 1873, he married Miss Loucretia "Lula" Dromgoole.
More coming soon!

Contributed by: Ann Allen Geoghegan


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