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Wills from Book A 1800-1833
This page contains a synopsis of the wills found in Book A of the Jefferson County Records.
It is a BONANZA of names of folks who lived in Jefferson and Claiborne Counties, including slave names!
page 4

Will of Thomas Smith
Wife - Mary Smith - estate real and personal
Children - unnamed
Brothers & Sisters - Mary Brooks, Susanna Low,  
   Roxana James & John Poor Smith the sum of    $100.00
Nieces - Betsy Brooks, Mary Foster sum of $400.00
Executors - Thomas Farrar, Isaac Noble
Witness - Everard Green, William Kelly, Gains Donoho
Dated : July 14, 1800

Page 4-5

Will of Richard Harrison

Wife - Patsy Harrison
Children - unreadable
[main part of will is unreadable]
Executors - Patsy, wife; David Ferguson; James Truly;    William Burgessee
Witnesses - William Moss; John Nailer; Roswell Mygatt
Proved in front of John Girault January 14, 1800
Probated - January 17, 1800, William Moss, John Nailer,    Roswell Mygatt
Dated: December 24, 1799

Page 6
Will of Joseph K. Green
Wife - Mildred Green
Daughters - Martha Augusta (oldest) Green
Slave - woman named Cuba
Daughters - Sarah Virginia Green; Lucy? Ann Green (lived in Claiborne Co, MS)
Sons (5) - Thomas Marston Green
Slaves - Andrew, Michael, Tom, Lucinda? & Easter.
Executors - Wife, William Harper, John Hopkins, Thomas Hinds (friends)
Witnesses - William Daniels; Mary (her x mark) Watkins; Jacob M. Phillis
Dated November 7, 1810

Page 8-14
Will of Thomas Marston Green  
of Jefferson County, Miss

Wife - beloved wife Priscilla [Priscilla Kirkland was his
second wife]
Slaves - Quashy, Peter, Dan’l, Judy, Peggy, Maria, Phillip,the daughter of Judy, and Ned in possession of her father. Also, property given her by her uncle,  Samuel Kirkland, dec’d.
Son - Joseph Kirkland Green
Slaves - Tallton, Emanuel, Andrew, Peter, L- , John & Esther
Daughter - Elizabeth Davidson, her eldest son, Thomas Green Davidson
Son-in-law- John Davidson
Slaves - January, Martin, Ross, Milley & Joe
Son-in-law- John Hopkins and Granddaughter Mary Jane Hopkins
Slaves - Jack, Charlotte & Jude
Daughter - Mary Howell
Slaves Charles, Antoino, Harriett & Rachel
Daughter - Jane Kirkland Green
Slaves - Peter, Sal, Lizy & Goose
Daughter - Lamenda Hinds
Slaves - J__, Lewis, Amy & Hanny
Daughter - Rebecca Green
Slaves - Phil, Booker, Alvy & thier infant child Hager
Daughter - Augusta Green
Slaves -Ana_Ancha, De__, Jesse, Polly
Friend & relation - Obediah Kirkland and his son Joseph Kirkland.
Son - youngest - Thomas Marston Green
Sons - youngest - three - Thomas Marston Green, Filmer Wills Green & William Marston Green.
Stepsons - William Llewellyn & Samuel Llewellyn, sons of Priscilla
Son-in-law and friend, Charles B. Howell
Trusty Servant - Ma_el, my hand spun clothes.
Son-in-law and friend, Thomas Hinds
Witnesses - Henry Folks; Charles Riley; Marston Harper
Dated: December 5, 1812

Page 15
Will of David Cable

Sister - Susan Cable and her daughter
Eliza Cable, alias Eliza O’Brien.
Brothers & testers - unnamed
Executors - Thomas Calvet, Joseph Calvet
Witnesses - H. D. Downs; Rush Nutt; John F. Ellinger
Dated: January 24, 1804

Pages 15-16
Will of Winsor Pipes

Beloved wife - Jeanette Pipes
Sons (5) - John Pipes, Joseph Pipes, Abner Pipes,
David Pipes, Charles Pipes.
Daugthers - Jeanette Pipes, Letitia Pipes,
Polly Pipes.
 Witnesses - Isaac Taylor, Caleb Stower, John Sharp.
Dated: May 16, 1805 - April 19, 1806

Page 16-17

Will of Thomas Green

Wife - Sarah Green
tract of land near Greenville
Thomas James (son of David James)
Sons - Everard Green; Henry Green; Thomas Green; Abner Abraham Green; youngest son Ephraim Alexander Green (Henry Green's son)
Executors: son, Abner Green, Abraham Green,
John Hopkins.
Witnesses - Zachariah Kirkland, John Shaw,
Thomas Hinds, Job __ss [Ross? Moss?]
Dated: June 25, 1805

Page 18

Will of Thomas Lowery, native of Scotland, Citizen of Jefferson, County, MS
Friends - Henry D. Downs; Leticia C. Green
Executor - Roland Brown; Henry D. Downs of Greenville
Witnesses - Hezekiah J. Balch; Robert H. Fleming.
Dated: April 12, 1808

Page 18
Will of Everard Green
Wife - Elizabeth Green
Son - Abner Green
Daughters - Eliza McKenny Green, Martha Wills Green, Lousia Sparks Green. Unmarried & underage
Stepson - Samuel Kirkland Sorsby
Friends - Thomas Hinds; Cowles Mead; Marston Clay; Compton G. Llewllyn
Slaves - Harry, Betty, Prince, Milly, Dick
Slave - old servant, Charles & his wife.
Witnesses - Pleasant Elam, Rush Nutt, James Smith
Dated February 10, 1813
Cococil: March 8, 1813
Witnesses - Thomas Hinds, A. Gown, Marston Clay

Page 21
Will of Daniel Beasley

Nieces - Poly Beasly and Obedience Beasly of Chesterfield, VA, daughters of Brother Thomas Beasly, deceased
Executor - Armstrong Ellis
Witnesses - J. E. Davis, F. Colton, Stephen Terry
Dated : March 7, 1813

Page 22

Will of Alexander M. Dugats
Son - Argus? Dugats
3 other children - Charles Dugats, Daniel Dugats,
Mary Dugats.
Witnesses - Argus Patterson, Neill Buie, Gilbert Davis
Dated: March 8, 1813

Page 22

Will of Caleb Hills

Wife - “beloved wife”
2 children - William Henry Hill, George Hill
Friend - James G. Wood
Executor - James G. Wood
Witnesses - Gains Donoho, Wm. Robb, John Smith
Dated: August 8, 1813

Page 23
Will of Mary Carradine

Son - George R. Carradine
Grandchildren - Eliza Carradine, Henry Frances Carradine,
Martha Ann Carradine, George R. Carradine.
Slaves - woman, Esther, age 26; man, Beck, age 44;
girl, Milley, age 19; girl, Mary, age 10; girl, Rachel, age 8.
Executor & Guardian - George R. Carradine (son)
Witnesses - James Keith, Eliza Carradine, Richard Carradine.
Dated: September 15, 1813

Page 23
Will of Abraham Helmick

Wife - beloved wife Sary Helmick
Daugther of wife - Elizabeth Sanders
Executor - Sara Helmick
Mentioned - William Colvin
Witnesses - Armstrong Ellis; Alexander G. Holland; John Fort
Dated February 10, 1814

Page 24
Will of Jonathan Jones

Wife - Phebe Jones
Children - Unnamed
Executors - William Griffing, Zachariah B. Jones & beloved wife.
Witnesses - John Addison, Henry Craig, Joseph Davis
Dated: March 18, 1814
Page 24-25
Will of James Dromgoole

unreadable top half
Son - Alexander G. Dromgoole,
Daughter - Mildred Droomgoole
Slaves - Bonoparte & Jamy?
John M. Dromgoole
Phillip A. Dromgoole (settlement in suit with Ayres Stewart)
Silas Rolls-husband of daughter- Margaret
Stepson - Ennis Mackey - land in Parish of Concordia, LA
Joseph _____ in wedlock with my daughter    
Margaret Mackey - land adjoining Patrick Cogan.
Witnesses - John E. Ball; Walter Mackey
Dated April 14, 1818

Page 26
Will of David Carradine

Brothers - George R. Carradine's children; Richard Carradine's children; Parker Carradine
Slaves - Killer? & Patrick?
Nephew - John Collier
Executors - friends - James Dunbar, Ben M. Bullin; John H___, and brother Richard Carradine
Witnesses - William Gillaspie; George Henry; Daniel Smith
Dated July 7, 1818

Page 27
Will of Thomas West

Brothers - Benjamin Franklin West; Charles West
Orphan boy - John Ewing
Executors - Charles West, brother;
William Foster? [Fort?], friend.
Witnesses - John Vandevall, Walter Mackey, Israel    Coleman
Dated August 18, 1818

Page 28

Will of Cato West

Wife - Martha West
Son - Charles West
Youngest children - John Smith West, Richard Claiborne    West , Benjamin Franklin West, Cato West, Martha    Elizabeth West, Mary Jane West. Lands purchased of William Stampley.
Executors - wife; and Cowles Meads, Esq., son;
Charles West, son.
Witnesses - Isaac McClutchen; Robert Cocks; Adam Cloud
Dated July 13, 1818

Page 29

Will of Robert Prince

Wife - Jane Prince
Slaves - woman, Nancy, age 55; Lett, age 58, Winn, age 32, Milley, age 31, man, Reuben, age 29, boy, Solomon,    age 17; woman, Lucky, age 30, and her child    Philadelphia; and a man due him from Edward M. Pennington.
Slave - Frederick, son of Winny, age 4 months.
Slave - boy, Isaac, child of Winny, age 4 years old.
Slave - boy, Henry, son of Winny, age 2
Sons - Alexander Prince, Robert Prince, John G. T. Prince,    
W. B. Prince, Bayless E. Prince.
Daughters - Sally Pennington, Elizabeth Prince,
Cynthia Masquillian, Myra Jane Prince, Polly Berry Shelby,
Patsey Berg Shelby.
Witnesses - William Kelly, Elijah L. Clark, James McCall, William Selman, Richard W. Kelly, John A. Goodson .
Executors - wife, and son, John G. T. Prince.
Dated: July 19, 1817

Page 32

Will of Benjamin Newman

Wife - Olive Newman
Eldest son - Isaac Newman
Children - Reuben B. Newman (son), Maria Irwin    (daughter), Uriah Newman (son), Josiah Newman    (son), Francis Newman (daughter), Betsey Newman    (daughter)
Slaves - Guy & Jasmine, Dorcus & her child Red. Bill & Harvey, Laura, Hannah, Leonard, Stephen, Dinah, Lucy, Tom, Ann
Witnesses - John Brown, Gadi Gibson
Dated October 2, 1818
Page 33

Will of John Carroll

Wife - Dosha
Sons - Stephen Carroll, John Carroll
3 children of wife by previous marriage - Polly McCray, Elisabeth McCray, Edmund McCray
Executors - Wife and Robert McCray
Witnesses - Watkins Williams, William Sutherland, Adam    
W. Ferrar
Dated May 31, 1817

Page 34

Will of Elvia C. Tunstall

Debt from William C. Middleton
Sisters - Martha W. Tunstall, Charlotte M. Ellis
Catherine B. Martin
Brothers - William W. Blanton, Henry Blanton (lived in
Warren Co., MS)
Niece - Nancy O. Martin
Executor - John Tunstall (friend), Martha W. Turnball (sister)
Witnesses - John A. Davidson, Frederich Turnball,
Ann J.? Daley
Dated December 17, 1819
[Note: name is spelled several different ways in this document, Tunstall, Turnball, Twinbull]
Page 36
Will of William King
of Abingdon, Washington Co. ,VA

Wife - beloved wife Mary [or Marg] lot number two in    
Kingston, now rented to C. Findley & my father.
Brother - James King, of Nashville
Nephew - William King, son of James King
Niece - Rachal, daughter of William Triggs and lately   
Rachel Findlay.
Sister - Elizabeth, wife of John Mitchell
Sister - Nancy
Half brother - Samuel
Half sister - Hannah
Mentioned - Connally Findley
Mentioned - Charles L. Carson, partner of brother James    King.
Nieces - Elizabeth Findley & Elizabeth Mitchell
Father - Thomas King
Witnesses - William D. Nelson, John Doherty
Executors - William Trigg of Abingdon, Virginia and    James King of Nashville.

Dated: 3 March 1806
Administered in Washington Co., Virginia 20 December 1808. John Doherty now of Mississippi Territory. Col. James King, Samuel Glen and Jacob Menefee made for one million five hundred thousand dollars with Robert Craig, Junr, Thomas Tate, Robert Deloss, John Aperson, Joseph Cole, Robert White, Basil Talbott, John Cole, Thomas Moffett, Joshua Burke, William Duff, William Jones, Benjamin Estill, Samuel Vance, James Bryant, Michael Shaver, Gerrard, J. Cown, James Thompson, Enoch Scholfield, George Spangler, James Keys, James McCullock, John Williamson, William Gray, James Lyon, Alexander Ha______, Benjamin Longley, Jacob Menefe, Robert Huston, Reuben T__dley, Valentine Baugh, John Mitchell, Jacob Baker, John McCormick, Robert Craig, John At_hey, John Goodson, Peter Clarke, John Buchanan, James King, Senr., Samuel Musick, Samuel Glen, Rufus Morgan, James Longley, William McKenny, Michael Dulard, Lilburn L. Henderson, John J. Trigg, David Smith, Robert Lu_ces, William D. Nielson, Earl B. Clapp, Jacob Long, Willcome Martin, Robert McCullock, Thomas Thornberry, Matthew Willoghby, Benjamin Charles, Connally Findley, William King, Joseph ____, Charles Tate, Peter A. Clayton, William Poston, Peter Scott, securities...
18 Jan. 1809. James White, Henry Dickenson & Richard Hazlonigg. James King, William Trigg, Exec.
14 April 1818. Will presented in Washington Co., Va to John Campbell, Clerk.

Page 40

Will of William Triggs
of Abingdon, VA

Wife - beloved wife Rachel Triggs
Slaves - Sally and her children
Sons- beloved sons Wlliam King and Daniel Connally
Findley, Lelburn Henderson Triggs
Executors - Lilburn L. Henderson, of Abingdon, & John J.
Trigg, now of Saltville.
Dated - 11 June 1813 at Abingdon.
Witnesses - P. Baltzell, John Lewis, Willian Jones, of    Virginia.
Proved - 25 Oct 1813. Washington Co., VA, by Philip    Baltzell and John Lewis.
26 Oct. 1813. Lilburn L. Henderson, executor of William Trigg, dec’d, took oath with Matthew Willoughby, Connally Findley, George Rosenbaum, George W. Dixon, Samuel Knott, Cirad Stephens, Samuel Fulton, by John Fulton his attorney in Fact, Isaac Baker, John Menefee, Peter Long, James Bradley, Zacheriah Shugart, John Apperson, Michal Shaver, William Stone, John Rosenbaum, William Trimble, John Mitchell and Martin Bealy by Philip Baltzell their attorney in Fact, Lewis Torray, John Gum by Henry Dixon his attorn in fact, William Mayo by Peter Mayo, his attorney in fact, Thomas McChesney and William Pamer his securities...

Page 41

Will of Thomas Sims

Wife - beloved wife, Elizabeth Sims
Sons - Arthur Brown Sims, Isaac A. Sims, Lewis Sims
Daughters - Rebecca Sims, Sarah Sims, Hannah Sims.
Executors - wife, Jacob H. Hill (son in law), Arthur Brown Sims (son)
Witnesses - James Sims, Daniel McCall
Dated January 30, 1819
Page 42

Will of George Torry

Wife - Sarah Torry
Sons - Alexander Torry, Philip Hill Torry, James Torry, George Guiliford Torry, John Love Torry
Daughters - Catherine Torry, Mary Torry, Sarah Torry
Executors - Wife, Sarah Torry, Son, Alexander Torry
Witnesses - William Montgomery, Peter McIntyre
Dated April 24, 1820

Page 43

Will of John Sellers

Son - Daniel Sellers
Slaves - woman called Biner and her daughter
called Lucy and her son Lewis, and a boy called Chasley.
Son - Archibald Sellers
Slaves - man called Jack and girl called Patsey.
Son - Walter Sellers
Slaves - woman called Esther and boy called Bob.
Son - John Sellers. To receive money collected in Carolina except for $150 sent for by Archibald Cervies?
Slave - boy called Dick.
Son - Duncan Sellers
Slaves - boys called Bill & Tom
Daughter - Sarah Sellers [Marble]
Slave- Girl named Judy.
Daughter - Mary Sellers
Slave - girl called Letty
Daughter - Katherine Sellers
Slave - boy called Simon.
Daughter - Elizabeth Sellers
Slave - Silvey
Son-in-Law - Theophilus Marble
Executor - Walter Seller (son), Theophilus Marble (son-in-law)
Witnesses - David Torry, Archibald Torry
Dated September 17, 1819

Page 44
Will of Jacob Seagrist
Beloved wife
Daughters - Nancy Seagrist, Mary? Seagrist, Susannah?
Seagrist, Georgia Seagrist.
Sons - Jacob Seagrist, Lewis Seagrist, Henry Seagrist, David? Segrist, Daniel Segrist, Caslin Segrist.
Grandchildren - Kizia, Patsey, Christian, ____ & Mary
Slaves - girl named Frank, boy named Sam., boy named Jim
Mentioned - Elam MacDonald to have nothing to do with property.
Witnesses - John B. Conger, David Floyd, William Paget
Executor - Henry Sellers, son
Dated: 29 June 1820

Part of will unreadable.

Page 45-46

Will of James Whitaker

Sisters - Frances Whitaker, Charolotte Goodrum
Heirs of Daniel Whitaker
Heirs Francis Whitaker, Charlotte Goodrum, Isaac    Whitaker, Daniel Whitaker; Betsy Ayres?, Aaron    Whitaker, Robinson Whitaker.
Executor - uncle Randal Gibson & David Gibson of Mississippi as executors.
Witnesses - J. H. Shanks, Thomas Logan, Randall Gibson.
Dated: 28 Feb. 1820
Page 46-48

Will of Henry Craig

Wife - Pheobe Craig, all that part of the estate of Jonathan    Jones, inherited by her.
4 children- Rachel Craig, Fenton N. Craig, Eliza Craig & William H. Craig.
Land: adjoining Col. Cowles Mead
Land: in Claiborne Co., MS
Executor: John Dobbs, sole executor.
Witnessess- Thomas C. Vaughan, Charles N? Jourdan, Levi C. Harvey.
Dated: 5 July 1820
[Note by Clerk, O. Gillis, that pg 46 - 60 were blank, 1965]
Page 60

Will of Collin Nutt

Brother: Rush Nutt
Friend: John Hopkins
Slave - boy named Griffin, age seventeen years old, until he is 44 years old...
Children: "my children"
Executor: John Hopkins
Witnesses: Thos. C. Vaughan & Martin Thornton
Date: 31 Dec 1820

Page 60

Will of Hezikiah J. Balch

Beloved Mother
Slave - woman named Fand_
Friends - Sarah Parker & William E. Parker
Sister - Ann Caldwell & her children
Executor - William E. Parker.
Witnesses - Henry Withers?, John Dixon, Hiram Jennings
Date: 16 July 1820/21

Page 62
Will of Jacob Cable

Children: not named
Slave - woman Hannah to be set free and maintained.
Executor - Hezikiah J. Balch, Armstrong Ellis, Abner Pipes
Witnesses - Thomas Hinds, John Newbaker, Jas. Cowdan
Date 8 May 1814 or 1819

Page 62
Will of James Dromgoole

Wife - Jane Dromgoole
Slaves - man named Ned and his wife Dolly.
Daughter - Evaline Dromgoole,
Daughter - Mildred, wife of William Hill
Slaves - Bonipart__ & Fan.
Daughter - Margaret, wife of Silas Rolls or Bolls or Boles
Son - Alexander G. Dromgoole
Slaves - woman named ____ [Lucy?, Sary?] and her children.
Son - John M. Dromgoole - note in hand of Edmund Hall, dated 1st April 1809.
Others - Eveline Dromgoole Twitty, Philip A. or H. Dromgoole, Aaron Stewart
Slaves - woman Nancy and her children
Stepson - Eaves Mackey -land in Louisiana containing 472 acres, certificate # 1830?
Stepdaughter - Margaret Mackey, wife of Joseph Bullen [or Beales?]
Date - 16 July 1816
[Maybe another page. There are no witnesses and signature. page 65 appears to be missing]

Page 66

Will of Rhoda Davis

Sons - David Standley
Daughters - Catharine Forsithe, Margaret Standley, Hannah    Jennings, Nancy Platner, Elizabeth Brudin, Ruth Glassom, Rhoda Nelson, Rebecca Ellison
Slaves - man named Clem,
Executor - friend, Daniel Perry
Test - Baker Philips, Russell Pickett
Dated - 15 Sept. 1818

Page 66
Will of John Ferguson
of Petit Gulf, Jefferson Co., MS

Nephew - John Ferguson Shackleford (or his brother & Sister) all interest in the Firm of John Ferguson & Company.

Niece - Ferguson, daughter of William Ferguson, all estate
belonging to the estate of William Ferguson, deceased.
Others - Heirs of Samuel B. Ferguson & hiers of Edmund     Shackleford
Executors - John L. Buck, Samuel Calvit, Edmund Shackleford
Dated: 29 Sept. 1820

Page 67

Will of Parker Carradine

Wife - loving wife, Letticia Carradine, 1/3 of estate
Others - James Alexander Keith, 2/3 of estate. He is under 21 and unmarried. If he dies before 21 or married to give his share to his mother & her children.
Slaves - Charlott and her two children
Brother - George - to his daughter Eliza & Martha, to his    
sons Francis, George & James (my nephew, James’    
youngest son of his brother George)
Brother - John - sons John & Jench?
Brother - Richard - his son Parker
Slave - "care of my faithful fellow Caleb..."
Executors - wife, friend, Stephen Terry & John McCaleb
Witnesses - Henry Scribe, Henrietta B. Scribe, John Pipes, Lydia White.
Dated : 19 March 1819

Page 68
Will of Mary Irvins

Sons - Reason Irvins & John J. Irvins
Slave - Isaac
Granddaughters - Maria & Mary Betsel
Daughter - Alice Moore Irvin
Others - equally divided between my children
Witnesses - John ___lye & William C. Robinette
Dated: 24 Jan 1821

Page 68

Will of Joel Yowells
of Buck___ Springs, Mississippi

Brother - James Yowell of Jefferson Co., Kentucky
Others - Ewill Hume, son of Liley Hume, resident of
Culpepper County, Virginia.
Executor - Seth Cox to be sole Ex.
Witnesses - James Bracken, S. D. Hamberlin, Francis
Dated: 11 September 1818.

Page 69
Will of William Moore

Wife - beloved wife, Jane Moore
Brothers - Thomas Moore, David Robinson
Nephew - William Wilson
Others mentioned - Rev. M. P. Cloud
Executors - Thomas Moore & David Robinson
Witnesses - Thomas Robertson, Samuel Johnson, Adam Cloud.
Dated: 6 May 1820

Page 69

Will of Thomas Calvit

Wife - beloved wife, Hulda Calvit
Slaves - Maria & her brother Jacob, boy Reuben & young Lonz.
Daughter - Eliza Lueretta Calvit & her lawful heirs.
Slaves - Bill , Jabez and his wife Chanty. Fanny the daughter of Kitty? and Maria and her brother Jacob.
Property - in hands of Felix Hughes
Son - Samuel Calvit
Executors - Son Samuel Calvit, Col. James G. Wood, of Jefferson Co., Miss., Joshua G. Clarke of Claiborne Co., MS & David Hunt?.
Witnessess- Thomas Hinds, William Z? Allen, Daniel James.
Dated: 6 April 6 1821

Page 70

Will of Edward M. Pennington

Wife - beloved wife, Sally Pennington
Children - four- Benj. Pennington, Robert Pennington, Mary Jane Pennington & Eliza Anne Pennington (underage)
Friends - Thomas Shelby, Elizabeth Clarke.
Executors - wife, Sally, Friends Thomas Shelby & Elizabeth Clarke.
Witnesses - D. W. Brazeale, J. Macquilliam,
John J. L. Prince, A. G. Prince.
Dated: 4 May 1821

Page 71
Will of Thomas Calvit
Mrs. Hulda Covington, annual sum of $200 until her youngest child Elizabeth Covington shall arrive at six years old.
Slaves - girl Maria
Son - Samuel Calvit
Executor: Son Samuel Calvit sole Ex.
Witnesses - Philip Dixon, Samuel Bullen, Elisha Brazeale
Dated: 2 Oct 1818

Page 73

Will of John Jones, Senior

Son - Jonathan Jones - 100 acres lying on the Mississippi Bluff.
Sons - John Jones, Zachariah Jones - land where I reside.
Daughter - Ann Scott
Son-in-law- D. Greenleaf
Dated: 7 Sept. 1821

Page 73

Will of John L. Montgomery
Late of Jefferson County, now Shelbyville, KY

Brother - Josiah Montgomery of Mississippi
Brother - Hugh Montgomery of Louisiana
Sister - Polly
Slave - woman named Emily
Executors- Doctor John M. Allen & William Logan of Shelby Co., KY., Brother, Josiah, Brother-in-law William A. Cousin?
Witnesses - B. F. Duprey, N. Livingston, Jr., John Liggett
J. M. Allen, William Logan, Andrew A. Shannon.
Dated: 11 Aug 1821
Bond - Joseph W. Knight & George B. Knight


Page 75
Will of Benjamin Hawkins
Wife - Jasmina Hawkins
Slave - boy named William
Executors - wife & friend James Stewart
Witnesses - W. C. Middleton, James McCaa, Richard Valentine
Dated: 19 Nov. 1821

Page 76
Will of George Cochram
Mary Barland, wife of Andrew Barland
Mary Barland, daughter of Andrew Barland
Slave - Malinda
Charles Barland, son of Andrew Barland
Martha Barland, daughter of Andrew Barland
Executor: Sole exec., friend, Andrew Barland
Witnesses - Felix Hughes, William D. Gilbert, Bernard Bolling
Dated: 23 June 1822

Page 76
Will of Adam Rums

Slave - to Slave woman, Betty
Witnesses - P. B. Harrison, Daniel Dunbar, James Dunbar
Dated: 6 April 1822

Page 77

Will of Joseph Tucker

Wife - beloved wife, Hannah Tucker
Children - eight- John S.Tucker ,Catherine Legitt, oldest    daughter, William Tucker, David Tucker, Thomas
Tucker, James Tucker, Susan Tucker, Jane Tucker.
Executor - wife & Davis Donoho
Witnesses - Isaac Noble, Davis Donoho, Thomas Noble
Dated: 21 Feb. 1823

Page 78

Will of Bejamin Dent
Wife - Mary H? T? Dent
Brothers - George Dent’s children Mary Eliza Dent, daughter of George Dent,Warren Dent, son of George Dent, Washington Dent, son of George Dent
Slave - free slave Frank [take him to the State of Ohio?]
Executors - George Dent, brother & King H. Holmes
Witnesses - Charles Riley, Isaac Pipes, Seth Cocks
Dated: 1821

Page 79
Will of George Foreman

Wife- beloved wife Sarah Foreman
Slave - man named Stephen and woman named Ginny and    their children. A woman named Aggy.
Heirs - John Foreman, Anna Clark, William Foreman,    Samuel or Jarvis Foreman, Mary Grafton.
Others - Jervina Johnson, equal heir share from portion of
her mother Sarah Foreman.
Executors - John Foreman, son & Thomas Grafton
Witnesses - John M. Folkes. Elijah Coleman, James Folkes,    Jr.
Dated: 16 Jan 1823
Page 80

Will of Letticia Carradine
Mother - Mary Keith
Niece - Charlotte Slutton or Shelton
Niece - Kelly or Kitty Polina Nash
Sister - Maria G. Nash
Nephew - James Alexander Keith, son of my sister Maria
Niece - Letticia Bradford, heir of Letticia Keith, daughter of    brother Isham Keith.
Executors - Stephen Terry, Elihu Kilpatrick, Benjamin M. Bullen.
Witnesses - Mumford Mims, John Grayham, John Chambers.
Dated: 1 May 1824

Page 81
Will of Felix Hughes

Wife - dearly beloved wife, Margaret Hughes
Sons - Philip Oscar? Hughes,
Son - Jefferson J. Hughes, Lot #1 in Square #34 in Natchez
Daughter - received land from John Elldenfill
Executors - Margaret Hughes, and Philip O. Hughes
Witnesses - James Folkes, _______, John ________.
[Can’t read the rest]

Page 82

Will of Benjamin M. Bullen
Wife - dear wife Elizabeth Bullen
Slaves - All undivided half of all my land, Celia & her infant child Philip, John & Fanny her children,    and my dears; also the half of my Negroes viz:    Robert, Isaac? and Charles.
Niece - Susan Chamberlain
Slaves - Maria, ____ & Wilens?
Nephew - Dr. Moses Chamberlain
Sister - Hannah Roberts -house and lots in Greenville.
Brother-in-law - Dr. William Dixon
Nephew - Roger Dixon
Friends - Dr. E. M. Harding, Dr. Silus Kilpatrick, Dr. John H. Duncan, John H. Savage.
Slave - Thomas, aged about 36 years to have his freedom
Witnesses - E. M. Harding, John Dixon, Elihu Kilpatrick
Executor - wife & brother Samuel Bullen
Dated: 29 Oct 1824

Page 84

Will of John Stephen Scriber

Stepdaughter - Elizabeth Brown [or Bruce]
Son - John Scriber
Slaves - men, Mark and Sam
Son - Henry Scriber
Slaves - boy names Jacob and girl named Judy.
Executors - James G. Wood, Alexander Young
Witnesses - Alexander Young, Wm Robb, Sheparad Taylor
Dated: 12 Jan. 1824

Cocodil - Alexander Young, Wm Robb, Charles Donoho
Son - John to receive -
Slaves - woman named Betty and her three children,    
William, Nanny and Peggy.
Son - Henry to receive -
Slave - man named Richard.
Dated: 7 November 1824

Page 85
Will of John B. Norrell
of Adams County, Washingtontown, Mississippi

Wife - 'beloved wife"
Slaves - Sarah and her child Clarissa to be hired out for two years from the death of my wife Lot on Market Street on Washington on half acre.
Slave - man named John
Son - Isaac Norrell, age about 13 lives near Cohauler, Alabama
Wife’s sister - Mrs. Elizabeth Tool of Kentucky to receive his wife’s clothes.
Executor - John Snodgrass of Adams Co., Mississippi
Witnesses -John H. Duncan, Richard D. Shaw, _____G. Brazealle.
Dated: 6 Oct. 1825

Page 86

Will of Simeon Newman

Wife - Sally R. Newman
Slaves - Sam, Charles, Nat, Ralf, Isam, Jon, Nancy, Mary,    Elvey, Frank, Nan, Tom, Claiborne, Barney,    Guilford, Isaac, Sally, Silvia, Milley, Ben aged    about Forty years, Ben, aged about nine months,    Washington, & Laura.
Sons - Joseph H. Newman, Benjamin Newman, Claudius Newman & Simeon Newman.
Daughters - Eliza Martha Newman & Margaret Newman
Others - Cecelia Laura Newman
Child - not yet born to wife Sally R. Newman
Executors - Joseph H. Newman, son and friends Israel Lovingly, Thos. Colter [Cotton] & John T. McMurran
Witnesses - Joseph Nicoles, Benj. F. Jaques, R. T. Hamilton
Cococil - Joseph Nicoles, Benj F. Jaques, Joseph S. Gibbs
Dated: 16 Dec. 1825

Page 88
Will of Sheppard Taylor
Wife - Keziah Taylor
Slaves - unnamed
Witnesses - John H. Savage, John Sullies? John Bradshaw, Isaac McClutchen.
Dated: 24 July 1826

Page 89

Will of Samuel Calvit

Wife - Sarah Calvit
Relations - Tacitus Calvit, Mrs. Zilpha Seaton, Mrs. Elizabeth Magruder of Port Gibson.
Others - Hampstead Acadamy near Mount Salus of Hinds County, Mississippi
Executors - wife, friends Tacitus Calvit, Col. James G.    Wood, James Cowdan, Daniel Hunt.
Witnesses - Franklin Stanard, Isaac G. Bellows, James Cowden
Dated: 5 Nov. 1826

Page 90

Will of Jacob Stampley of Claiborne Co., MS
Wife - Elizabeth Black (who is now my wife Elizabeth Stampley)
Son - Napolean Alexander Black, son of wife Elizabeth
Slave - negro girl named Milly.
Heirs - James H. Stampley, William C. Stampley, Soloman B. Stampley.
Sons - John I. Stampley, Jacob E. Stampley, William C. Stampley, Solomon B. Stampley.
Daughters - Martha Stampley, Rhoda Stampley, Susanna Stampley.
Family Bible to go to Martha R. Stampley, his daughter.
Son - James H. Stampley
Slaves - man Jack, girl Silvia
Daughter - Mary Ursula Stampley.

Slave - girls Celia and Lacy.

Daughter - Nancy Caroline Stampley

Slave - woman, Dinah and girl Nancy

Daughter - Sarah M. Stampley. Her hiers to receive:

Slaves - woman Linda and her child Sarah, girl Rhoda

Son - John I. Stampley to be guardian for Sarah’s heirs.

Sons - and their minor heirs - David I. Stampley,

   Isaac S. Stampley, Samuel P. Stampley

Slaves - man Dick, woman, Sarah and her children,
   Letty, Charlotte, Charles and Susey, boy Jimy and    woman Luckey.

Land - lying on James Creek in Claiborne County.

Executor - Solomon B. Stampley, son

Guardian to minor heirs: David I. Stampley, Isaac S.    Stampley, Samuel P. Stampley, to be Solomon B.    Stampley.

Dated: 2 June 1826

Witnesses - Thomas Grafton, John I. Stampley, A.    Penquite, Abram Maberry.

Recorded: at Port Gibson on 8 December 1826.

Page 92

Will of Robert Turner

Wife - beloved wife Ann Turner.
Sons - Tobias G. Turner, Hezikiah Hampton Turner,    Francis Asbury Turner

Children - each to receive $5

Executor - Robert Turner, son
Witnesses - Ellis Mulkey, Isaac Noble, William Noble
Dated: 1 June 1820

Page 92

Will of Thomas Hill

Wife - present wife, Sarah Hill. All property she owned    
when we married.
Slaves - woman Beck.
Others - Elizabeth Sibley
Granddaughter - Louisa Hill, dau. of Elisha Hill, deceased
Slave -boy named Nelson
Granddaughter - Dorsha Hill, dau. of Elisha Hill, deceased
Slave - boy named Stephen
Daughter - Patsey McGraw
Slave - woman named Sook ?
Son - John Hill
Slave - girl named ____
Son - Hardy Hill
Slave - boy named Isham
Daughter - Nancy Sugg
Slave - boy named Jim
Children - Esther Sibley, Mary Owens, Lydia Williams, & Rachel Corben.
Executors - Willis McDonald, Thomas O. McDonald
Guardians - to granddaughters Louisa & Dorsha Hill, to be Willis McDonald and Thomas O. McDonald.
Witnesses - B. W. M. Martin, Wily McDonald
Dated: 3 Dec. 1819
Page 93

Will of David Torry
Wife - Margaret Torry
3 Eldest sons - Archibald Torry, Daniel Torry, George Torry.
Slaves - woman named Lucy.
Sons - John Torry, James Torry, Nat or Niel Torry
Daughter - Emily C. Willis
Slave - girl named Ma_tbity.
Daughters - Sarah Torry, Elizabeth Torry.
Executors - Margaret, wife and son Nat or Niel Torry
Witnesses - Abner Marble, Walter Sellers, Duncan McCatlin.
Dated: 19 July 1825

Page 95

Will of Malachi Hagins

Children - Estate not to be divided until youngest is of age
Slave - servant girl, Judith given her freedom.
Executors - John Burch, Hiram Baldwin, son, Malachi Hagins.
Witnesses - Robert Prater, David Scarbough, Margaret Prater.
Dated: 1 Aug 1826

Page 95

Will of William Brooks, deceased
Brothers - Robert Brooks, George Brooks & Samuel Brooks.
Brother-in-law - John Foster
Executor - John Foster
Dated: 3 Dec 1826
Proved: 7 May 1827, by James G. Wood, Jane Pipes

On 5 Dec. 1826, William Rimand, George Brooks and John Foster witnessed that he said he left $500 to his mother, father & sister and to graveyard at Christ Church.
Page 97
Will of Thomas Spain

Nephew - William Stephen Cox
Slave - boy named Georgie
Brother - Richard Spain
Executor - sole executor, P. R. Spain
Witnesses - Robert Crightor [or Christopher], R. Spain, Levi B. Chambless
Dated: 4 Nov. 1827

Page 97
Will of Mary Belton

Niece - Margaret A. Archer
Slave - girl, Mary
Nephew - Isaac Ross, Jr.
[Very hard to read]
Slaves - Stephney, Sam, Ben, Jefferson, Peggy
Nephew - William? Ross
Slaves - Bill, Ennis, Sarah, Hester, Jefferson, Peggy and her    children, Adam? and his woman Rose and her    child, and _____
Nieces & Nephews -the children of David and Jane B. Wade.
Others - John Belton Nickle, son of Jesse and Martha
Nickle, of the State of South Carolina
Sister - Jane Ross, wife of Capt. Isaac Ross
Executor - Capt. Issac Ross
Witness - A. B. Ross
Dated: 12 April 1823
Page 99
Will of John Hill

Wife - beloved wife, Sarah Hill...then to her lawful heirs
Slaves - woman named Grace and boy named Smart.
Witnesses - A. Guardner, Isaac A. B. Ross
Dated: 20 Aug 1827

Page 99

Will of Jesse Mimms

Wife - beloved wife, Susanna Mimms.
Slave - boy named Isom
Son - Nathaniel Mimms & his wife Ann [or Annie] all    
property in Hinds Co., MS
Slave - man named Caper?
Executor - Mr. Charles West & John Wills.
Witnesses - Israel Spinor?, Jesse M. White, N. M. Stewart
Dated: 17 April 1828

Page 100
Will of Jesse Bernard

of Augusta Co., VA & Petit Gulf, Jefferson Co., MS
Brothers - Greenberry Bernard, Jobb Bernard, land in
Nelson Co., VA.
Father & Mother & survivors- unnamed, land and $400.
Sister - Polly Ferguson
Slaves - woman Sally & her child, George, Henry, and a young girl 10-11 years old named Sally.
Sister-in-law - Ann Bernard, widow of my brother, Charles    Bernard, deceased.
Nieces - Lovisia & Antione?
Nephews - Allen Bernard, Thomas Bernard, Arthur Bernard
Brother-in-law - George M. Southgate
Executor for Mississippi - John Wiley or Walk
Executor - Jobb Bernard, Brother
Witnesses - Nathanel L. Bouldon, George Miller, A. M. Kirk.
Dated: 18 Oct 1827

Page 101
Will of William Robb
Wife - beloved wife, Sarah Robb
Children - four - Maryann Esther Turner, William John Robert Robb, James Franklin Robb &    Louisa Robb
Executor - sole - Robert Turner, brother-in-law
Witnesses - James G. Wood, Alexander Young, John T. Williams.
Dated: 30 Oct 1827

Page 102
Will of Elisha M. Walker

Daughter - Susan Walker
Brother - George B. Walker
Other - George F. Witherspoon of Franklin Co., MS
Executor - John F. Witherspoon & Joshua H. Robbs or Rollins.
House and Lot in Fayette to be sold.
Witnesses - E. Condie, L. L. Cartwright, Jno. Berry
Dated: 29 Aug 1827

Page 103
Will of Jasper [or Gaspar] Sinclair [or St. Clair or Clare]

Mentions - Ann Maria Eliza Stephens to receive 1/2 of estate. If she dies without heirs, estate to go to her half sister, Amanda Jane Cobb.
Slave - girl named Mary
Slaves - Jim & Franky, are growing old and need to be emancipated and set free. There are also to receive 1/2 of the estate.
Executors - George Dent, Thomas M. Miller
Test - James B. Truly, John Tullis, Fielder Cook
Dated: 7 March 1829

Page 104
Will of William M. Green

Wife - Laura P. Green, land in Jefferson Co. & Pike Co.,    Mississippi.
Brother - Filmer W. Green & his wife, Emily Green
Slave - boy named Joe
Nephew - William Hinds Green
Slaves - Little Ned, Dave & Eve, his wife and their    children.
Niece - Laura Laminda Green
Slaves - Cate & her six children: Phillis, Caroline, Jackson,    Ann, Cassa, and Joanna.
Executors - Filmer W. Green, brother & Jonathan McCaleb,    friend.
Test - A. G. Metcalfe, Thos. H. McCaleb, John J. Guion [or Guice?]
Dated: 1 July 1829
Page 105

Will of John Hopkins

Daughter - Mary Jane Hopkins alias Mary Jane Bradford
Brother - George W. Hopkins
Mother - Mary Hopkins
Brothers and Sisters - unnamed
Executors - General Thomas Hinds, Wm. M. Green,    George W. Hopkins.
Witnesses - Thos. Hinds, Wm. Clower, Richard Wash.
Dated: Aug 1825

Page 106
Will of Archelaus Kirkland

Wife - "my wife"
Slave - woman Hannah
Daughter - Catherine Augusta Green, to name her first born
son be named after me
nephew - William D. Kirkland
Mentioned - Armstead B. Bradford
Slave - Jack to be set free
Executors - wife, Armstead B. Bradford, Samuel C. Green
Witnesses - L. L. Cartwright, Lucy Ann Green, A. B. Bradford
Dated: 6 May 1829
Page 107

Will of George Brooks

Item - grave at Christ Church
Niece - Helen Jane Foster
Slave - woman Caroline
Niece - Mary Eliza Foster
Slave - girl Peggy and child Susan, daughter of my girl    Lucinda.
Nephew - James David Foster
Slave - woman Lucinda
Mentioned: Mrs. Mary Foster, wife of John Foster, Martha Ann Foster
Slave - boy named Claibourn.
Friend - James S. Clark
Brother-in-law - John Foster
Executor - sole - Brother-in-law, John Foster
Witnesses - James Payne, John Foster
Dated: 11 June 1829

Page 108
Will of Thomas B. Reed
of Natchez Plantation - "The Vale"
Wife - beloved wife, Margaret A. Reed, estate and
plantation near Gibson Port.
Children - unnamed
Guardian of children - wife, Margaret A. Reed
Friend - Mrs. Elizabeth Ford
Nephew - John Green
Executors, Capt. Isaac Ross, Sr. and wife, and Alvary Fisk, Esq.
Witnesses - B. W. Dudley, Zebulon Butler, John Green
Dated: 6 Nov. 1829

Page 109

Will of William T [or L.] Dent
Wife - Susan Dent
Grandson - William Dent Bean son of Robert Bean
Slave - girl named Nelly and her increase.
Son - Zachariah William Dent
Brother - George R. Dent’s children
Executors - George R. Dent, brother & Susan, wife
Witnesses - K. H. Homes, E. W. Harding, Isaac Pipes
Dated: 19 April 1831

Page 111
Will of Noel Killingsworth

Wife - Jane Killingsworth
Oldest son - Anon Killingsworth
Slaves - boy named Adam, girl Margaret
Eldest daughter - Elizabeth Killingsworth
Slaves - boy named ___mick, girl Susan
Daughter - Sarah Killingsworth
Slaves - boy named January, girl named Mariah
Youngest children - four - Anapias Killingsworth,    Catherine Killingsworth, James Killingsworth, Cidrick Killingsworth.
Executor - sole - wife
Test. - William Bethany, Garret B. Clawson
Dated: 12 May 1831

Page 112

Will of James Cowdan, deceased

Wife - Mrs. Ann H. Stanard, relict of Dr. Hugh Stanard,
married on 9 Dec. 1824. Each had 1 child.
Columbia E. Simpson, daughter of present wife by former husband Josiah Simpson, Esquire, late.
Slaves - Ester, Angess and Hannah
Sisters - unnamed
Son - John James Cowden, offspring of former marriage, at
school at his grandfather’s, Capt. John Bradford,    
near Nashville, TN.
Son - William Virginius Cowden, son of present wife
Witnesses - Franklin Stanard & Edward Bradford
Noted: the death of child & Capt. Bradford.
Dated: 25 May 1826
Page 114
Will of Elizabeth Green

Son - Abner E. Green to receive Bluff Plantation To receive large family Bible.
Slaves - woman Fillis and her two children, man Zane?, man Lenn.
Son - Samuel Sorsby
Slave - girl named Laura
Daughter - Martha Kitridge
Slave - woman named Jenny and her two children.
Daughter - Louisa Perryman
Slave - man named George, woman named Hannah and her two children, and Patience and girl Betty.
Daughter - Eliza McDougal.
Slave - woman Fanny not to serve, old woman Lucy not to serve...
Granddaughter - Elizabeth Sorsby
Slave - girl named Leggy.
Granddaughter - Elizabeth Eaton Kitridge.
Slaves - girl named Hariet, the daughter of Lina.
Granddaughter - Elizabeth F. Perryman
Slave - girl named Arabella
Granddaughter - Ann Elizabeth Green
Slave - Katy, the daughter of woman Bina.
Other - Joseph Carroll Parrot, Major Young.
Slaves - Tom and his wife Lear, to not serve as slaves after my death. Man Jerry and his wife Rebecca shall not serve as slaves... woman Bina to serve no longer.. her daughter Katy...woman Nancy...not to Jesse not to serve for two years and then to be set free.
Mentioned - Methodist Society to receive funds.
Executors - sons Samuel Sorsby and Abner E. Green
Witnesses - Michael D. Donellan, Thos. S. Dobyns, Stephen M. Ford

Dated: 29 Oct. 1833
Page 119

Will of Philip May

Wife - beloved wife Sarah May
Sons - James May, William May, David May, Benjamin    
May, Philip May.
Daughters - Nancy Shaw, Lucy Ducker, Martha Mobley,    
Elizabeth Fuller, Catherine Guice.
Executors - wife, Sarah & son, James May
Witnesses - C. Cameron, David May
Dated: 6 Sept. 1833
Page 120
Will of Nathaniel Coleman, deceased
Died 30 Oct. 1833

Wife - Sarah Coleman
Son - John Coleman, under age 21
Children of my Brothers and Sisters
Elijah Coleman, Israel Coleman
Executor - William Coleman
Witness - James Wood
Dated: 4 Nov. 1833
Recorded: 13 Nov. 1833
Page 121
Will of Samuel Robb

Wife - beloved wife Martha Robb
Son - Samuel N. Robb, under 21 years of age
Daughter - Sarah Jane Robb, even younger
Brother - Henry Robb
Brother - William Robb’s children
Slaves - Isaac and Candis and her children
Executors - wife and David Hunt
Guardian - David Hunt, if "my wife should die"
Witnesses- John Turnbull, John W. Savage, Lewis F. Norris
Dated: 2 Sept. 1830

Page 123
Will of Hugh Irwin
of Jefferson Co., Mississippi Territory
Wife - dear & loving wife Mary Irwin
Daughter - Sarah Betsel
Son-in-law - James Betsel
Slave - Pompy, fellow and one girl named Beck
Son - Reason Whitehead Irwin
Slaves - Tom & Mary
Son _ John Lawson Irwin
Slaves - men, Ben & Moses
Daughter - Ally More Irwin [Alice Moore Irwin]
Slaves - girls, Till & Lucy
Debt due me from the State of Georgia $450 from Randal Gibson
Executors - Wife Mary Irwin, James Betsel & David Burney.
Witnesses - John Dennis, Joseph D. Irwin, Thomas Dennis
Dated: 15 July 1805
Page 126

Will of Moses Bonner
of Natchez District

Wife - beloved wife Elizabeth Bonner
Son - William Bonner, under 21 years of age
Children - unnamed
Executors - wife, J. P [or J. J.] Bonner, Samuel, Marshall?
Witnesses - Robert Turner, Jesse O’Withers, Margaret Madden
Dated: 28 Dec. 1800
Page 128
Will of George Stampley
of Jefferson Co., Mississippi Territory

Wife - beloved wife Elisabeth Stampley
our Little Offspring
Daughter - Margaret Stampley - 2 shillings
Son - Henry Stampley- land - he is to help raise his little    Brothers and Sisters.
Daughter - Elisabeth Stampley
Son - John Stampley
Daughter - Sarah Stampley
Son - George Stampley
Daughter - Hester Stampley
Son - Solomon Stampley
Daughter - Mary Stampley
Sons - Jacob Stampley, William Stampley and Peter Stampley.
Daughter - Susannah Stampley- 2 shillings
Witnesses - Francis Baldridge, James Johnson, Benjamin Griffith.
Dated: 5 September 1802
Page 131
Will of Allen Grafton

Wife - Angnis? Grafton
Children - unnamed others - Israel Coleman, James Jones
Witnesses - Hugh Matthews, Stewart Grafton
Dated: 29 April 1809

Page 17

Will of William Erwin

Wife - Margaret Erwin
Slaves - Bartell?, Hagar, James
Son - William Erwin, Jr.
Daughters - Ann Daniel, Sarah Forman, Rebecca Bolls, Mary Montgomery, Margaret Conn.
Sons - Archibald Erwin, James Erwin
Dated: 11 April 1811
Page 20
Will of Jesse Harper

Wife - beloved wife Martha Harper
Daughter - oldest - Maria Darden - negro girl, Princess
Daughter - Sarah Chaney -nego girls, Fillis & Sally
Son - Jesses Harper - negros Dick & Molty and girl Nancy
which I bought of William Harper. True and
faithful servants, Humphrey, Edy & July.
Daughter - Martha West - 3 negro girls, Jenny, Nanny, Hannah.
Daughter - Susanna - negro girl Charlotte & boy King. Negro woman, Rachel
Daughter - Durcilla - negro Amelia and girl Eve. Negro
woman Lydia.
Daughter - Elizabeth - negro girls, Nanny & Harriet. Negro woman Milley.
Son - William Harper - negro boy, Sam. Negro man Virgil. Negro woman Rose.
Youngest children, Drucilla, Elizabeth & William.
Eight children...
Witnesses - Jacob Stampley, John I. Stampley, J. R. Jones,    Will Ferguson, P. B. Harrison.
Dated: 9 August 1811
Page 22
Will of John Cole

Heirs - unnamed
Executors -friend Jacob Stampley & Prosper King
Witnesses - Samuel Dunbar, Wlliam Cole, Samuel Raney.
Dated: 7 January 1812

Page 24

Will of Samuel Davis

Wife - Rhoda - one third of estate
Children - unnamed to get nothing
Grandchildren - unnamed - two thirds of estate divided
among them.
Executors - my beloved wife, Stephen Terry & Israel    Coleman.
Witnesses - Daniel Beasley, Armstrong Ellis, D. P January.
Dated: 13 January 1811.
Page 26

Will of George Clare
of Jefferson Co., MS

Wife - loving & affectionate wife Christianna Clare
Daughter - Elizabeth Clare - Negro Humphrey Ch____
Son - George Clare
Son - William Clare
Son - John Clare -Negro boy Terry
Son-in-law - Anthony Hamberlin
Youngest children -Susanna Clare, Samuel Clare, Joseph Clare, Alin Clare, Abijah Clare, Caty Clare, Matilda Clare.
Son - Jesse Clare- Buried in land in Greenville
Slaves - woman Sarah and man Peter.
Witnesses - John Gray, Hugh Slater, William Armstrong
Dated: 2 September 1811.

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