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School Days


If you have any old class photos from Jefferson County Schools or class rosters,

 I would love to place them on this page!


1894 Educable Children

"The Jeffersonian" Class Annual for 1917

Jefferson County High School Catalog for 1917-1918

Fayette High School Class of 1925

Fayette High School Class of 1929/30

Panoramic Photo of the Jefferson County AHS, Union Church Class of 1929/30

Fayette Academy Class of 193? 

7th Grade Class of 1947

1956 Fayette High School Annual

Bessie Fox Truly Speech from 1936 New

Poplar Hill School New





Faris School Board Meeting:

                                                                     Sept the 1st 1894

The patrons of the Faris School met and elected M. V. B Case, chairman and T C. Wilkinson,  Sec. Patrons  present, M.V. Case, S. H. Lofton, W. W. Faris, C. C. Beard,  Joe Davis T.C. Wilkinson.


The object of the meeting being stated by chairman, proceeded to elect Trustees.  J C. Faris, M.V.B. Case, T. C. Wilkinson received the largest number of votes, was declared elected.  J. C. Faris  for 3 Years, T. C. Wilkinson for 2 and M. V. B. Case for 1 year.

Miss Kate Scott got the votes of all present for teacher.  C. C. Beard and T. C. Wilkinson was appointed to go before the Board of Supervisors to get their advice about moving the Abbott school house, also to partition to the Board for $20.00 Twenty dollars for building purposes.

There being no further business we adjourn until the next Saturday eve.

                                                                   M.V.B Case   chairman

                                                                  T. C. Wilkinson     sec.

Copied and submitted by Jane Combs, Waco, Texas

Jefferson County Tidbits # 6   Fayette Female Academy


The Fayette Female Academy was established in 1827.  The Jefferson County Agricultural High School for boys was established in 1884 by

Dr. C.W. Grafton.(So states the WPA records)

Anebec (Ann Brown)

Jefferson County Tidbits # 30   Beech Hill Academy

     The Beech Hill Academy and Methodist meeting house, was located about on the east side of the old road about half way between Red Lick to Dennisville.

     "By an Act to incorporate the Trustees of Beech Hill Academy and the Methodist Meeting House, in Jefferson County, passed February 6, 1819, Isaac Dunbar, George Barnes, Isaac Scott, William W. Boyd and Isaac A.B. Ross are declared a body corporate by the name and style of the Trustees of Beech Hill

Academy and Methodist Meeting House, and made capable of raising by subscription or receiving by donations any sum no exceeding ten thousand dollars for the use and benefits of said institution."  This is recorded in the Summary or Private and Local Acts .. The Revised Code of the Laws of Mississippi  at the end of the year in 1823.

    Of its early history we can learn little but it is safe to suppose that the school was supported by popular subscription of the patrons and on the first rolls were listed the names of Wades, Rosses, Scotts, Shaws, Stephens, Cissnas and some of the other pioneer families of this locality.

    According to the WPA papers, Mrs. Dumont Freeman of Fayette prizes a contract of Beech Hill drawn up in 1839 which is worded as follows :

     "Articles of Agreement made and agreed to, this 7th day of January 1839, between the Trustees and subscribers of the Beech Hill Academy of the one part and William E. Andrews of the other part.  

     Witness:  The trustees on their part agree to furnish the said Andrews a good school room and he on his part agrees to take charge of said school room, under the charge of the said Trustees, and that if any one of the children

misbehaves so that the teacher can't control the said scholar, the Trustees are to be notified and judge of the case of the said scholar, and further, he, the said Andrews, must on his part have a day book for the purpose of showing the conduct of all Bad Boys and they are to be kept within certain bounds laid off by the said Trustees for the children to play in; and for teaching reading, writing, arithmetick(sic), geography and English grammar, two dollars and twenty -five cents per month, and for higher branches to be allowed in proportion.

    The Trustees require the said teacher to be in the school room by eight o'clock at all seasons of the year and time out in the evening in proportion.

     The said teach shall be at all times subject to be dismissed by the Trustees whenever they become displeased and he, the said Andrews, shall be at liberty to dismiss the school for reason deemed satisfactory and shall be paid for his services up to that time.  The school shall not at any time exceed thirty scholars.,  Trustees:  T.B. Shaw, Thomas Kemp, L. Wade, Daniel

Stephens and Isaac A.B. Ross.

     In later years, the Beech Hill Academy was probably combined with the Red Lick School at the intersection of roads where the Red Brick Church now stands.  Just when the Red Lick School was established is not known, however, in 1845 , it is recorded in the Session Book of the Red Lick Presbyterian Church the following entry."  In March 1845 the Rev. Jacob Rickhow was invited

to preach at the school house at Red Lick ..... Early in June of this year, a notice was given that a protracted meeting would be held at the school house.  At a later date, this was made a free (public) school and continued in operation until about 1900.

    From Dr. Walter Wade's journal  on Jul 4, 1847 there is the notation that he heard a sermon at the Brick Church from Mr. Baldwin who teaches school for Mr. Trimble and others.

    Aug 6, 1847  The trustees met at the school house. Settled with Armstrong Flowers as teacher.

   Thur. Jan 3, 1850.  Asa Watkins and Whitfield Brown call.  Examined School books.

   There are numerous entries mentioning the school at the Brick Church.


 Ann Brown.  

The Franklin Society Founds THE FRANKLIN ACADEMY

Jefferson County, Mississippi

FRANKLIN ACADEMY.   "This institution was founded by the Franklin society, named in honor of Doctor Benjamin Franklin, which had its first meeting at Greenville, after the adoption of a constitution, Jan. 4, 1806.  Cato West was president, Thomas Fitzpatrick, vice-president; Daniel Beasley, secretary; Thomas M. Green, treasurer.  Other original members were Thomas Hinds, Henry D. Downs, Robert Cox, John Shaw, John Hopkins, James S. Rollins, Charles B. Howell, David Snodgrass, Thomas and Joseph Calvit, William Thomas.

"At a meeting June 14, Henry Green and Edward Turner were proposed as new members.  Mr. Hinds, chairman of the committee, reported that Edward Turner offered a house and lot in Greenville as a house of instruction for the Franklin Academy, at a rent of $100 a year if paid in advance, and the Rev. David Snodgrass offered to take charge of the academy for six months at $50 a month, "finding myself."  At the next meeting, in August, Armstrong Ellis, Robert McCray, William Snodgrass and Felix Hughes were made members.   The Turner proposition was accepted, Felix Hughes was chosen principal of the academy, and tuition was fixed as follows:  reading, writing and common arithmetic, $20 a year; higher branches, $30."  

From:  Mississippi Vol. 1 A-K by Dunbar Rowland, 1907, page 742-743.


From: ACTS OF THE LEGISLATURE  The Historical Records Survey, Works Progress Administration, Abstracted for Genealogical Purposes page 19 by Ella McCaleb Young.


"Academis(52) Founding members of the "Franklin Society":

Cato West, Thomas M. Green, Thomas Fitzpatrick, John Shaw, Daniel Beasley, Charles Howell, William Snodgrass, David Snodgrass, Edward Turner, John Hopkins, Henry D. Downs, James Rollins,  Thomas Calvit, Robert Cox, Henry Green, Felix Hughes, Armstrong Ellis, Jacob Stampley, John Brooks, Thomas Hinds, Wm. Thomas & Robert McCray, January 8, 1807."


Carolyn Switzer's  note:  looks like Jacob Stampley joined between August, 1806 and January, 1807.  

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